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  1. this is same like tikona the will install a box to receive signal from the top of your buiding and leave a lan cable inside your house one can connect the lan cable to wifi router to get the broadband internet I dont think that one can get mobile signal boosted by this method that technology is little to far i suppose
  2. Samsung Note 4 Sprint N910P GSM/CDMA Unlocking

    After the marshmallow update my sprint note 4 has stopped working motherboard fault is diagnosed any one knows some who can repair the sprint note 4 or any one having a broken spring note 4 I will buy it for the motherboard please please help
  3. Samsung Note 4 Sprint N910P GSM/CDMA Unlocking

    My sprint note 4 was working like a charm with Reliance CDMA After the CDMA closure I ported my number to airtel I am using the note 4 with GSM/UMTS setting. After one month using with GSM the phone has started freezing and hanging restarting which are typical to Samsung devices. Today it was not able to boot properly I don't know what to do know Can I factory reset the phone and if I do it will the unlocking process be done all over again I am totally clueless as I bought this phone on someone outside this forum and I doubt whether he will support me in the same Gurus please help and guide me my next step of action thanks Satish 9350067028
  4. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Just checked the plans of 4G data its a atom bomb on the cdma users Its 297 for 1 gb 28 days 40 rs higher than airtel what a pity when we used to get the data for 94 rs 1 GB for one month and with cash back it used to be sometimes 84 Rs Is this really ache din for all of us
  5. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    4g starting date for mumbai was 30 june and for delhi it is 9th july The clock on rcom site was for mumbai official launch i dont know whether it started in mumbai or not Delhi lets wait till 9th july as per r com official statement
  6. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 supports CDMA

    Please select the bottom last option Network will be stable on it
  7. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    All those who have sucessfully upgraded to 4g have you tried to use any of the sprint phone with rel 4g
  8. Add LTE bands To samsung S5 for Relaince 4g

    In order to use the reliance 4g on my sprint note 4 I am trying to use my airtel 4g the phone goes in international mode and no data Is there any way we can have lte only setting so that i can use sprint phone for reliance 4g
  9. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    I tested mts sim with my phone i heard some where that mts restricts its speed when the sim is not in a mts smartphone The tested sim was very less although the phone showed ev and 1x outside my home however it was only 1x inside home so those whose are planning to port beware and test mts with any friends or buy a new connection I am going for airtel and mts dongle for data mts dongle avlb for 999 with 20 gb free
  10. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    My sprint note 4 shows 1x only since morning Ho sakta hai aaj ki raat kayamat ki rat ho reliance cdma ke liye 😡
  11. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    I am also for this opinion if the contract is till 2021 then how can they close the service Although i am with the techonological upgradation process but still how can they compulse someone even before starting the new service I am worried about the best networks loss to me Today tested mts inside my home not upto the mark anywhere near reliance cdma
  12. Change locale to Philippines Without sim reboot the phone Put Sim in second slot Check for data without any settings This worked for one of my friend
  13. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    There is a difference between cdma 4g phones and normal 4g phones U can use 4g sim only if the network selection has exclusive lte mode only and not cdma/lte mode Just pop a airtel 4g sim and check it yourself If airtel works in your handset then 4g will also work for you In my sprint phone when i put a airtel 4g sim it does show network but shows that phone is in international mode
  14. Keep only ideas gsm sim in the first slot Reboot Connect to mobile data Open any site Remove the gsm sim now Reboot again Start phone without sim this time Go to the about phone tap on the internal memory 6 times choose the network selection option for both the sim as the bottom last one Then side by side check the imei no Sim one will be 0000 Sim two should be some number if it is showing the number you are done with it Now simply put the nano sim in slot 2 and reboot Connect to data U r done