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  1. They (CC) didn't understood in the first attempt. Tried many times and sending mails. In one of the call, the person whom I spoke to checked with their senior and then their HLR department for this. We have gone thru RIMWEB posts and found that CDMA WS does the magic. It gave the checksum. Yes. Our phone has been registered & then activated. If we didn't have done the mistake in first instance, we would have got the activation a week before. Since we did mistake while registering, we have waited till a week to have the AKey updated (this can be done by the web world guys) and then re-activated handset. -KP
  2. Hi Rajan, I went thru CC but known source. -KP
  3. As Parin said, always better we contact seller/experts in this forum. In my case, mine is newly bought Verizon phone and I tried generating the AKey (of course going thru the experts help in this forum) and gave another handset's AKey while getting it's MEID registered by CC (not activation. Sorry for miscommunication above). They have asked for MEID, ESN, AKEY, Handset Brand owner and Model. In a hurry (over a call with CC), I gave incorrect. This caused all the hiccups. (I just tried because mine is of very low cost phone). -KP
  4. Hi All, Just to caution everyone about the mistake I did with AKey. When I gave the MEID details to CC, I gave the incorrect last 6 digits of AKEY (12345678901234567890xxxxxx). And activated the phone with incorrect details at Service Provider. Now the calls were dropping and realized immediately that it is because of incorrect AKEY. And in the iCare, it's been updated as lost/stolen. Called CC and gave the correct AKey. But problem is with re-Activation. Guys at web world are clueless about why activation is asking for 9 digit pin instead of confirming the phone number. No help from backoffice as well. At last explaining for 1 hour to CC, got a call from activation department and they said it is due to some technical issue at their end and rectified immediately. Now my phone is working without any issues. In case if you happen to get into this, please ask CC to escalate to Activation Department. Thanks, KP
  5. All ROMs In One Post!

    Thanks Hitesh. Really helped my Verizon Palm Pixi+ to get unlocked and bypass Activation screen. Some of them might get error accessing App catalog (Saying "Retry after sometime"). Even though solution might have mentioned in other threads, just listing for others. After unlocking is done with bypass ROM, we need to put the phone in wi-fi and have to use the "First Use" (with Gift symbol) app to configure the palm profile. Once configuration is done, we can start using the app catalog without any issues. Thanks, KP
  6. Configuring EVDO on HTC EVO View 4G

    Thanks Mufaddal, Faiz and Raju for your inputs. We will try "sending samsung default password" in CDMA WS for getting SPC as suggested. 1. We are thinking like getting this registered as SCH i500 (as an EVDO device). 2. What are the EVDO parameters that need to be registered with reliance apart from MEID, ESN, AKey and device as SCHi500? Is it upon activating EVDO, Reliance issues these? Please confirm. 3. We don't have the NV file for Reliance. This was bought from eBay,US. Would this be fine just using "PPP Config" after getting EVDO activated? Please guide me with this... -KP
  7. Configuring EVDO on HTC EVO View 4G

    Hello Gurus & All, My friend is bringing the Sprint's HTC EVO View 4G from. He want to use the Voice and EVDO from Reliance on it. After following up with RIMWEB these many days (posts by Hetal, Amit, Sadik), we understood some and need help for other questions. 1. Find out the SPC/MSL by using CDMA WS. 2. Backup NV Items and others. 3. Change the MCC and others in HTC Evo View to match Reliance. 4. Load Reliance HSD PRL 1005 using CDMA WS 5. Get the MEID registered in Reliance HLR by giving MEID, ESN, AKey (26 digits 12345678901234567890xxxxxx) 6. Have the GSK on this MEID and *22B to activate Voice. 6. Get the EVDO user name (MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in) and password activated. ???? :( We have got confused by seeing the Droid EVDO configuration in another thread. 1. Configure the tab PPP Config of QPST. 1a. Format Um with MDN@hrpd.rcom.co.in 1b. Format AN tab with MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in and the password as the one received from CC. 2. What about the radio? Would the current HTC View 4g radio works for Reliance CDMA? 3. What are the NV items to be edited for this? Any other steps that we have missed out? We have searched the forum and couldn't find (Might be overlooked). If you could point us to the post also would be great. Please help us on what to do for getting EVDO on HTC View 4g. Thanks, KP
  8. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Request Here For Aam Admi

    Great effort with lots of patience. Kudos to Amit.
  9. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Request Here For Aam Admi

    Nice Initiative. Appreciate your efforts for Aam Aadhmi.