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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    In my area, you can latch on Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. Currently i have latched onto Airtel's network and i have checked that Idea and Vodafone networks are also working. Both no I/C or O/G calls or data will work. You can only send port SMS.
  2. This is also the problem here in UPE. At my residence, Jio switches onto 850MHz with utter garbage speeds and even outdoor speeds are pathetic. Vodafone on the other hand only has indoor 4G coverage with 5-6Mbps speeds which are fine considering the state of other operators. RCOM 4G has shared all its band 5 spectrum to Jio and is deployed by Jio itself. The RCOM 4G you see is actually Jio's network with RCOM's special MCC-MNC codes. The difference of the speeds is a strange phenomenon. At my location both RCOM and Jio has same garbage speeds. Exactly same. RCOM however uses different networking switch systems and that may possibly impact speeds in some scenario.
  3. Issue 1- Yes definitely, i have ported two of the SIM cards from my father's id to my id. There is no mechanism in MNP to check the ownership of the numbers. Please note that while porting they (store executive) may ask if the number is under your ownership. Reply yes even if it is not. Issue 2- Ask airtel CC to check the status for you. Issue 3- I think they are but very limited.
  4. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Even if you provide Aadhaar for EKYC, you still need a local address and reference to be put in Aadhaar ekyc app if your Aadhaar state does not match the state in which you are porting in. I am glad that government had allowed it. Earlier it was prohibited citing security order even though BSNL appealed for the ban to be lifted.
  5. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    If you have UID of Delhi then it will be a hassle free process but if the UID is of UP, then you need to specify a local address in the EKYC app. Rest assured, you can port your number inter circle with an exception of J&K, NE and Assam.
  6. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I wish to share my experience with FRC on Vodafone. Once my friend handed me his Vodafone unactivated SIM card from Punjab which was waiting to be ported from Idea Cellular. It ported fine and i started with recharging it with Rs 50. Recharge was successful but no talktime was credited even though recharge message was received. Again tried and tried again with Rs 10. All the same. Called CC and he asked me to do a FRC. The cheapest amount was of Rs 4 so went with it. After that i again recharged with Rs 50 and balance was credited. So take my advice, do FRC or you would lose more than Rs 100 as in this case. I don't know how much things have changed but first recharge is so named for a reason.
  7. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    My RCOM number got latched on Vodafone’s network now. And the fun part is — No I/C call, i get “Please check the number you have dialed” No O/G call, when i try i recorded IVR “Dear Reliance customer, You are connected on Vodafone’s network, calls cannot be completed. Please port your number to Vodafone. Sent PORT your reliance mobile number to 1900″. For assistance, please call 1800123457 from other mobile number”. Really fun to watch TBH!
  8. If its with EKYC then expect it to be done within 4-5 days as with my every MNP request. Traditional method might take a little longer. Also beware of Vodafone as they are very very infamous for rejecting porting requests on absurd grounds. Also keep us updated of the process including the communications received from Jio as i was planning to take up the matter of "lack of communication from Jio side while porting a number" to Jio care.
  9. Does Jio send any SMS regarding porting request and its progress like "porting request received", "approved", porting date and time, etc?