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  1. "lot of problem.." Can you name a few problems? I am also using Jio since last year September onward. If after porting someone doesn't like Jio he can always port out again after 90 days.
  2. the best phone for lte carrier aggregation!

    This happens sometimes when you call to other networks such as BSNL or Vodafone specially and is not due to the handset but due to the network. Try to reboot your handset and wait for a while and try the same number - it may/should get resolved after 1 or 2 re-dials by disconnecting. Further try calling to some Jio number and check. If it still happens continuously with all numbers/networks then go to LYF service center and get your handset checked.
  3. Yes! You are right about confusion. But AFAIK their systems are designed or programmed in such a way that any pack activated will give the user full 24 hours from the time of activation unlike other operators who forfeit plan at midnight irrespective of the time of activation. Though a bit confusing but good for customer as he enjoys full duration irrespective of the time of activation. As far as 7 days are concerned there was a dispute filed by Airtel & Vodafone which was under consideration of TRAI in the 1st week which might have forced them to convert their 90 days plan into weekly mode instead imho.
  4. It is not rumor - it is in news.
  5. Actually it happens every 7 days - "Happy New Year Offer" is renewed every 7 days and on the seventh day according to the time of Plan activation 1 GB is divided into two chunks ( approx 800 MB and 250 MB ). You will notice this happen when the app shows "upcoming Plan cued" on the same page when you slide upwards as it approaches 7th day. Normally the data gets reset at approx. 1:30 A.M. but when it is divided into two chunks it gets reset twice during one 24 hour cycle on pro rata basis . After renew you will get the balance (1024MB - 252.93MB) for balance hours till the 1:30 A.M. reset time - after which the cycle will become 1GB per 24 hour. You can monitor yourself and check as I did. Hope this helps.
  6. Instead of manually zooming try double tapping on the specific column or place and that particular column will zoom and fit the screen. Again double tap to go back to full page view. Further if some sections do not exactly zoom fit your screen then you can always manually correct it. Hope this double tap may help you.
  7. Good News is that JioNewsPaper App is now available for phone too (earlier it was exclusively available for Tablet only). Good effort towards GO GREEN and save tree. Best part is while traveling you will not have to settle for any local newspaper because now you can read your preferred newspaper anywhere anytime. It can be read only after downloading so it is always available offline for reading whether there is internet available or not. Further you can also mark your favorite Newspapers for auto download and it will be available (downloaded) in your device early morning as soon as it is released online. Previous issues are also available and you can save clippings too just like newspaper cutouts of any specific news, advertisement or article. Rightly said that JIO is a plethora of PM's vision of DIGITAL INDIA and not just any other Mobile phone connection.
  8. MyJio App app update 3.2.23 released on 2nd Jan 2017 has incorporated some New features as mentioned below :- Now there are 2 tabs DASHBOARD and BALANCE on the main page - see below. Balance tab shows the amount of Data balance out of total 1GB (valid for 1 day / 24 hours) along with the Reset time below when the 1GB fresh quota will get renewed again. Please note this Reset time is different for different users and not Midnight (I compared my and my wife's Data reset time to find out this). Under the plan now only Current plan is visible unlike before where all the plans including Base plan valid till 2036 was also shown.
  9. My Jio app version 3.2.10 was giving the option "Get jio SIM" though I was already having the Jio SIM in my mobile and connected to Jio 4G network, but after updating the My Jio app to 3.2.11 it is not offering any more. I got the SIM without generating code so it was not required though. May be the IMEI of my slot got registered. I will check by swapping slots - not yet tried. Update: I think it was due to detection of Jio SIM and Jio Network - I found a workaround which again gives the option to generate code with Jio SIM in my handset and connected through Jio 4G network. Workaround: Disconnect Internet - Force stop My Jio app - now open My Jio app - it will show no internet on top - wait for few seconds for the app to settle background checks - now connect internet and wait for a while - within seconds you will see the option "Get Jio SIM" without fail.
  10. Happy New Year 2017 to all!
  11. The app you are talking about is Jio4GVoice which can be installed in any 3G device but requires Jiofi's WiFi network to connect. Actually the app is designed for non volte 4G handsets to enable Voice & Video calls on Jio 4G Network. Volte is a technology of future and almost all operators are planning to adopt / implement it in near future. So my advice is to select only devices which has native VoLTE support.
  12. Yes! Now rcom gsm/3G users can also upgrade to 4G Sim. Once upgraded to 4G you will not be able to use 3G recharge tariff anymore and will only have to recharge with 4G tariff.
