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  1. Same here. MyJio app is only showing "Summer Surprise + Jio Prime" under current plan......
  2. Some facts :- Jio, which has the world’s largest greenfield 4G LTE wireless broadband network, with over 100,000 mobile towers, will add another 100,000 towers to the network in the coming months. It is the only operator which has deployed pan-India LTE network across the 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands, giving it tremendous capacity advantage. Source The company said that in terms of data usage it "has become the largest network globally" and plans to add 1 lakh mobile sites in coming months to double the network size. "Jio continues its rapid ramp-up of subscriber base and as of March 31, 2017, there were 108.9 million subscribers on the network," Reliance Jio said in a statement. With more than 110 crore gigabyte of data traffic per month and 220 crore voice and video minutes a day, "Jio has become the largest network globally" in terms of data carried and contributed to India becoming the leading country in the world for mobile data usage. "Jio users are today consuming nearly as much data as on all the mobile networks in the US and 50 per cent more data than mobile networks in China in a clear indication that India will adopt digitisation and Digital Life faster than anyone else in the world," the statement said. Source This itself proves that Jio has a robust infrastructure handling such traffic and will further smoothen with the addition of 1,00,000 towers in the coming months. In the past 6 months Jio WiFi Hotspots has increased from 1 to almost 12 (nearby locations) in my area & more are expected in the coming months.
  3. I totally agree with you. This "Reliability" is the major reason behind further extension in form of 3 months "Summer Surprise" or Paid "Dhan Dhana Dhan" offers. Jio still need time. I have been using Jio as my main data connection & till now twice I have experienced full network outage for few hours - once in Mumbai and once in Haridwar. There was also some severe speed issues during the free period of welcome offer & Happy New Year Offer, when Jio network was crawling. I have also experienced similar outage issues to the extent of 24 hours in Vodafone, MTNL, Reliance 3G & CDMA networks a few times before the advent of Jio. Yes Jio's roaming coverage was great with signal present everywhere while traveling from Mumbai to Delhi and up to Haridwar. YES! Jio is NOT 100% reliable at present. My Primary number is still Vodafone & Secondary number is Reliance 4G (Upgraded CDMA 93 series). I use Jio mainly for Data and personal outgoing calls only. This is the biggest contribution by Jio - for bringing the Internet (affordability) within the reach of a common man. So whether someone is using Jio or not is still benefited by Jio.
  4. "TRAI’s report shows that Jio had an average network download speed of 16.48 Mbps (megabits per second), double that of competitors Idea Cellular and Bharti Airtel, who measured in at 8.33 Mbps and 7.66 Mbps respectively. In an ideal situation, with the network running constantly at 16 Mbps, you could download a 700 MB file in about 5 minutes and 50 seconds. That’s one decent quality (avi format) movie, ready to watch in just under six minutes. Other competitors fared even worse in TRAI’s report. Vodafone registered an average download speed of 5.66 Mbps, Reliance Communications 2.64 Mbps, Tata Docomo 2.52 Mbps, BSNL 2.26 Mbps, and Aircel 2.01 Mbps. TRAI’s data is gathered using its recently released MySpeed app." Source : No wonder why ookla & opensignal are trying to prove that Airtel is the fastest & Jio is the slowest. It doesn't matter in my case as I believe myself & I am experiencing very good speed on Jio (13 - 16 Mbps during peak & > 28 Mbps during night). Before using Jio I was satisfied with Reliance CDMA (speed as well as cost). Imho instead of proving itself the fastest network, Airtel should try to prove that their tariff plans are best compared to Jio's. Basically I personally need good moderate decent speed (I think most of us are not looking for fastest network) but looking for an economical solution (though Jio is something more than economical). While using Internet since 1997-98 I had never ever thought that I may get mobile Internet for such dirt cheap price and as far as Voice call rates are concerned, the drop from ₹24.00/min to ₹0.40p/min came too soon when Rim was launched & today ended in Free calls & SMS while avoid is still mentioning about blackout days (base rates apply) with their plans. Not to mention, some of the Jio apps also attract me like Jio Mags, Jio Newspaper, Jio Security, Jio Music & JioTV. Now waiting for Jio Dth launch.
  5. Just wait for the official announcement.
  6. You seem to be right as Dhan Dhana Dhan is the only option available now for recharge & for those who have not recharged with ₹303/- or above will be getting 84 days benefits for ₹309/- for the first recharge but the recharges will get activated in chronological order as Jio wants to create expiry dates in phased manner in order to reduce system load. As far as Summer Surprise offer is concerned - I recharged my wife's number with Prime ₹99/- & 3 x ₹149/- before 31st March and then recharged ₹303/- on 5th April. Now Summer Surprise is active on her number & valid till 19th July 2017. Recharge history, as well as queued plan details are still not available. Best part is that all recharge details are available in JioMoney - so nothing to worry for those who recharged through JioMoney. I am worried for those who did multiple recharges of ₹149/- or less & then recharged with ₹309/- (Dhan Dhana Dhan). I understand that they will be getting the benefit after 28 days, 56 days, 84 days or maybe 112 days according to the number of recharges (₹149/-) done before doing ₹309/- recharge. But I appreciate Jio's this strategy as it is going to reduce the bandwidth load for few upcoming months and thereby giving Jio ample time to further upgrade his network meanwhile.
