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Found 6 results

  1. Dear All, Does anyone know a reliable mobile repair place in Mumbai/Thane who have experience in handling our imported Verizon Droid phones. Tried & tested shop which doesn't charge arbitrarily high prices. Please recommend. I have a perfectly functioning Droid Maxx which was lying unused for a couple of weeks. Suddenly it doesn't respond/doesn't turn on & doesn't even charge. When connected with the charger, a green LED glows on top for a few seconds & then nothing else. Have tried charging it overnight too. I really would like a qualified person to take look at it. Hoping for some feedback & suggestions. HELP. Thanks!
  2. Hi All After a very long time ( i mean like 3+ years ) i am inking some on this forum . I have this might Red colour which came back from my client stating it does not lock on to any GSM network . He was on airtel . It worked for 2 days and then nothing , The default Verizon Sim locks on to Reliance but any other Gsm sims ( tried , vodafone , docomo , airtel ) no go . Any heads up from any one ? What all i tried 1) hard reset 2) Tried locking on to reliance and then remove the sim card without switching off - Thanks Parine. 3) Settings - global data roaming access - allow all 4) Preferred network type - tried all What could be the issue ? Any one
  3. HTC Droid DNA problem

    Hello Experts, need your help regarding my HTC Droid DNA, it has started to reboot/restart all by itself, i tried holding the power+volume down key but by the time it reaches that stage it restarts again, i have lots of data, pictures and important numbers in it, please assist. IF anything cannot be done online where in Delhi can i get the phone repaired ? Thanks
  4. HTC Incredible WiFi Issue

    Hi Guys and Gurus, I have HTC Incredible 2. today I am facing an issue while trying to turn on the WiFi. it is turning off and on continuously by itself.. let me know if I need to change or add or replace any files related to WiFi. Please help me to fix this issue as soon as possible.. Thanks and Regards Krishna Tungal
  5. Dear Friends, Please suggest a Best Non-Chineese ROM for HTC Droid Incredible 2 which should Support GSM(3G) and CDMA(EVDO) data. Waiting for your most valuable responses .
  6. Here is the simple guide how to root Motorola Droid 2/Droid 2 global/Droid x/Droid X 2/Droid Pro Download Latest Motorola drivers here. Install the drivers. Download attached zip file and unzip it in any folder. Don't forget to connect your phone with usb debugging on and connect it in PC mode. Click on motorola root tools.exe inside the folder you downloaded. One window will open and now click on root my phone. Your device will be found and from here onwards tool will do everything. You just need to wait and watch. Don't Painic, It will reboot 3 times and don't disconnect the phone until it says your phone is rooted successfully. Though this guide is safe to use but as precautionary warning you have to do it at your own risk. Pm me if you face any difficulty. Press Thanks if it helps MotorolaRootTools_v1.07(1).zip