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  1. Jio prime membership ₹99/- voucher is available till 31st March only. So it is better to subscribe now. Install JioMoney app & load money from your credit/debit card (you can use virtual card if you don't want to reveal your card details) or you can use netbanking. Recharge your Jio prime membership from JioMoney and get ₹50/- Cashback voucher which you can use against your next recharge of ₹303/- & above. So act fast before things change. You can also get the recharge done from any reliance digital store.
  2. Validity? Days...
  3. Indian users : "Dil mange more" Jio : "Thoda bada socho" (to other networks) So finally Jio fulfilled it's promise of ₹50/- per GB data (3GB for ₹149/-). What else one can expect. Jio knows that there is a fixed maintenance cost for the infrastructure & the more users he can pull will help him to reduce the cost per user. If you remember when there were only landlines (Mtnl & Bsnl) and we use to only pay monthly rentals irrespective of the usage time (i.e. number of calls). So now Jio has brought back those days with unlimited calls including std calls & data as bonus for ₹149/- .
  4. Glad to know that you finally got it. Though it says 2 days the voucher comes within few hours & is listed under the offer section of JioMoney app. Tomorrow onwards we can redeem each ₹50/- voucher against every ₹303/- & above recharge.
  5. I got it confirmed from customer care and was clearly told that you will get additional data with all Recharges, if done before 31st March. Servers are slow so wait and see what happens. You may raise a ticket if it doesn't appear. They are frequently updating apps, terms & offers too. Now it has been officially posted in the faq section of Jio website (under Jio prime - plan section). I have pasted the same below. Will I get Buy One Get One offer benefits on every recharge of 149 or above? Yes, if you have recharged Before 31st March, 2017 and you are a Jio Prime Member, you will get an automatic benefit of Buy One Get One offer on every recharge of Rs.149 or above. (i.e. Only applicable for Prepaid customers who are Jio Prime Members) Each add-on benefit is tagged to the recharge and will be applicable only when that recharge plan gets active. For example, if you recharge twice with the 303 plan before 31st March, 2017, the first 303 plan will be applicable from 1st April, 2017 to 28th April, 2017, during which you will get a free add-on pack of 5 GB. The next 303 plan will be applicable from 29th April, 2017 to 26th May, 2017 and during this period you will again get the benefit of the free add-on pack of 5 GB
  6. I have recharged ₹149/- for my wife and got ₹50/- Cashback voucher and she received SMS that it will start from 1st April (all Recharges will come in force from 1st April only) & it is mentioned in the SMS that additional data will get credited on 1st April as well. Reboot your phone and then check as it is being updated since yesterday night only. Was not showing before. Did you recharge ₹99/- Jio prime? Because it is showing in prime customer's app only. Further if you recharge several times same or different plan they will all get queued one after another in the order of recharge sequence. By doing multiple Recharges before 31st March you can avail the additional data benefits later with all those Recharges as well.
  7. How is this better than Jio's ₹149/- Recharge?
  8. Yes at some places it is mentioned 300 sms now. Just update your MyJio app (v3.2.30) and check on the dashboard wherein it offers a recharge menu with ₹303/- ticked by default along with all other Recharges listed clearly mentioning default Data as well as additional data in separate columns. There is also a check box below enabled for auto recharge option. It offers two buttons viz 'Add to Cart' and 'Remind me Later'.
  9. @Hejmady OK! Got it. Yes you are right that now we can earn ₹50/- Cashback on ₹149/- Recharge also. Jio is actually trapping ₹149/- customers by providing this ₹50/- Cashback voucher, since one has to recharge with ₹303/- or more to encash it or loose it otherwise. So by doing this JIO will be able to pull few more users to ₹303/- plan later. Further now Jio is offering 1GB additional to ₹149/- subscribers also along with 2GB basic. Means 2GB + 1GB = 3GB total.
  10. Cashback is available on all Jio Recharges of ₹99/- and above but it is clearly mentioned that the Cashback redemption voucher can be used against Recharge of ₹303/- and above only under Terms and Conditions point #5 & 7. Where is it mentioned that it can be redeemed against ₹149/-? I Googled but couldn't find any info - Can you post the Source link?
  11. AFAIK ₹50/- Cashback is available on any recharge equal to or greater than ₹99/-. The Cashback voucher can be redeemed after 25th March and till 30th June 2017 against recharge value of ₹303/- or above ONLY & not against ₹149/-. Please visit and check terms. It is clearly mentioned.
  12. So finally the day has come when it has been officially announced by Idea & Vodafone about their merger.
  13. You are right. Jio prime offer is just to retain the existing customers who have tasted the flavor of unlimited free and might feel suffocated with Data limitations. After 31st Jio will offer new schemes exclusively for MNP customers to pull them onto Jio Network. So those who are still stuck with other networks need not worry about missing Jio Prime Offer. Mukesh Amani is known for playing cards after cards (way back when Reliance CDMA was launched no one expected him to offer handsets for ₹ 500/-). So just wait and watch, the game is on.
  14. I just saw there is an option for directly gifting Jio Prime membership from MyJio app to any number - Do check that. Seems Jio Prime membership can be directly given/gifted to any number (either Jio or non-Jio Number). (Not sure) N.B. - I think one Jio user can only buy one Jio Prime Membership at a time, since those who paid twice by mistake or error got refund of the extra amount. It seems that the Prime membership will get activated after 1st April only if another Prepaid Voucher of ₹ 149/- or ₹ 303/- etc. is recharged otherwise it will remain inactive and will be available for transfer. Another option is if anyone Gifts/Transfers his first ₹ 99/- (Jio Prime) recharge to any other number and then again recharges with ₹ 99/- for himself. The recipient can then port his number to Jio and can avail the Jio Prime before 30th June. Its still confusing so please find out with Jio Store.
  15. You can ask anyone in your friend circle who already has a Jio Sim to buy an extra Jio Prime membership. His own Jio Prime membership will get activated on 1st April and the extra Jio Prime membership will remain inactive for gift/transfer. That inactive Jio Prime membership can be transfered to your number when you get a Jio Sim after MNP. There after you can also enjoy Jio Prime. But it can be done only until 30th June. After this unused Jio Prime membership voucher will get expired.