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  1. Those looking for recharge history - here is a solution. Recharge history can be seen in the MyJio App using the statement option. 1. Open MyJio App. 2. From left menu select "My statement". 3. Select the period when the recharge was done. Only 30 days apart date can be used. 4. Wait for the statement to load. If it fails retry. After trying for few times finally it will load. 5. Once the statement appears - select the summary tab. Click on the "Recharge History" to expand. You will be able to see the recharge history as shown below. You can further click and expand each Recharge to view the transaction details. If the summary is empty then it means there was no recharge during that particular period which you have selected. So change the date and retry. 6. You can download the statement in PDF format by clicking the download button on the right top corner. You should download and keep a copy since you can only retrieve statements for last 180 days. (There is also an "email" option to send the statement to your registered email in the download menu)
  2. If you have done your recharge recently (after the introduction of My Vouchers feature in MyJio App) then your recharges should appear under "My Vouchers" menu in MyJio App. Please check - if it is there then you can activate them at your will as & when you require them. You can also use them to activate any friend's number also. The validity is 28 days per voucher from the date when it will be activated. For details read this post Do let us know since, although the new feature is good but is it really working or not is yet to be confirmed.
  3. They are shown jointly (not marked separately) as data/data/sms/mobile voice balances for 28 days listed one after another multiple times, so it is difficult to understand. Download the Pdf statement of that particular period when you have done the recharge and check "Your Spend" (number of transactions & total amount) as well as recharge transactions listed properly under "Your Plan Balance". I am sure that your recharges will be listed there.
  4. In the view statement if you scroll down & click on 'Plan name" then you are able to see all your additionally recharged unused plans as well irrespective of the date of recharge or statement. It shows only the Names of plan we have with a radio button on right and when we select the radio button it shows details of all the recharges (multiple) we have done for that particular plan such as ₹303 x 3 in my case just below under "Your Plan Balance". So you can check whether your ₹149/- is still available or already consumed.
  5. Did you receive confirmation sms for your recharges? If so, recharges were successful. While generating statement ensure that the date on which the recharge was done is included within the statement date for it to reflect in the statement. Further under Your Spend the amount should be ₹99 + ₹499 + ₹499 + ₹499 = ₹1596 if all recharging dates fall within the statement date. Select the radio button beside ₹499 to view all your 3 recharges which are listed below under "Your Plan Balance" or download the statement for more clarity.
  6. You may be right but since your DDD 309 was enforce before 20th May - so only time will decide what comes next DDD 309 or ₹149/-.
  7. Yes ! they have removed "recharge history" option from everywhere but now they have introduced a new option called "My Vouchers" in MyJio App which is explained in my post here. The main change is that - now you can choose from your recharge collection which will appear under "My Vouchers" as when & which recharge voucher you want to activate. So your recharges are safe & will appear under "My Vouchers" when the feature is fully enabled by Jio & will not show Queued under My Plans as before. Though this is a good option but is yet not fully implemented by Jio (Half work done). @KanagaDeepan has already clarified this. Once you exhaust your data, you can go for multiple top ups as & when required (Jio's way of handling recharged is different). Jio gives you the opportunity to choose a plan as per your estimated data requirement for a fixed period such as 28 days or 60 days etc. & if by chance you exhaust your data before the expiry of your plan you can choose any top up to keep the things going - so it is up to you to calculate your estimated data usage properly or you will end up paying extra for multiple top ups within the expiry of prevailing plan (do remember FREE calls & 100 SMSes per day are also associated with the Plan so validity matters).
  8. Seems you are not aware of or who test popular antivirus and publish results monthly or quarterly. You can visit almost any antivirus vendor's site and see their certifications. You can check the test report yourself at the link in my previous post.
  9. Refer to the comparison of major Antivirus at Top performers are Kaspersky & Norton with 100% detection followed by Avira, Bitdefender & Trend Micro (99%-100%). N. B. Click on the report to see detailed report.
  10. Go for Kaspersky Internet Security.
  11. In my Reliance 4G it is offering 1GB/day for 28 days for ₹93/- only under *129#. Calling @1p/sec for 90 days.
  12. OK! Per GB cost = ₹97/21 = ₹4.62 approx. [Not Bad] In fact ₹97/- plan gives assurance for 21 days only and may not be available in *129# after few months but ₹786/- gives surety for 180 days (6 months).
  13. Reliance Prepaid offer !! 1GB/Day for 180 days for ₹786/- Only (available on 3G as well as 4G SIM in Mumbai Circle) Per GB cost = ₹786/180 = ₹4.36 approx. [NOT BAD]
  14. Are you connected through JioFi Hotspot? If so - is data working? Were you able to configure the app using Otp?
  15. Yes ! My main number for internet & outgoing is now Jio whereas my primary number is still Vodafone (mostly for incoming & few outgoing too). I mostly use my number in Mumbai western suburb (in between Bhayandar to Church gate) & didn't face any connectivity or speed problem. Further Jio's roaming coverage was great with signal present everywhere while traveling from Mumbai to Delhi and up to Haridwar. People in my circle are using Jio in Mumbai, New Delhi, Ranchi (Jharkhand), Kolkata (West Bengal) and Patna (Bihar) without any issue and are happy. I have been using Jio since September last year and observed that Jio is constantly improving over time (Network, Speed & as well as apps) & not downgrading, so I feel that Jio will emerge as a robust network in coming years. The only drawback at present is that Jio's customer service is poor and back-end system software is not up to mark.