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Found 2 results

  1. Root/Unroot HTC EVO 4G LTE on Windows

    Hello Rimwebians, There is too much difference between rooting htc evo 4G (& others also) and 4 LTE Special Thanks to Parin and Hetal because they are currently selling these phones hence I have got an opportunity to post a new topic So lets move to our subject, For rooting you will need to do following things: Download following things: 1. DRIVERS 32bit 64bit 2. Rooting Files Link (Mirror) update drivers using driver files and then double-click on runme.bat. ROOTING Step 1. First, you will want to make sure USB debugging is checked ON under Settings->Developer options. Step 2. Connect your phone to PC and make sure USB connection is set to “Charge only”. Step 3. Make sure you have drivers installed for your Windows computer. Go into device manager and make sure you have “My HTC” or kind of “ADB” driver. Step 4. Your Evo 4G LTE will reboot about 3 times and will root. Step 5. Once rebooted after rooting, verify you have “SuperSU” app . Hence your phone is rooted!!!! How to Unroot your HTC EVO 4LTE Step 1. First, you will want to make sure USB debugging is checked ON under Settings->Developer options. Step 2. Connect your Evo 4G LTE to your computer and make sure USB connection is set to “Charge only”. Step 3. In bootloader menu you will notice that you have “TAMPERED” Step 4. Go into Settings->About Phone -> Software Information and find the software version, for ex: say 1.13.651.1. Go ahead and download the same version of RUU. Step 5. Make sure you have HTC Drivers installed, you should see “My HTC” or “Android ADB” in Device Manager. Step 6. Now simply run the RUU .exe file and dont run any softwares on your PC while this process! Step 7. Hence, your phone will be unrooted within 15-20 minutes. Step 8. After Unrooting reboot your phone in bootloader and you can see the LOCKED instead of TAMPERED Now you have successfully unrooted your phone! Special Thanks: Youtube link- XDA evohacks
  2. Configuring EVDO on HTC EVO View 4G

    Hello Gurus & All, My friend is bringing the Sprint's HTC EVO View 4G from. He want to use the Voice and EVDO from Reliance on it. After following up with RIMWEB these many days (posts by Hetal, Amit, Sadik), we understood some and need help for other questions. 1. Find out the SPC/MSL by using CDMA WS. 2. Backup NV Items and others. 3. Change the MCC and others in HTC Evo View to match Reliance. 4. Load Reliance HSD PRL 1005 using CDMA WS 5. Get the MEID registered in Reliance HLR by giving MEID, ESN, AKey (26 digits 12345678901234567890xxxxxx) 6. Have the GSK on this MEID and *22B to activate Voice. 6. Get the EVDO user name (MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in) and password activated. ???? :( We have got confused by seeing the Droid EVDO configuration in another thread. 1. Configure the tab PPP Config of QPST. 1a. Format Um with MDN@hrpd.rcom.co.in 1b. Format AN tab with MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in and the password as the one received from CC. 2. What about the radio? Would the current HTC View 4g radio works for Reliance CDMA? 3. What are the NV items to be edited for this? Any other steps that we have missed out? We have searched the forum and couldn't find (Might be overlooked). If you could point us to the post also would be great. Please help us on what to do for getting EVDO on HTC View 4g. Thanks, KP