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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone , I am experiencing hassle in setting up internet connection on my Phone ZTE NSource. It was earlier working fine with Tata Internet with EVDO. I have bought this Phone recently. But as my home is in UP and I study here in Delhi. I had to switch the networks Tata to Rel and vice versa. So, as it was working fine with Tata earlier but now I tried to set it up for Reliance. Now even Tata in not working and also facing issue like the networks are going in and out again and again networks do not sustain. Tried to take help from the google but no help. Please help me in setting up my phone to Tata internet again and if knowledge of Reliance is also given it would be a huge plus. It would be my extreme pleasure if I can get my Phone running back as it was. After trying the same for last 10 days I have got some knowledge about QPST, DFS, CDMA Wares Workshop. And ready to learn something else if there. I will be able to do any steps instructed. However, do not know the meaning of the fields. ex. NV I do not know but the mode has to be set to NV for setting internet settings and then backing it up to RUIM (Removable User Identification Module) other terms like NAI, PAP, PPP, etc Also Attached the Screenshots where the settings that are needed to be done and I have some confusion what to put in all these blocks. Please let me know the settings needed to be done from the beginning that are to be done. Like if any other settings are also be done please let me know. This forum is my last hope. As I also contacted seller, Customer care but no help. Thank You! Regards Rohit
  2. MTNL APN setting for Mumbai & Delhi Mobile customers from 10th March State-run MTNL is all set to simplify the Access Point Name (APN) settings for its mobile customers in Mumbai & Delhi. APN is an attribute provided by mobile service providers to its customers. The APNs required to setup 3G/GPRS internet access in mobile devices including Tablets. At present MTNL provides different APNs to prepaid and postpaid customers; and these settings are different in Mumbai and Delhi. Now MTNL has decided to simplify the process by providing common Access Point Name (APN) – “mtnl.net” for prepaid and postpaid customers in Mumbai & Delhi circles. MTNL mobile customers using existing APN for 3G/GPRS internet access may continue or switch over to new APN. MTNL Mumbai APN : gprsppsmum (for prepaid) and gprsmtnlmum (for Postpaid) MTNL Delhi APN : gprsppsdel or pps3g (for prepaid) and gprsmtnldel or mtnl3g (for postpaid) New MTNL APN : mtnl.net (common for Mumbai & Delhi prepaid/postpaid customers from 10th March’2012) MTNL Settings for mobile Internet (GPRS/3G) : Connection Name : MTNL Data Bearer : Packet Data Access Point Name(APN) – for prepaid : mtnl.net Access Point Name (APN) – for postpaid : mtnl.net User Name : leave blank Password : leave blank Authentication : Normal For more information please dial 1503. Courtesy : Teleguru
  3. I was having 3g postpaid plain on my mobile. From past few days, it is not working. When I switch on data on my phone, nothing happens. I do not get "H" or "E" sign in the notification tab. Have their APN settings changed? I am using LG Optimus P500