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  1. Gtran S**ks

    Sometimes maturity comes from the pocket. If you like sms logic tells shift to gsm lots of sms like flash sms and animated sms are not available on any handset of reliance and there are more gsm players which give free sms and sms at 30ps and there is a lot of inter operator compatibility in gsm to gsm than say gsm to cdma. If you use r-world to the max then your battery life will automatically come down be it any color handset then how can you expect not to be worried when you get a call. It is better to use r-world with charger (set your priorities straight). Regards Ananth
  2. Upgrade From Gtran

    Saurav Find someone who will buy the handset for a good price ( around 4-5k ...... i know it is a big loss since you bought it for 12k but there is no other go ) and later buy a new handset of your choice and swap the numbers ------ it is posssible with mutual understanding at rww i have enquired. Nil You can easily swap numbers at rww with mutual understanding and a good rapport with the technical guy at the rww since it is not done officially. Regards Ananth
  3. Gtran S**ks

    Hey Guys Looks that no one is satisfied with GTRAN. I take a contarary view ------ it has got all the features that i need for a mobile that is 1. Making and receiving calls ***** ( i have never had any problems till date) 2. GOod Ring tones from PC sync software *** 3. Great display and good looks (though its exterior may have been better) **** 4. Mobile banking and checking mail (rediff) ** 5. Sms (though it may have been better one gets used to it but it hardly matters to me now since making a call is cheaper than sending sms and other operators have made it costlier to send sms to reliance atleast in karnataka) * As far as missing r-world applications none of those are of really much use since i dont need to make rail reservation or m-coupons etc. My only greivance is against the battery life but fortunately it lasts a day for me which is enough. I would rather keep this great handset which fortunately works for me than change my handset and later realize that the new handset has got bugs and crib about it (which is inevitable since no handset is perfect without bugs) Regards Ananth
  4. Anti-virus

    NAV 2004 professional is good but it utilizes too much system resourses and really slows down the computer. However it doesnt detect spyware and you have to use adware removers like adaware to remove spyware ---- this is really irritating. Just for info - nav pased the above test. Regards Ananth
  5. Whats Ur Os ?

    Unlike some people i have the ORIGINAL version of xp pro!!! Heres a tip ---- try to get it from someone who works at microsoft ------- microsoft professionals get it at 90% discount. Regards Ananth
  6. Airtel Launches Blackberry

    Thanks vishal Any idea about the cost? Just hope it is not only for corporates and hope it is within 20k Regards Ananth
  7. Airtel Launches Blackberry

    Hi all Airtel has recently launched blackberry phone with integrated keyboard and instant email ------ i am really excited about this phone. Any idea about this phone anyone ??? Regards Ananth
  8. Is Gtran A Genuine Company?

    I tried it only once to know the standby time. It says on the manual that stnadby time is 90-120 hrs but the actual fact is it is less than half of that. Yeah you are right we should enjoy all the features of the phone and not worry about the battery life. The battery of gtran is lithium standard ---- is there any difference between lithium standard and lithium ion battery ??
  9. Rworld On Gtran

    A few more complaints to the chairman and these too will be sorted out --- especially MMS which seems to be on the cards after icici bank ------ as far as ringtones are concerned none of the ringtones in rworld are good and it is possible to save latest ringtones through he pc sync.
  10. Rworld On Gtran

    Hi all This is regarding icici bank on gtran --------- it is finally here!!!! One less complaint against GTRAN -------- and one of the most useful feature needed by me on rworld!!! I have no more complaints about rworld on GTRAN and the handset in general since the feature which i wanted is finally here. My only complaints now are against the billing of relaince!!!! (hope this too is rectified soon) Maybe this feature coming on gtran is thanks to concerted efforts of complaining to the chairman by the unofficial moderator of this forum saurav. Thanks a lot!!! Regards Ananth
  11. Use Gtran Without Battery

    I tried to use lg 2030 without battery in a travel charger but it gets switched off as soon as you press the yes or no button. One cant make calls effectively without battery ----- i guess thats one advantage of GTRAN over LG 2030 !!!! I wonder why it doesnt work for LG 2030 ??? Is it the same with all the LG2030 or is mine the only exception??? Regards Ananth
  12. Use Gtran Without Battery

    Hi all I learnt this fact a coupleof days ago. When i was about to charge the phone with the travel charger the battery fell off suddenly and the phone continued to work!! This is a really weird ------ and totally useless fact since it takes the meaning out of the word 'mobile'. Just wanted all you guys to know this absurd fact. Thats It!! Regards Ananth
  13. Tips On Improving Battery Life Of Gtran

    Good idea saurav. Here are a few more tips ---- 1. Reduce the contrast of sub-lcd (external lcd) to as low as possible 2. Disable call connect/call disconnect and service alerts 3. Reduce the ringtone volume as per your preference 4. Reduce the contrast of main lcd display 5. Disable key tone with these tweaks i could stretch my battery life to a maximum of 44 hours on the trot ------- this maximum was acheived with all the tweaks above along with minimum use of the phone. I tried this only once with my 3 month old battery---- i havent yet used the other battery yet. Regards Ananth
  14. Tips On Improving Battery Life Of Gtran

    This is what i have been tryin to tell from the beginning ------- chargin the battery for 12 hours really works. for details read the first post in this forum. regards Ananth
  15. Complaints To Chairman

    Hi Saurav first of all thanks for standing up to reliance !!!! they already have started makin changes now --- 1. they have removed the mms section in gtran ( mostly it is gettin upgraded) 2. they have started icici mobile banking services As for distorted sms problem ---- i just hope they rectify it when they get a software upgrade Regards Ananth