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  1. The 10GB is credited to every device I have and is not associated or given along with any recharge of ₹399. Don't know whether device switching will forfeit this or not but I have additional 5GB add on vouchers received with ₹399 recharges under the Xiaomi offer which will be forfeited if I switch handset.
  2. Cheers!! Jio is giving 10GB to all prime members valid for 28 days as 'add on' which expires on 27th March 2018. Check your MyJio app.
  3. You may disagree, but the fact is that by giving away dirt cheap offers they can easily surpass Airtel (number of subscribers) by the next year & as far as ARPU is concerned they are already well off (reporting profits) so there is no need to concentrate on improving it, at least at the moment - when they are looking for more subscribers. This can be addressed as "Killing the competition" but just think what was happening before the entry of Jio - all telecom operators were simply LOOTING. Now Jio has emerged as a "Robin Hood" and may be killing the competition, but who is benefited - We the users (remember 80%of Indian population is still poor). This is the reason why they are after masses and not merely after the bunch of high ARPU customers. I would like to say that when the things are beyond our control & we can't do anything about the present situation it is better to enjoy the cheap data till the "Looting Era" revives again if ever (although not expected).
  4. I think I know "What Jio wants?" - Number 1 position in India (Dominate Indian telecom). So Jio can go to any extent to achieve it. We must not forget that all these disruptive plans may disappear after 19th October 2019 (the dead line Jio has decided for Vouchers and Plans). Anyway - in spite of all the rumpus going around Jio I am enjoying good speed.
  5. Back to topic! Jio has now modified the add on packs - screenshot below.
  6. A republic day gift for everyone from Jio with right to call & internet... No matter how much we grumble or criticise Jio, one thing is sure that for a poor man "Achche Din Aa Gaye", thanks to Mr. Mukesh Ambani for introducing most affordable plans. (approx. 80% of Indian population is still poor) 1. Now voice users can enjoy unlimited calls, 2GB data & 300 sms for 28 days. 2. Jio Phone users who think paying ₹153 is too much if they are not using data, then now there is a damn cheap ₹49 plan for them with 1GB data and 50 sms too. And ₹153 plan users will get 1.5GB/day and 100 sms/day too.
  7. Is this the way they plan to offer competition to Jio or retain their subscribers from switching or lure new customers? It is really sad to see that such a big Telcom is not even capable of designing a good plan for its subscribers. This proves how much they care for their customers. Still dictating terms - (habit is something which is always difficult to change). It is high time for all operators in the field to come out with pure & simple plans without imposing much restrictions / confusing terms, instead should concentrate in maintaining the service quality so as to force the user to stay on their network. Because sincere customers are looking for good service and moderate prices (rock bottom or cheap pricing with odd restrictions is not required). Jio has left everyone behind in planning as it also has host of bundled apps along with data offering and since Jio has turned into profit (as reported in last quarter) now they may concentrate on strengthening their network wherever users are facing issues.
  8. Jio band 3 & 40 gives better speed because band 5 is overburdened since most of the people are using indoors and are connected to band 5 (subscriber base has also increased). If you place the JioFi near window you may experience better speed.
  9. Jio - WiFi Calling

    Don't know about the present situation and Jio Fibre, but was working in Jio WiFi network (original Jio WiFi and not Hotspot). As I don't have LYF handset myself will have to ask someone to try again and will get back.
  10. Jio has silently upgraded the ₹153 plan (available for Jio Phone users) and now giving 1GB per day in place of 500MB per day. It is now identical to the Prime ₹149 plan but Jio Phone users have to recharge with ₹153 minimum to get the refund benefit of ₹1500.
  11. MyJio App

    Now you can get rid of the irritating 'Hello Jio' floating icon which appears every time you start MyJio app. Although one could drag and drop the icon on the delete icon near the bottom center of the screen or could permanently stop it by disabling the 'pop up permission' in the app permissions settings, but now after complaining several times Jio has provided a switch to enable or disable it. See the screenshot below : 1. Go to the MyJio settings > App Settings (you can see the 'HelloJio' as activated) 2. Tap on 'HelloJio' - a pop-up menu will appear. 3. Now switch off 'enable'. That's it, done! The thumbnail icon will not appear any more.
  12. You mean that you didn't receive port code. If so simply go to Vodafone/Jio store and tell them, they might be able to arrange code (internally) for you if you switch to their network.
