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  1. JioFi2 MiFi

    You can try cleaning the terminals of your WiFi card. Open the bottom of your laptop. Disconnect antenna wires & Take out the WiFi Card. Clean the terminals using Any soft rubber eraser. Re-insert the card, connect the Antenna wires & reboot. Download the latest drivers if required. Should work like before.
  2. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Yes! You are absolutely right. By the end of this year we can expect several models from different leading brands with Dual VoLTE feature. I am also looking for a handset with Dual VoLTE.
  3. Jio is giving FREE one year extension for prime membership. But one has to manually express his consent for Jio to enable it. See screen shot below : My plan updated
  4. If you elaborate your issue, I may be able to help you.
  5. It is not because of Jio Sim but because of price revision - Airtel revised its ₹399 plan on 22nd January from 70 days to 84 days. See below news https://gadgets.ndtv.com/telecom/news/jio-398-vs-airtel-399-plan-prepaid-extended-validity-84-days-1803191 https://m.businesstoday.in/story/airtel-rs-399-plan-offer-data-per-day-reliance-jio/1/268573.html
  6. 10GB data add on mystery over. See the message from Jio below.
  7. Yes Rcom would collect the money and after 1 year may announce the abrupt closure after launch of Jio TV saying it is difficult to compete in the market.
  8. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    If you are using it with JioFi device then just switch off the handset on which Jio4GVoice is installed. Then connect the new handset to JioFi on which you want to install Jio4GVoice. Download the latest version of Jio4GVoice and install & configure it using the JioFi number and Otp. Once completed the older Jio4GVoice will get disabled by itself.
  9. 5GB add on you got must have been under Xiaomi offer & is associated with particular handset and cannot be used with any other device. It seems they are giving on lot basis - so keep checking, you may get the 10GB on the other sim within next few days. Good luck!
  10. I have changed one of my sim from mobile handset to newly purchased (26th January 2018) iBall Tab and got 10GB on that device too. The particular sim was lying without any plan from 8th Nov to 26th January when I inserted it into iBall and restored the services by redeeming one of my ₹399 stored voucher on that sim. I don't know what exactly is the eligibility criteria for getting 10GB but I got it on all my connections - Lava X11, Redmi Note 3 Pro and iBall Tab too (purchased in January 2018).
  11. The 10GB is credited to every device I have and is not associated or given along with any recharge of ₹399. Don't know whether device switching will forfeit this or not but I have additional 5GB add on vouchers received with ₹399 recharges under the Xiaomi offer which will be forfeited if I switch handset.
  12. Cheers!! Jio is giving 10GB to all prime members valid for 28 days as 'add on' which expires on 27th March 2018. Check your MyJio app.
  13. You may disagree, but the fact is that by giving away dirt cheap offers they can easily surpass Airtel (number of subscribers) by the next year & as far as ARPU is concerned they are already well off (reporting profits) so there is no need to concentrate on improving it, at least at the moment - when they are looking for more subscribers. This can be addressed as "Killing the competition" but just think what was happening before the entry of Jio - all telecom operators were simply LOOTING. Now Jio has emerged as a "Robin Hood" and may be killing the competition, but who is benefited - We the users (remember 80%of Indian population is still poor). This is the reason why they are after masses and not merely after the bunch of high ARPU customers. I would like to say that when the things are beyond our control & we can't do anything about the present situation it is better to enjoy the cheap data till the "Looting Era" revives again if ever (although not expected).
  14. I think I know "What Jio wants?" - Number 1 position in India (Dominate Indian telecom). So Jio can go to any extent to achieve it. We must not forget that all these disruptive plans may disappear after 19th October 2019 (the dead line Jio has decided for Vouchers and Plans). Anyway - in spite of all the rumpus going around Jio I am enjoying good speed.
  15. Back to topic! Jio has now modified the add on packs - screenshot below.