  7. Yes ! I still have two Rcom 4G connections which are latching to Aircel towers from quite some time and network has improved drastically as compared to rcom. So users who use mobile for telephony (voice communication) only & are not heavy users will never shell ₹149/- for unlimited voice for 28 days as they can sustain outgoing connectivity for more than two - three months by way of paid voice calls using ₹149 talk time (full talk time voucher) or even top up with so called "chota recharge" ₹10/- etc. to keep outgoing enabled. Basically Jio is eyeing Data segment only - as for voice user, 4G or 2G doesn't make any difference as long as connectivity and coverage is good.
  8. @SUDYEcaZ I do agree with you but I just said that it is too early to comment on Airtel (combined entity) as "gone case". They must be planning something for their survival & no doubt it is difficult to compete in 4G with the dominance of Jio and their aggressive plans. So their strategy might be to tap 2G or 3G segment which is a big chunk too (reason Jio introducing 4G feature phone). No doubt, Jio has become the first choice for 4G handset users but majority of Indian population is still having either 2G/3G handsets & are not interested in investing in to new 4G handset. FYI all Labour/worker class & Auto rickshaw/taxi/truck drivers etc. use their phones for listening to songs & watching movies, but they do not download from Internet instead get it loaded from small vendors/kiosk for mere ₹5 - ₹10 only. Neither they have time to surf Internet nor they are interested in doing so. Similarly in Bihar, UP, and Jharkhand single person have taken 10 Jio Sims just to watch YouTube for free and have not recharged with anything. So the actual active users and total number of subscriptions vary in practicality. Even Jio reported that only 72 million have taken Jio Prime. Out of which very small numbers (Genuine users) actually did the ₹149/- or ₹303/- while others were waiting for some new free offer. This was the reason Mukesh Ambani threw "Summer Surprise" with compulsory ₹303/- minimum & also "Dhan Dhana Dhan" with compulsory ₹408/- Recharge to increase his collection by way of at least ₹100/- per month and retaining some more users for some more months. Otherwise his active user base would have dropped drastically & criticism would have affected Jio share value. All said & done, I still agree that things are changing in leaps and bounds so actual situation might be totally different from what we are assuming today.
  9. In India still 80% of subscribers primarily use mobile for voice calls. Below is the excerpts from the full article Here. "By the end of 2015, India had just 3 million 4G connections which is expected to increase to 280 million by 2020, the report said. In India, 2G connection base remains the highest with over 800 million connections as of 2016, while 3G has around 200 million connections in the same year. The 2G base is expected to fall to around 670 million by 2020, while 3G is projected to have over 350 million connections by that time. As pointed earlier, mobile broadband (3G and 4G) will account for under 50% of total connections in India by 2020." So 2G if not 3G is still dominating the mobile market in India for few more years. 4G is attracting medium to heavy data user only if it is cheaper. Indian user's priorities are as follows 1. Quantity (more data), 2. Coverage (good roaming coverage), 2. Price (economy), 3. Speed (may not be fastest but good appreciable speed is desired). So I think it would be too early to remark Aircel (combined entity) as "gone case". Dominance of 2G is the main reason why AVOID are still rigid in their 2G/3G throat cutting pricing.
  10. So finally "Summer Surprise" is active on my number and valid till 19th July 2017 - see below. As expected they are spacing expiry dates (different expiry for different users in batches) for reducing processing load in future. But recharge history & profile details are still missing in MyJio app. ... Fingers crossed. Update : Now Profile details are available but recharge history still missing.
  11. Mr. Ambani was in such a hurry to achieve customer goal that he forgot that a organized well programmed backend system with a team of trained professionals is also required to manage such a huge customer base & unplanned surprise offers too. Other networks obtained customers gradually over years and so was easy for them to manage. With a similar strength of professional team it is not possible to handle/switch such a huge customer base from free to different paid options within a day or even a month (all customers have same day as expiry which should be properly spaced to help things happen smoothly). But Mr. Ambani wanted to lure more customers & came out with Summer Surprise offer. I believe this was the point when situation changed since Summer Surprise needed to be inserted on the basis of eligibility - so they had to continue the free scheme (3 months free offer as Dhan Dhana Dhan) so as to find some solution to manage this by automated batch processing of similar grouped customers. The switch after 31st March would have been easier as the system was showing plans queued & would have automatically applied vouchers accordingly but now the things are different - since they have to search for customers who are eligible for "Summer Surprise" on the basis of different criteria announced and insert plans into individual accounts while also segregating customers without recharge & those who are recharging "Dhan Dhana Dhan" offer. Wait! There are new entrants too whose activation process is to be managed simultaneously. So for us it is like blind sailing till Jio settles/configures our accounts. Keep your fingers crossed till positive outcome or be ready to chase customer care.
