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  1. The PDF has been removed but If you read under sr.no. 2, you will see that SMS is FREE and the rates mentioned below are Base rates for the sake of monetary value.
  2. It is clearly mentioned on the plan page as "Unlimited" with explanation under Terms & conditions point 9. Unlimited SMS referred in the plan benefits will be capped at 100 free SMS per day in compliance with TRAI Regulations. Also in the old 399 recharge it is mentioned as 100 sms/day.
  3. Those who have done multiple recharges will be benefited with the throttle speed of 128 Mbps instead of 64 Mbps after daily limit. No it is Unlimited (subject to daily limit as per TRAI rules).
  4. 149 plan is now decent with daily limit of 0.15 GB and thereafter unlimited at 64Kbps. Now the total data is 4.2 GB for 28 days. 399 plan will now cost ₹349 (₹399 - ₹50 voucher). So instead of 56 validity we will get 70 days now by paying ₹40 extra in place of 309 plan. 459 plan will now cost ₹409 (₹459 - ₹50 voucher). So basically 399 will now cost ₹409 overall with validity of 84 days. But the biggest draw back is that now the speed after 1GB /day will be 64 Kbps Only. All my calculations are for those who have at least purchased one 399 plan to get 8*₹50 vouchers. So for them eight recharges can be availed at discounted prices using vouchers. So nothing to worry about.
  5. Latest Update : Jio has modified its terms and uploaded a new updated Plan Vouchers PDF which states that ₹399 can be recharged any number of times to avail the 84 days benefit in future. excerpts from the Plan Vouchers PDF: "For all subscribers opting this plan, tariff benefits will be available for 84 days on all recharge vouchers purchased till the plan is available for subscription, thereafter customer has to recharge with Rs. 399 every 28 days. On all recharges with this PV from 12thOctober 2017 onwards, the subscribers will be provided with 8 vouchers of Rs.50/- each, each voucher will be redeemable at face value on subsequent Jio recharges of MRP Rs. 300/- or above with effect from 15th November2017. Only one voucher can be redeemed on a single recharge." So Hurry !! today is the last day.
  6. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Either try their app or *777# - Not sure whether these will work or not.
  7. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Then you can call customer service and ask him to activate the STV from main balance.
  8. You never know - Mr. Mukesh Ambani is very much unpredictable but there are several speculations since Jio has already achieved an ARPU of ₹156.4 (September quarter) as compared to ₹154 (April - June) of Market leader Bharti Airtel (Airtel will report its September quarter results on 31st October). Source So it's really like a gambling situation while waiting for Jio's New Tariff announcement as anything could happen. Today I talked to Jio customer care who assured me that anyone who buys a second ₹399 plan voucher after 11th July will also get 84 days validity. Anyway investing in ₹399 is still fine as we are getting 8*₹50 = ₹400 as refunds too. Those who have not used Amazon pay or Phone pe for recharge can earn additional ₹101 / ₹100 on their first Jio recharge of ₹399 as Cashback. Anxiously waiting for Mr. Mukesh Ambani's Diwali Dhamaka on 19th October. (At least one thing is clear that he will never announce price Hike on the auspicious day of Diwali - rest assured imho)
  9. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Dial *129# - it gives you exclusive special offers available on your number as well as option to activate them.
  10. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I think Vodafone has minimum ₹149 & ₹199 Plan.
  11. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Jio - if you have extra 4G handset. Airtel & Vodafone if you want to use the sim in 2G/3G handset.
  12. Yes! you can force activate any of the upcoming plans.
  13. After recharge it shows 84 days validity for the 2nd upcoming plan also as experienced by some users, but has anyone confirmed that once the 2nd plan gets activated does the expiry date is after 84 days? Update : Ok ! finally I got the details from the PDF from Jio website wherein the following is mentioned under terms. So only existing customers who recharged with ₹399 before 14th September 2017 will get 84 days on second recharge too. Read below: i. For all new subscribers opting this plan on or after 14thSeptember 2017, tariff benefits will be available for 84 days on first recharge with this plan thereafter customer has to recharge with Rs. 399 every 28 days. ii. All existing subscribers of this plan voucher, who recharged with this PV before 14thSeptember 2017 will continue to get committed tariff benefits of 84 days and on one more recharge with this plan will get tariff benefits for 84 days. Thereafter customer has to recharge with Rs. 399 every 28 days. iii. All existing subscribers, enrolled with Jio under any other plan Voucher and migrating to this PV or after 14th September 2017 will also get 84 days on recharge with this plan. Thereafter customer has to recharge with Rs. 399 every 28 days.
  14. It is not yet clear - Jio has not confirmed for second recharge yet. May be this is why they are giving 100% cashback as it will be then totally free even if for 28 days. It is better to buy ₹399 as Voucher under My Vouchers so that it can be used with any other number in future to avail 84 days validity (& 100% refund too as ₹50 *8 cashback vouchers) in case benefit is not provided for 2nd recharge. No The cashback cannot be gifted in isolation. It is not transferable so it may not be available for redemption while recharging other numbers. But the cashback will automatically get gifted when you gift the Rs 399 voucher to someone as the cashback will only be credited once this voucher of Rs.399 is redeemed and will be credited to the MyJio account of person redeeming the recharge voucher of 399.
  15. Jio will reveal new plans on 19th October (No details yet) - lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for something good on the occasion of Diwali.