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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Yes! This was being used for 3G data only (mostly). I had 2 important Reliance 4G connections (CDMA to LTE upgraded since Dapo offer) which I already ported to Jio & Airtel in the first week of November.
  2. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I am still getting 2G signal - calls working in Mumbai circle (using RGSM 3G Sim in 2G slot of my handset).
  3. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Good News for some of RCOM users who are yet to port out. Please do not panic. RCom has extended the validity of upc code till 23:59:59 hours 31st January 2018 for the following circles : Bihar, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East circles. For the rest of the circles (including CDMA) the deadline is 31 December 2017.
  4. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Glad to hear that finally you succeeded.
  5. SMS on what? Jio4GVoice, JioJoin or any other similar app - means software based messaging.
  6. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    AFAIK only one connection can be taken in a day from one operator using Aadhaar authentication. May be this is to provide protection to user and avoid dealer/operator from misusing your aadhaar authentication for any other sim simultaneously without your knowledge.
  7. Confirmed SMS DOES NOT WORK when Volte is disabled. I tried sending as well as receiving sms sent from my other number with Volte switched off. Didn't work.
  8. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I believe bills can still be paid online through rcom website as it lists the details when entering number (prepaid in my case - not tried any postpaid) even after receiving 'records deleted' message (seems records deleted is the deletion of the address associated with the number for connecting calls and not the account records). @nitink instead of paying through cheque you should have paid online through rcom website directly when the time is running out & situation is adverse.
  9. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    My case was different as I converted my connections from Postpaid to prepaid anticipating for MNP in future, since prepaid porting never gets rejected usually. 1. Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid -> cleared all my dues till date while the same same Sim got converted to Prepaid at midnight (restart was required). After one month received security vide cheque by post. 2. Rcom Postpaid to Prepaid -> cleared balance dues till date after deduction of security by paying cash & within few hours same handset (CDMA) got converted to Prepaid (a reboot was required for re-activation). Next month again received a final bill for ₹84/- which I paid immediately. Same process was followed for my other connections & Dongle too. 3. Tata Docomo Postpaid to Prepaid -> security was adjusted against my outstanding as on that day and balance was credited to my prepaid account (same sim) which got activated after midnight (restart was required).
  10. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I said in general context about the process & not specifically about RCom. However, in my past experience - I got my security refund from Vodafone by the way of cheque (by post) whereas RCom & Tata Docomo adjusted it against my unbilled outstanding and RCom later generated a bill for few Rupees & Tata Docomo gave the balance by the way of talk time credited to my prepaid account when I converted my postpaid connections to prepaid a few years back.
  11. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    It depends on when you applied for porting - if there is no unpaid bill then it will get honoured irrespective of any unbilled amount, which is billed later as last bill. And the security deposit is returned once the last bill is paid.
  12. If you succeeded in removing/changing the email then wait for sometime before using it with new ID/account.
  13. @varkey Go to Sim Toolkit and switch ON National Roaming (Home IMSI) - restart and everything will start working. (in India you shall keep this setting AFAIK).
  14. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    @nitink & @mywebid Search for any Rcom store or office and get it (porting) cleared by paying any dues (₹3 or 4) showing in their account. (some stores were still working in some places last month)
  15. idea 4g in Mumbai

    They are suppose to merge, so why would they stop roaming agreement (in fact they will be sharing common network in future).