  12. Rcom & Aircel merger in final steps. Aircel is planning for Payment bank license Reliance 4G data SIM (upgraded from CDMA Prepaid) still lying with me.......
  13. Latest developments - now the validity has become 20th April - see below Earlier it was 30th June - see below At least it is confirmed that Summer Surprise is not yet enabled on my connection. Looks like Jio is just extending Happy new year for few days for all eligible users and will later enable Summer Surprise in different batches.
  14. link ??? ISO's are available on Microsoft official site & generated links are valid for 24 hours only. FYI - Jio has not yet disabled unlimited night data 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM till yesterday.
  15. I have noted that sometimes when we face data speed reduction on Jio, merely switching Data off & on regains the speed. Are you using tethering from Android phone ? If so - you can increase speed whenever you face speed limitation between 800Kbps - 1.2 Mbps by following steps below. 1. Disconnect your connection from laptop or desktop. 2. Go to device manager & disable Wireless Network adapter (under Network adapters) and after few seconds enable it again. OR restart your PC/Laptop. 3. Reconnect to Wifi Hotspot of your Android. 4. Speed will jump to 13 - 16 Mbps during peak hours & 22 - 38 Mbps during night. FYI - recently I downloaded Windows 10 creator update ISO 64bit + 32bit (4GB+3GB = 7GB) in less than 40 minutes from Microsoft. Whenever I am stuck with such bandwidth limitation situation after following above steps I regain proper speed within minutes. Tested several times. Seems there is some secure connection bug while connecting Windows device to Android (via tethering) which causes speed throttling. I used to think that the ISP is throttling but later found that while downloading on mobile itself - the speed is excellent where as at the same time downloading on PC/Laptop through tethering was facing limited bandwidth. Do let me know if it helps.
  16. They have already started stopping FREE services for those who have not recharged anything & and might deactivate their numbers after 90 days if they don't recharge, And for those who recharged with ₹99/- Prime and didn't recharge any other plan voucher may get Data at reduced speed (128kbps) & outgoing calls barred for few days (Maybe 90 days as per TRAI regulations before disconnection) & may get deactivated finally if not recharged with any plan. As per reports surfing on the net about 72 million customers opted for Prime membership out of 100 million & may be additional 10 million would have taken by 15th April or thereafter (with Dhan Dhana Dhan). So finally 72+10 = 82 million will be the load on Jio network as compared to 100 million previously. So service quality is expected to improve as approximately 16 million users will be reduced. They might be on the network for few/90 days more but will not be using data and outgoing calls as well. Though I am enjoying very good speed, those who are still struggling with congestion might see drastic improvement in speed by next week while the Jio's free user cleanup campaign is over.
  17. Again received message saying "Thank you for recharging. Your Jio Plan is now active." on both my numbers. (These are flash messages by MyJio app & not SMS) This is the reason my primary number is still Vodafone. Waiting for Jio to get MATURED. Update: Jio has started stopping services of those who have not recharged by reducing Data speed & barring outgoing call.
  18. Jio backend staff has gone mad. Situations are out of control. They are serving service disruption notice to all irrespective of customers whether who have recharged or not - see the screen shot below received on both my numbers where Summer Surprise is already active & showing in MyJio app as well. All services are still working too... Only all my recharges have vanished from recharge history.
  19. It is 91 days total (since today is 18th already 3 days are over from 15th so 91 - 3 = 88). Check under the my plan and let us know the expiry date, it should be 15 July 2017.
  20. Why my Jio app showing validity till 30th June 2017 instead of 15th July?
  21. I have been using Jio since sept last year and only faced this problem in the first week of April but now it's fine. The best thing is that Jio sends SMS to the caller as well as to us to inform regarding missed call when the phone is switched off or out of coverage. Well said.
  22. Vodafone India planning to Merge Idea as per CNBC TV18.
  23. Nice to hear that you got 100GB. Further I think that you will be able to transfer your unused ₹149/- vouchers to any other Jio number since you have 13 & now you only need 9 x 149 + 1 x 999. Or maybe Jio might offer renewal for Prime membership (₹99/-) by next year. Grace period for a few days till the "Summer Surprise.." is not induced in the system or otherwise shows how liberal Jio is as compared to AVOID who never failed to eat balances after the data balance used to exhaust.
  24. All plans/recharges vanished from My plan as well as recharge history! Seems Jio is yet to configure "Summer Surprise Offer" as it is still showing "Happy New Year Offer" under My plan valid till 15th April 2017 though data got renewed. Maybe they have disabled recharge queue appearing in My plan otherwise queued plan would automatically get triggered and utilized. So I think that till the time they do not insert "Summer Surprise..." no plan will be visible queued under My plan / recharge history. May be "Dhan Dhana Dhan" users might not be facing similar issue. What about those who didn't recharge at all?