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  1. After applying 10% coupon, it comes to 1449 - 145 + 20 = 1324. Did I miss something ?
  2. Good discounts for Citibank Card Holders. Only for Today. https://www.online.c...de=OMGCCOMSEMLR
  3. Password Manager for PC/Laptop

    Hi Rajan, Do you use any of these?
  4. Password Manager for PC/Laptop

    Is it sage to give all your passwords to one software/website? What if someone hacks that website. Scary. So far I have stored all my passwords in an excel sheet but it is not as convenient as a dedicated software.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 available on HS18 for 21499 in Superdeals. Both white and black colors available as of now. http://superdeals.ho...ent=huawei-sony
  6. ^^^ I have had very bad experience with indiatimes shopping. If you receive a defective product, you will be extremely lucky to get it replaced. I could not do so even after posting on their Facebook and twitter page. I threw the product yesterday. If if they sell the above camera at 15k, I will not buy from them. NEVER. I will share my experience in online shopping websites review thread.
  7. Windows 8 upgrade for less

    Finally I have upgraded my desktop also to Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit. It was running Windows XP for last few years. So my laptop, as well the Desktop, is on Windows 8. I wanted to retain XP on desktop but Intel does not provide USB 3.0 driver for its latest chipset (Gigabyte B75 motherboard) and my new motherboard does not have PCI Express slot to use my existing USB 3.0 card which has NEC chipset and compatible with windows XP. So, I had to upgrade and I chose windows 8 over Windows 7.
  8. If going for shopclues, recharge your mobile/DTH for Rs.10-20/- from paytm.com and take Rs.500 /- discount voucher (7.5% or 500 whichever is less).
  9. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    Awesome purchase. Congrats.
  10. Samsung Galaxy S3

    I had updated my GSM S3 to official Indian 4.1.1 through ODIN. I was facing occasion lag but it was very much usable. Today, I got an OTA update of 45.93MB. Installed it. Hope it will take care of issues. BTW, it is still on 4.1.1.
  11. Slightly OT. When I click on "Find New Content" and see "Irresistable Deals In Electronics, Gadgets, Mobiles, PC Hardware" thread with last post by "rajanmehta", I get little excited to see something Irresistable.
  12. Anybody received the product? My order is still under processing after 5 days.. Got it today.
  13. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Me too and almost no problems so far.
  14. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Samsung Galaxy S III (GSM I9300) Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update roll-out suspended in India Samsung India has confirmed that the Jelly Beam update for Galaxy S III is no longer rolling out in India. The update reportedly contained bugs and was creating issues for those already updated, thus Samsung has stopped the update. Company is currently looking into this and is likely to release a fixed update soon. Samsung had originally started the Android 4.1 OTA update around two weeks ago. http://androidos.in/2012/11/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-jelly-bean-update-rolled-back-in-india/
  15. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    Even the paid version of Titanium Backup Pro required Root. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Titanium+backup+pro+&c=apps I will try others.
  16. Anyone have a spare router ?

    I have an Broadband ADSL 2+ Router (Telenet TNDSL 2120) lying unused. I also have a Beetel 450 BX1 WiFi adsl2+ Modem/Router that can be spared for a couple of weeks. But that is in my Rohini home and can be brought next week. Let me know if you need any of these.
  17. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    I am upgrading from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Galaxy Note II. I will get the Note II in a couple of days. SGS3 is running on 4.1.1 and I think Note II also comes with 4.1.1. I want to make exact copy of SGS3 to Note II with least efforts. Which is the best way to copy applications and settings. I am comfortable in copying contacts, SMSs and call logs. None of the devices are rooted and I don't want to root them.
  18. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Yes, 4.1.2 http://donandroid.com/install-jelly-bean-4-1-2-i9300xxelk4-on-galaxy-s3-with-odin-335 Download link: http://hotfile.com/dl/179580145/2c2e17e/I9300XXELK4_I9300OJKELK5_ILO.zip.html
  19. If you are using Windows XP, try this. Disconnect your "Thoshiba External hard disk". Restart your computer in Safe Mode. Go to device manager. Uninstall all "Generic Volumes" under "Storage Volumes" Uninstall all "Generic USB Hub" under "Universal Serial Bus Controller" If you see your "Toshiba External hard disk" under "Disk Drives", uninstall that. Restart your computer. Let it find any new hardware and connect your external hard disk.
  20. 16 GB Sandisk Pendrive for Rs. 375/- at Pepperfry How to get this deal Go to Pepperfry http://www.pepperfry...mpaign=cuelinks Buy now for Rs. 625 Apply coupon code PEPdime86WSV3 or PEPdime32SUA6 or PEPdime95VNE6 or PEPdime98ACM7 or PEPdime86UJF7 to buy it for Rs. 375 Some Other Pen Drive Deals SanDisk Ultra Backup And Password Protection 8GB Pen Drive http://links.desidim...ive-172224.html Sony Micro Vault Classic 16 GB Pen Drive http://links.desidim...ive-172350.html Sony Micro Vault Classic 16GB Pen Drive (White) http://links.desidim...ite-172351.html I bought a Sony 16GB Black and a Sony 16GB White.

    Dear Honest. Wish you a Very Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day !!! Have a blast. :-)))
  22. Happy Diwali !

    Wishing all RIMWEB members a very Happy and Prosperous DIWALI.... May god bless you all.
  23. Thanks, it worked that way. Thanks Rajan, I bought it, I added the product (with your earlier link) in the cart and it changed the amount to 585/-.