  13. Jio - WiFi Calling

    Most of the 'LYF' handsets (upper range) support VoWifi and used to work with any network initially. Later it was blocked for other networks, but it will work if you try to use Jio WiFi network. Jio4GVoice app also works on the similar principle.
  14. @vishalmcp Though it is not mentioned anywhere in the 'My Vouchers' section but they have mentioned it in their Terms and conditions here recently. They have given an end date for the vouchers to force users (those who have more than 8 vouchers) to use them either by recharging ₹300 and above plans or ₹91 booster plans before 31 October 2019. Jio is very much unpredictable so there is a chance that they may extend the validity of these vouchers too when the actual time approaches as we have seen in the past regarding JioMoney vouchers.
  15. Jio has already complicated things but here are some of the FAQs that may help. Personally I recommend not to recharge too many vouchers in advance. Is there a limit to the number of recharges which I can do? You can have a maximum of 25 recharges on your Jio number at any given point of time including add-ons, top-up, plan recharges, ISD/IR packs. However the maximum number of recharges of Rs. 398 or above Plans, during the offer period, can be upto 5 recharges only, per account. What will happen to the cash back vouchers (50*8) which I have received under Diwali Dhamaka / Triple cashback / Surprise cash back before 9th Jan'18? Can I still use those cashback vouchers and get an additional discount of Rs 50? Yes, you can utilize the Rs. 50 voucher (One Voucher at a time) to buy new recharges of amount greater than 300 and on 91 and above data add on plans via MyJio app. If I have recharged with multiple recharges of Rs. 398 and above plans, is there an end date by which I need to activate the queued|upcoming 398 or above plans to avail the Jio 100% cashback? 1. The maximum number of recharges of Rs. 398 or above plans, during the offer period, can be upto 5 recharges only per account 2. The cashback vouchers (in multiples of 8) will be credited immediately as soon as you recharge 3. The maximum validity of any 398 or above plans can be upto 31st October 2019. Hence recommend you to kindly activate any upcoming/queued 398 plan before 31st October 2019 to avail the full benefits and validity. If I have purchased multiple vouchers of Rs. 398 and above plans, is there an end date by which I need to redeem them for getting Jio 100% cashback? 1. The maximum number of vouchers purchased of Rs. 398 and above plans, during the offer period, is upto 5 vouchers only, on your Jio number at any given point of time 2. Kindly redeem the pending 398 and above plan vouchers (if any) before 31st October 2019 to avail the full benefits and validity 3. As soon as the 398 or above plan vouchers are redeemed, the cashback vouchers will be credited in the respective MyJio App which can be further be redeemed till 15th November 2019. Details from Terms & Conditions: https://www.jio.com/en-in/jio-surprise-cashback-terms-conditions Cashback Voucher of Rs. 50 Cash back will only be applicable for Rs. 398 or above recharges/vouchers purchased during offer period (26th Dec ’17 – 15th Jan ‘18) Cash back of Rs 400 will be given in form of 8 vouchers of Rs 50 each by Reliance Retail Ltd. & these vouchers can be redeemed, one at a time, against recharges of Rs 309 & above plans and against Rs 91 & above data add-ons. If a customer does a recharge of 149 then 50 Rs voucher cannot be redeemed for that transaction. Cash back (FOC Rs 50*8) vouchers will be given to MSISDN on which the 398 or above voucher is redeemed/ attached. 50 cashback voucher cannot be redeemed while recharging using own account balance. FOC cash back vouchers (50*8) are non-transferable. All vouchers will have validity till 31st Oct’19
  16. There is a big 'Price war' in telecom sector while trying to pull more customers. As far as 'Quality of service' is concerned, it needs more money to maintain it and cannot be achieved using handful of customers with 'High pricing' but can be achieved by increasing the number of users on board and the marketing heads of Airtel, Idea & Vodafone are well aware of it. As I said before, Mukesh Ambani is here to do business & not charity but by its liberal pricing policy has been successful in achieving targets (increasing its subscribers) in a very short period of time as compared to other operators in India. Every one is playing his own card whether Jio or AVOID to sustain their business so we cannot blame either of them but yes, we have our choices and can opt for the services best suited to us from the operator of our choice, reason why MNP is there. Yes, I agree that the choice is limited now but switching to any of these provides nationwide services too. Vodafone is a strong and reliable network in Mumbai now, but when I took the connection several years back it was "Orange" (later became Hutch & finally Vodafone and may become Idea after two years) and did not have much towers unlike "BPL" (the main operator in Mumbai at that time). It was people like me who kept writing about network issues to them and at least three new towers were installed as the outcome of my effort alone. I still have the confirmation letters from them regarding the installation of the towers in the areas against my complaints. I even forced reliance (CDMA) to erect one tower in my area. It wasn't easy switching operators as MNP was not present in those days and switching operator meant losing number. But today we are free to switch network if we are not satisfied instead of complaining and getting the things fixed. One thing should be clear in our mind that we cannot force any company to change its policy but can pressurise them to improve services. A customer rules - Companies are providers and we are the choosers these days.
