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  1. Yes - read this post Here for more details. Also read this post if you want to switch to plan of your choice before any upcoming plan gets activated automatically. You can also buy ₹399 plan (84 days) and activate it before the expiry or on the last day of your current plan if you wish.
  2. At present the 28 days validity extension voucher is being provided for 2nd recharge only - means 1st recharge gave you Summer Surprise and the 2nd/next recharge is eligible for the additional benefit. If the offer of 56 days still continues by the time your third voucher comes into force then maybe Jio will again give another compensation voucher. So we can just wait and watch while enjoying renewed benefits.
  3. As mentioned in my previous post - Jio is giving away additional benefit in form of redeemable vouchers (available under my vouchers in MyJio app) to all those who did a 2nd recharge of ₹303 or higher to provide the additional validity free of cost. So if someone recharged ₹303 in March is getting additional voucher with validity of 28 days with same benefits as ₹303 to enjoy 56 days benefit as offered by ₹309 plan currently. Similarly those who have recharged for ₹499 or ₹999 etc. will also receive vouchers to get additional benefit as provided currently. But remember that once you manually activate the voucher it will get activated immediately concurrently with existing plan. So please either wait for your current plan to expire before activating or activate the voucher on the last day of your current plan to fully utilise the benefits of the voucher. Remember that the voucher will remain in My Vouchers until it is utilised so no need to worry.
  4. Yes! This is indeed a "wow" feature.
  5. My Jio app version 3.2.10 was giving the option "Get jio SIM" though I was already having the Jio SIM in my mobile and connected to Jio 4G network, but after updating the My Jio app to 3.2.11 it is not offering any more. I got the SIM without generating code so it was not required though. May be the IMEI of my slot got registered. I will check by swapping slots - not yet tried. Update: I think it was due to detection of Jio SIM and Jio Network - I found a workaround which again gives the option to generate code with Jio SIM in my handset and connected through Jio 4G network. Workaround: Disconnect Internet - Force stop My Jio app - now open My Jio app - it will show no internet on top - wait for few seconds for the app to settle background checks - now connect internet and wait for a while - within seconds you will see the option "Get Jio SIM" without fail.
  6. I did multiple recharges of ₹303 in March & my current Jio Prime 303 (1st voucher after summer surprise) is going to expire on 16th August and today I received a message from Jio regarding increasing the validity of my 2nd Jio Prime 303 to 56 days. See the screenshot below.
  7. Does this mean that we are at liberty to choose from any of my upcoming plan irrespective of their order. I mean if I have ₹149*3 already listed and suppose now I recharge with ₹399, will I be able to activate ₹399 plan when my current plan approaches expiry? If so then this is a Real life saver imho. I do appreciate Jio's constant endeavour to provide a better / friendly environment for its customers as lot of users who had done multiple recharges were stuck and were unable to avail the benefits of new offers, but this activation feature has removed that barrier. Jio is listening.....
  8. Thank God! Here is some Good News for all. The "Upcoming Plan" option is re-enabled under My Plan in MyJio app. I wonder what is the use of "Activate" button under "Upcoming Plan"? Does it allow the user to activate the upcoming plan before the expiry of current plan at will or select any particular plan of our choice from among the upcoming plans?
  9. Vodafone India planning to Merge Idea as per CNBC TV18.
  10. Its already too late while vodafone is still trying to cope, but unfortunately by the time they throw their new offer - Jio has already jumped to next level of offering (56 days). Unlimited ALL Calls + 1GB/Day MRP ₹349.00 - Talktime ₹ 0.00 - Benefit 1GB/Day 4G/3G Data and Unlimited* ALL Mobile & Landline Calls. Limited Period Offer for ALL Handsets - Validity 28 days. Please note that now they are offering data for all handsets. Under terms & conditions it is mentioned as follows : a. Customers using more than 1200 minutes (Local +STD ) in any period of seven consecutive days, will be charged at 30p per minute for Local +STD Mobile calls, after consumption of 1200 minutes, for rest of 7 day period (e.g. if customer consumes 1200 minutes on 2nd day, he would be charged for rest of the five days). b. Customer using more than 300 minutes (Local +STD) in a day, will be charged at 30p per minute (Local +STD Mobile calls) after consumption of 300 minutes, for rest of the day, i.e., till Midnight 00:00 Hrs. c. Customer calling more than 300 Unique numbers in any period of seven consecutive days will be charged at 30p per minute(Local +STD Mobile calls) after calling 300 unique numbers, for rest of validity of recharge. If Vodafone seriously wants to retain their customers, they should offer plans similar to Jio's to their existing subscribers. But their "GREED/HABIT of Looting" stops them from taking prompt decision and by the time they realize and amend their offers - situation is already changed.
  11. Yes existing customers are also eligible if the device is recently purchased & where the services of RJIO are activated for the first time on or after 16th June, 2017. Existing user has to put the sim into new Xiaomi handset and Recharge with ₹309 or above to avail the offer. Only Made in India handsets are eligible. For more details go to
  12. With your sim inserted in the handset Open Sim toolkit and select "Home IMSI". Or Just get Sim replaced.
  13. You shall get 56 days (112GB).
  14. Because by the time your 3rd plan comes in force things might be different & if 56 days validity is still present at that time then you shall get the same as Jio has mentioned in their Faq's. See below : "Jio believes in offering the complete benefits to its customers. Any 2nd recharge which has been done earlier and will become active in future will have validity and benefits as per new construct. For e.g. if you have done an additional recharge of Rs. 309, then you will now get benefit of 56 days instead of earlier promised benefit of 28 days for each recharge. Similarly for 303 plan, you get benefit of 56 days instead of 28 days" So in case Jio again modifies the plan & suddenly starts giving 84 days instead of 56 days then we might be getting the same (my interpretation). Basically if someone is on ₹303/₹309 or above plan then need not worry as they will be getting validity & benefits as per new construct as assured by Jio.
