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Found 4 results

  1. I am not able to use Hostspot/tethering in verizon Moto droid Maxx in cdma mode. It asks to call verizon customer care to enable. Any way to get it work?
  2. friends, I am using unlocked at&t htc one mini. However tethering and hotspot seems to be locked as it show only "processing" till long time and no activation. is there any way to unlock this ?
  3. Dear friends, got this from an R&D, but definitely works.... So i tried it on 2 Devices that i Unlocked by the following post and then tried to make tethering visible. First-of-all, unlock your phone by following post and just Thank & greet Mr. Vinodji Nayak, :-) (he isn't not good person..... because he the best person or can say a HELPING HAND for all) for the efforts he has taken to help all of Us. http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/36746-how-topermanent-unlock-sprint-lg-g2-ls980-for-gsm/ Now the Procedure to make visible the Tethering is jUst simple. Just go to TotalCmd and there you goto NetworkNeighbour then to ADB Then LG - 980XXXX your phone and here you can SEE the folder "Carrier" Download the attachment. (Previously/Original Attachment Uploaded again, Thank you Vinod SirJi for being continuously Serving and Helping) Unzip the Attachment to Folder named Carrier. "Please do not make any changes to the any files, as it is confirmed from many that it works with Charm." - Vinod Nayak and then Just Replace the One with the "Carrier" folder that of Present in the Device. and just Check the miracle. Tethering enabled... :-) i think you don't have to Reboot the device... in case you can't see the tethering .. u can reboot. and for sure the results will be 'ailaaaa.... it's there' and enjoy Just Give a Try Try, it will let u Fly, but if any mistake done, your device might Die :-P. carrier.rar
  4. Dear Rim Gurus, Im using Jelly bean Samsung Galaxy S3 OMH (US Cellular), How can I tether Internet over hotspot or by USB. I know currently its been disabled by Mobile neworks in US. Guru's please help .