  17. Although Jio has not yet updated the plans page on its website but new plans have been introduced and available for recharge from today. The new plans are based on data usage as per individual requirements. 1 GB Plans 1.5 GB Plans 2 GB Plan 3 GB Plan 5 GB Plan Long - Term Plans
  18. This is a much anticipated move by Jio which is no surprise as I was expecting this. Because Jio wanted to lure more customers but the ₹99 (Prime membership) was hindering the process of acquiring New as well as MNP customers as the validity of Prime membership is only till 31st March 2018 and not one year from the date of subscription. Keeping this in mind AVOID were offering all plans resembling Jio's with just ₹50 more and were still ₹50 below the total cost of the similar Jio plan just because of additional ₹99 Prime membership for new as well as the MNP customers. Since Jio's policy is to treat all (new or existing) customers equally without discrimination so the price reduction to attract more customers is beneficial for its existing customers too. We can expect an upward price revision again by the end of the first quarter of this year when the next Prime membership cycle begins.
  19. Reliance Jio is updating some of its plans from 9th January 2018. (it will be worth waiting if someone is planning to recharge) The updated plans are under the ‘Jio Happy New Year 2018’ offering. These plans will be exclusive for Jio Prime members only. According to the announcement, the company will decrease the pricing of the plans by ₹50 which offer 1 GB of 4G data per day. This means that users will have to play less while getting the same/existing benefits. The company has left the validity of the plans unchanged. The list of plans has been provided in the image down below. This is not the only deal that the company announced as part of the offering but according to the New Year 2018 offer, the company has also increased the amount of data which will be 1.5 GB per day instead of 1 GB per day, 1.5 GB plans will also be exclusive available to Prime users with no change in the validity of the plans.
  20. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    @nitink I would suggest you to pay online and close the chapter if the number is important for you and you want to retain it. Because, somehow if the cheque gets misplaced or does not clear even after a month the payment will appear as unpaid and you might loose the number (you will not have any receipt to prove that you dropped the cheque) and Rcom doesn't have anything to loose (reason they are behaving shamelessly). Don't be belligerent ! be wise.... (my advise)
  21. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    May be they have put the wrong number on the bill because if I remember correctly your second number got activated on 14th December after porting. Did you receive the final bill for that number? Maybe your Relationship number was common & the number shown here was your first or primary number.
  22. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    @nitink seems your billing date was 14 of every month so they have billed you for the rest of the period even when you were not on their network. I would suggest to simply clear the payment.
  23. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Finally the Jio - Rcom deal seals. As part of the deal Reliance Jio will take over Reliance Communications’ 122.4 MHz of 4G spectrum in 800/900/1800/2100 MHz bands, fiber optic cable spanning 1,78,000 km pan India, over 43,000 towers and 248 media convergence nodes. http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/reliance-jio-rcom-wireless-assets-deal-a-win-win-for-both-players-2471001.html https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/company/corporate-trends/mega-deal-between-ambanis-gets-thumbs-up-from-the-industry/articleshow/62285388.cms
  24. Absolutely right. Airtel data connection frequently gets disconnected & it only reconnects after multiple tries (Mumbai). It is very risky in doing online financial/banking transactions due to frequent disruption while the payment is being processed through gateway. I should have opted for 28 days plan & will use Airtel for voice calls only in future.
  25. Actually I have switched one of my Rcom number to Airtel (prepaid) last month & using ₹495 (70 days unlimited including roaming outgoing) plan. Though my usage is hardly 40-50 minutes a week on this number since I have Vodafone (main) & Jio too still I was curious.