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  1. After massive porting out request it was bound to happen.
  2. I would say Airtel & Vodafone are "Fishing in troubled waters" since, now they are just trying to improve their ARPU figures by shredding low ARPU users or forcing recharge upon them. I totally agree with you regarding the burden of maintaining such huge network but it is not going to help them by taking this step as by the way of loosing customers they cannot reduce their maintenance expenses but instead more calls will terminate to other networks. Though it is going to fetch them some quick revenue but is surely going to affect their future business, since many lifetime validity users were suppose to recharge a minimum of ₹200 every 6 months to continue their services and now forced recharging for them will only yield ₹55 extra ( since ₹35X13 = ₹455 i.e. ₹55 extra for 13X28 days= 364 days). No customer will ever want to live with the fear of losing outgoing after 28 days without any grace period if he forgets to recharge on the last day. IMHO it is a short term revenue collection policy and TRAI is equally involved since this violates the TRAI's 90 days disconnection policy. I am just concerned about the majority of lower income people using mobile - as they are going to be affected badly by this move.
  3. Yes it is so. Airtel & Vodafone will block OUTGOING calls after 30 Days If You Don’t Recharge. Further they will also block INCOMING calls after 45 days. The minimum recharge for validity extension is ₹35 ( Rs26.66 talk time along with 100MB 3G/4G data, for 28 days). So they have planned to dump all customers of lifetime validity who do not recharge frequently. Though this move will help them shed low ARPU customers and improve their ARPU figures but may also help Jio to induct all Airtel & Vodafone dropouts with ₹49 unlimited calling plan. We can just wait and watch for the outcome of this new development.
  4. Attention !! Check "MyJio App" - Jio has silently credited 2GB / day Jio Celebration Pack Today.
  5. Don't go to Recharge section, instead go to "My Vouchers" (in MyJio app). Under "My vouchers" section click on "BUY" -> deselect/uncheck ₹399 voucher which is selected by default and select/check ₹149 voucher -> scroll down and select/check ₹11 booster voucher too -> proceed to payments. You will get an option to redeem your existing ₹50 discount voucher. You will get both the vouchers in your "My vouchers" section which can be activated/redeemed or transferred to any other number. Hope this clarifies.
  6. MyJio App

    I told you in my previous post (see below) that sometimes although the newer version is out but proper apk for specific Android version is not put on Play Store causing such errors.
  7. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    Actually, as far as Mutual Fund is concerned I believe that there is no bad or good time to invest, but it is more important to select good (performing) or bad(mismanaged) fund while investing. Whenever the Market crashes/dips it gives an extra benefit if the amount is invested in Mutual Funds, because due to drop in NAV you get more units while purchasing and sooner or later it will revive and cross the current mark yielding more profit too.
  8. MyJio App

    I have experienced this type of issue before with some other app which was resolved later - so wait for 24 hours and then try. Sometimes the wrong apk (apk designed for higher version of Android) gets downloaded and fails to install. Just post your problem in the Play Store under review and it shall get sorted within 24 Hours.
  9. Data Localization

    With reference to the Circular issued by RBI regarding "Storage of Payment System Data" Phonepe has published a detailed/comprehensive article regarding Data Localization. The government is framing another Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 (Draft) to keep all consumer related data of Indians within India (Data Servers within India). This is a good move IMHO.
  10. I couldn't find any Mi or Xiaomi sub-forum (Now one of the Leading Brand) so I am posting this Good News for Mi handset users here. " Hi, Mi fans! We would like to share with you an important update. We are migrating our cloud servers to India for local storage. The data migration would cover all Indian user data across Xiaomi e-commerce platform (www.mi.com/in/), Mi Community (in.c.mi.com), Mi Cloud, MIUI (Xiaomi Market, feed, Mi Video, advertising, Mi Messaging, push notifications, etc) and Mi TV. We're migrating our local data to highly secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure infrastructure in India and all the existing data would be migrated by the end of 2018. All new Indian user data since 1st July is already being stored in local servers and all existing user data on mi.com/in/ will be fully migrated to servers in India by mid-September 2018. " Full article https://in.c.mi.com/thread-1563240-1-0.html
  11. Offer for Phonepe app users Only!! Now you can get ₹399 recharge for ₹299 only. i.e. ₹100 per month (28 Days). This offer is valid till 21st September 2018, so please hurry if you have not availed it yet. Remember it is only for the FIRST recharge during the offer period using Phonepe payment option & DO NOT PAY USING PHONEPE WALLET BALANCE - you will not get cashback (Use any other mode from within Phonepe viz. UPI, Debit or Credit Card). You need to pay at least ₹300 using any payment mode in Phonepe and pay the balance through Wallet Balance to be able to avail ₹50 cashback. Only proceed further when you see the Green label/tag at the bottom of the final Phonepe payment screen mentioning ₹50 cashback applied. ₹50 Jio Voucher gets applied only while recharging through Jio app and not through Jio website so be careful. You need to pay ₹349 and will get ₹50 cashback in Phonepe after successful transaction. For Phonepe terms go to https://tnc.phonepe.com/tncstore/18/09/10/OF1809101606514421075583/en.html
  12. Jio is giving FREE data to all its customers whereas Airtel is giving DATA to only 4G handset users and not to any 3G handset users. I have AIrtel SIM in my 3G handset and have been receiving SMS as well as calls from Airtel since last month to avail 10GB data. Airtel initially didn't disclose that it was only 4G data and just mentioned FREE DATA but later (since last 15 days) started mentioning 4G in SMS as well as calls. It is likely that some of its subscribers must have activated it and may have lost balances while using it in 3G handsets. I also had the same notion in the begining that it is FREE DATA but thank god I didn't try to avail it.
  13. JioFi2 MiFi

    You can try cleaning the terminals of your WiFi card. Open the bottom of your laptop. Disconnect antenna wires & Take out the WiFi Card. Clean the terminals using Any soft rubber eraser. Re-insert the card, connect the Antenna wires & reboot. Download the latest drivers if required. Should work like before.
  14. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Yes! You are absolutely right. By the end of this year we can expect several models from different leading brands with Dual VoLTE feature. I am also looking for a handset with Dual VoLTE.
  15. Jio is giving FREE one year extension for prime membership. But one has to manually express his consent for Jio to enable it. See screen shot below : My plan updated