  15. Those who have recharged with ₹399 after enjoying Summer Surprise are getting 84 days validity. You should also get the same. But your case is slightly different as you already have 5 recharges in queue - so I would suggest you to call customer care and get it clarified because your ₹399 plan will come in force after several months and things may change by then. Jio is very much unpredictable.
  16. Jio will provide you with the validity benefit of the current plan (similar value plan validity) what ever will be prevailing at the time of activation of your ₹303 plan in future (minimum assurance is 28 days - as was announced when the plan was first introduced). I have also done ₹303*3 recharges in March to avail 5GB extra benefit. If you read the current plan details (₹309 or ₹349 etc.) - it shows default validity as 28GB (28days) struck out and 56GB (56days) as modified current benefit. Read below they have clearly / precisely mentioned 2nd recharge will get current benefits and after that things may either change to default validity again or a new promotional validity if introduced. "Jio believes in offering the complete benefits to its customers. Any 2nd recharge which has been done earlier and will become active in future will have validity and benefits as per new construct. For e.g. if you have done an additional recharge of Rs. 309, then you will now get benefit of 56 days instead of earlier promised benefit of 28 days for each recharge. Similarly for 303 plan, you get benefit of 56 days instead of 28 days" At Jio things keep changing constantly - so we can just wait & watch.
  17. I had also called customer care in March before recharging and was clearly told that I can activate any booster pack immediately which will be valid till my existing plan expires whereas recharging a new plan will not override the current plan but will get queued. Reason I did multiple recharges. Customer care also confirmed that all Recharges will come in force in chronological order means the ₹303 / ₹309 / ₹499 etc. Plan will get activated directly after Summer Surprise only if you have not done any recharge before it, otherwise it will follow the normal order of recharge. If you have done ₹149 recharge in March then you are eligible to get 1GB extra - if you did not receive then immediately call customer care & get it.
  18. Anybody who ever took ₹149 was well aware that he will get 2GB only & will have to buy booster pack in case the data gets exhausted. I have also done ₹149*3 recharges for my wife. So finally the lesson we learnt is that heavy data users should recharge with a minimum ₹309 or above. Jio wants to discourage users to go for ₹149 recharge unless he is a pure only voice user (2GB bonus for WhatsApp).
  19. By now it is confirmed that ₹149 plan is not for data users. The only option is to use data booster packs.
  20. This is the reason why I have been telling everyone to properly decide before you choose any Jio plan. Initially when you recharged ₹149/- plan you knew that it will only fetch 2GB & the only option would be to choose booster pack in case the data gets exhausted. Jio does not offer pre expiry of plans on consecutive recharges, instead it adds them as queued plans. You are still better off, since the people who have done multiple ₹149/- recharges are at total loss & stuck as well. As ₹399/- Recharge is giving 84 days (84GB) now whereas ₹149*3 = ₹447/- is just giving 2GB*3 = 6GB for 84 days. This is the reason we were shouting that doing multiple recharges is not profitable as Jio is very much unpredictable in throwing unbelievable offers. All those who have done ₹149/- are feeling cheated & stuck for months now unless Mr. Ambani comes up with some kind of plan upgrade scheme (you never know). Booster-packs may not be cost effective as far as Jio is concerned but are still cheaper than other providers. I think this was the reason Jio was promoting ₹303/- plan in the beginning. They must have calculated the monthly ARPU (average revenue per user) as ₹303/- in the beginning & as the number of subscribers is increasing, now they are offering 56 days validity for the same amount. So whoever has done ₹303/- or above is not at loss as he is enjoying current validity benefits.
  21. OK ! Jio credited 1GB extra data (BOGO offer on ₹149/- plan) as promised by the Customer care (promptly). See Screenshot below Yes Jio is not only listening but acting promptly too (as in my case). So those who have not received BOGO data should immediately call Jio and get it.
  22. Yes you are right. Since Jio keeps pouring new lucrative offers doing multiple recharges prevents us in availing new offers immediately.
  23. Yes ! you are absolutely right. I also didn't got 1GB Extra against my wife's ₹149/- recharge (had done ₹99 + ₹149*3 during March & ₹303 in April for Summer Surprise). After the Summer Surprise got over on 19th July the ₹149 recharge got activated for 28 days (till 16th August) instead of ₹303 as expected and ₹149*2 & ₹303 is showing queued under My Statement. So the recharges are getting activated chronologically as was the order of recharges. I remember that 1GB extra for ₹149 was announced later after 25th March so who ever recharged after that may get it directly whereas other users who ever recharged before that may have to approach customer care to get it added manually (Software glitch as pointed out by you). See my wife's recharge history below and the Plan balance info also - 1GB extra is shown against my third ₹149 recharge which is done after 25th March & not against my earlier recharges. Further Jio did announce to pass on the extra benefit (current validity) for ₹303/₹309 or higher candidates but neglected ₹149 users (could have increased either bonus data or validity). Seems they want to discourage ₹149/- customers. Update (21st July) : Called customer service today morning and was assured that my case is escalated & 1GB extra will be added to my account in 48 hours. Let's see.
  24. No. It has been discontinued. But you can encash already earned ₹50/- Cashback voucher till 30th September 2017. Although it is showing that you can avail 10GB (Samsung offer) but it will only get activated with recharge of ₹309/- or higher & not ₹149/-. It will appear under my vouchers as add on after recharge of ₹309/- or higher and thereafter will have to manually enable/activate it by selecting recharge option in my vouchers to use it. Check "Samsung offer" details under Faqs for clarification.