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  1. Oh No...!!! I wish not to be true. Did any one got news about Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh BSNL CDMA services. I just thought of trying CDMA sim from BSNL and found this topic. I see the guys in this topic has got some really good experience to share with. So could you please share some of your experiences on speeds, devices, tariffs and roaming details. Also how better was the overall experience when you compare it with reliance unlimited plan?.
  2. Hi Guys, Like I said in my introduction post, I'm still discovering and familiarizing with the things. Please ignore me If I'm digging old stuff. As said I'm very new reliance CDMA customer with two devices (ZTE AC3633 and Huawei EC306 plus OMH card).ZTE AC3633 looks like a crappy hardware as when I use it heavily starts dissipating huge amounts of heat and with that it also disconnects internet frequently, adding to that the WiFi goes completely off frequently (at least 1 or 2 times a day) in which had to switch it off and on to get it back. Recently I've unlocked the MTS Huawei EC306, it was really easy for me being a tech guy myself after checking various sites/forums and also came across various old hacks related to Huawei EC306. Really liking this device which I got it for Rs.400/- from eBay. After knowing various things I thought of implementing some of the old hacks with some modifications and improvisations. I've just ordered some stuff from china and will reveal all my project details once I start the project.Thats said, now I'm looking into software side and was really curious to have all the features such as voice call, call log, USSD and others. This is where I really can't find enough info on the supported dashboard features of EC306. I also found smartfren dashboard for EC306-2 with call feature but not sure the pic is legitimate or some fake. After all this I thought its better to post here and get some really good advice from some of the smart wise old gentlemens of this community. I'm sure many of them in this community are most experienced than me and might definitely come across my query some time in past. Hoping for the best I'll leave it to you guys. Please let me know the details of any modem that supports CDMA Rev B. with full dashboard features. Also as you all know the main reason to get this is to make use of the Rs.949/- unlimited plan with calls, sms and data. Thank you and Regards, i0s9
  3. New Members Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi Guys, First, big "Hi" to the community members, admins and mods. I'm new here. I've discovered this forum couple of months back and just decided to join now to share my experiences. I've been the reliance customer from December 2015. So, have to say I'm new to reliance as well. To the fact I'm professional electronics engineer and always discovering things was fascinating for me. I was living in UK for the last 5 years doing both study and professional work. Recently I moved to india and that too Bangalore which was definitely not as it was 5 years ago, as lot of things got changed. At the beginning I was struggling to find reliable broadband customer with unlimited data with reasonable speeds, price and as well as good customer service. But unfortunately as I said there has lot of things changed but not the people or the things they do got change. So based on my view you can never find a company that promises the speeds that worth your money or do the needful on time. After a week of struggle I finally decided to go to reliance after hearing from some friends and reading on forums like this, but I've to admit that reliance has changed a lot in last decade and that too the flexibility it offers on tariffs and coverage that provides within the city was extraordinary. But many people won't agree with me as I've gone thru the complaints where even in city they were not getting enough speeds with intermittent signals. I agree, but I would never say that the fault lies within reliance or it is capping or having problems with network infrastructure, as the main problem arises from the device which reliance provides or from the cheap Chinese stuff which we use. Such kind of problems can't be fixed by a common customer who isn't technically good at what he's got and people start complaining making huge negative comments on the service provider. Anyway this is how it happens in india and it will never stop until the companies provide their best to accommodate their customers.Hopefully in future I believe indian telecom and broadband companies will definitely provide such kind of hospitality for the residents of india. Hail INDIA !!!. Thank you, DeeK