  13. Jio has restricted free data to 1GB per day now to avoid congestion created by heavy users and have provided an option for paid recharge for extra data at 4G speed just to provide benefit to genuine customers who want good service and don't mind paying for it too. see here
  14. The new "MyJio" app generates IMEI number as Coupon code. The case is that if you are connected to internet through SIM in Slot 1 and Slot 2 is empty it generates Slot 1 IMEI as coupon code so if you put the SIM in Slot 2 and keep the Slot 1 empty and connect to internet - you might get Slot 2 IMEI as coupon code.
  15. Today while announcing "Happy New Year Offer" Mukesh Ambani confirmed that now they are accepting MNP - his words were : "Most of these users do not want to give up their existing phone numbers. I am happy to inform that Jio now fully supports MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY, and all customers can retain their existing number when they migrate to Jio." This will come in force since 4rth December 2016 with the implementation of "Happy New Year Offer".
  16. Yes ! That is from Jio website. I have just mentioned a few important FAQs regarding explanation/clarification as posted under " Happy new year Offer " by Jio on their website. The recharge is for "Happy new year Offer" users who want to enjoy 4G data beyond per day FUP benefit and is mentioned under "Happy new year Offer" FAQs. So Jio has exactly acted the way we had suggested in our forum in our older posts that Jio should impose some restrictions for data misuse and charge nominal amount for genuine users in order to stop network congestion and provide better service.
  17. What if I want to use data beyond FUP at full speed? Jio has introduced 2 vouchers for both its prepaid and postpaid customers, using which, you can avail high speed internet beyond FUP limit MRP Rs. 51 – 1 GB valid for 1 day MRP Rs. 301 – 6 GB valid for 28 days What if I do multiple recharges of the same data add-on voucher? These vouchers will be queued up for usage only once the first voucher has expired. This superior benefit is provided only by Jio to its customers. Is my 1 day data add-on valid for 24 hours or will it expire at midnight of the day I’ve purchased it? We believe in passing on complete benefits to our customers. Hence, unlike the industry practice of expiring a 1 day voucher at midnight, we provide complete 24 hour validity for that voucher.
  18. As presumed Jio today announced " Happy new year Offer " FREE till 31st March 2017. This offer is for new customers and available from 4rth December 2016. Existing customers will be automatically switched to this Offer on 1st January 2017 - So Mukesh Ambani said in his speech that no need to buy New Sim for availing New Offer.
  19. Reliance is now trying to lure customers and coming up with new offers. Today I received SMS on my 4G DATA CARD SIM (which I am using in my handset). Mumbai Circle.
  20. Get it confirmed by calling customer care before trying to recharge or you may loose the amount.
  21. Now the coupon code is just the IMEI number of the handset - so try using your second SIM slot and it will generate the IMEI as bar code. (You should connect to Internet through the second SIM Mobile data connection and not Wifi or SIM 1 data to try this) Note: Better have only SIM inserted in SIM slot 2.
  22. A legendary and remarkable Demonetisation step taken by PM. In India people feel proud / achievement evading tax and still criticise government for infra structure etc. Tax contribution is necessary for healthy nation. This will bring in more people under taxation system and will help reduce burden on the current tax payers. Huge blocks of money/cash lying stagnant in lockers can neither contribute to Industrial growth or job creation or Nation building - so it was necessary to pull that money into banking system for proper utilization in future. Opposition is shouting because they have become handicapped and are not even able to create Nationwide disturbance / violence because all their black money has become plain paper and they are now unable to fund anti-social elements to carry out actions to show that public is against the move. Well played Modi ! Ek teer se kai nishane laga diye. (A few to mention are Terrorism, Naxalites, Tax evaders, Black Money, Election expenses, Fake currency, Loan outstanding settlement with old currency, Municipal tax recovery with old currency etc.) It has also exposed political leaders who sang the song of anti corruption since years and are now crying when the time has come. Nothing comes easy in life - so majority of us stand with the Government's Demonetisation decision. As far as Real Estate is concerned I believe that that market will improve as the salaried persons cannot afford to buy property if they have to pay Black Money - but will be able to buy if the total amount is to be paid in white (Because they can avail loan and pay EMI if the total amount is white).
  23. Nice review ! please correct the spell "Flame" in the Topic Heading. Why is it mentioned "LYF WIND 7S BLACK" in the invoice?
  24. OP is talking about Reliance 4G (Rcom) and not Jio 4G I believe.
  25. AFAIK anyone can possess maximum 9 connections all together from different or same operator.