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  1. Reliance GSM International roaming

    Thanks Nibin. I will keep the phone off, and switch it on only when I need to get OTP
  2. Reliance GSM International roaming

    Thanks nibin I am actually going to keep this sim switched off. Only when I need the OTP sms for something, I will switch on this sim(out of airplane mode) only when I expect OTP sms I am worried about incoming calls I do not pick up. Do not want to get charged for them
  3. I was looking at International USA roaming pack and it costs 849. I don't need it for calls, only for incoming SMS. So If I do not buy the pack, I understand calls will be 140rs/minute, but what about incoming SMS. Is it charged. Second question? What about missed calls. What if I block all calls, and no call can be made. Will I get charged for missed calls? I called customer care and they said no, missed calls will not be charged. But you know reliance. If I get 100 missed calls in a month, I will have to pay 14000 INR!!! Alternatively, to work around this what if I forward all calls to some local India number with parents before going. This way, if somebody calls, call will be immediately forwarded. Now, will the call even be routed to my phone at all, or it will be done at network end? This way it does not matter where I am. Calls will be forwarded, and if unanswered, there is going to be no charge at all. Any ideas or experience?
  4. The launch was supposed to be today. But did not happen. Any idea when is the launch?
  5. I found the solution. Restart phone. Every time my billing cycle ends, data stops working, so I restart phone and it starts working again.
  6. I was having 3g postpaid plain on my mobile. From past few days, it is not working. When I switch on data on my phone, nothing happens. I do not get "H" or "E" sign in the notification tab. Have their APN settings changed? I am using LG Optimus P500
  7. I was thinking of taking the reliance 200MB data plan. however, I have seen in the past that many times with 3G enabled, on some towers you get only "2G" signal. So instead of "H" in my data notification area, I see "E", which is standard GPRS. Now with 2G its simply. You switch off your phones 3G mode, and it will continuously connect in 3G. With 3G enabled, and on a 3G plans, on some locations I may get only 2G connectivity. So when I download data under 2G, how will it be billed. Will it be Pay as you go? that will be very expensive. Lets say I download 100MB under 3G, and 10MB under 2G due to unavailability of 3G on that tower. The 10 MB slow speed MBs will be billed at a much higher rate. So what is the solution? I activate both 2G plan (99/month) + 3G plan of my choice? Or will I not be billed extra as long as my total data stays below 200MB.
  8. Internet Setting in LG Optimus One P500

    I am using rcomnet as my APN to do GPRS as mentioned in the first post of this forum(sticky) However, the speed I get is 10kbps, and internet sometimes works, sometimes it just cannot load any page. Its a real pain, and it seems a waste to be paying 99/month for internet, Forget 2.5GB, if I manage to download 2.5MB it will be a miracle. Anybody else facing similar problem?
  9. I have 99rs 2.5GB /month plan on postpaid. Should I use rconnect or rcomnet for best speed?
  10. I know I can manually switch off 3G, but my question is why enable HSPDA is subscriber has not asked for activation. anyways, I am told by many people that reliance is currently in testing phase, therefore many subscribers are getting HSPDA. It will last for maybe a couple of months more
  11. Customer care tells me 3G not activated on my account, but anyone calling me gets the message "This customer is enjoying 3G". I am wondering whats the deal!??
  12. I just have the M99 GPRS/EDGE plan. I was looking at the 3G webpage. they have a Pay as you Go plan. I serioously hope I won't be billed 3G. I have confirmed with customer care who say 3G happens only if customer asks for it! Rest, end of month bill will tell.
  13. MNP Experience

    My number is ported now, after 5 days of circus! Finally, I am on reliance GSM. It took multiple calls and emails to Nodal officer to get this done.
  14. I am on reliance GSM network, and have Mobile 99 pack activated (2.5G) I normally see download speeds of 50-80kbps with a symbol "E" in notification bar, which stands for "EDGE". Today, I started seeing "H" in the notification bar, and speeds of 1.3 mbps! Now HSPDA means 3.5G. I am not sure if this was available. And how is it even working on my phone when I just have GPRS enabled! Any idea? I hope I do not get billed for this, cause I have just registered for GPRS, and I never asked customer care to enable HSPDA on my connection!
  15. Have the settings changed? I am trying to use rcomnet to surf the net through mobile phone. I have Reliance GSM postpaid, and my handset is LG P500(Android 2.2) I sent sms M99 to 51234 and got back the message that my data plan will be activated shortly.