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All About Treo 755p - Lets Discuss The Good And The Bad

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First u uninstal/delete all Snapper mails, from card and phone.

Install this file, open and register with any number, it wil reject code and will give u correct code.

Copy it down reset the device, delete snapper, and install normal version and register with Key given by KG


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u are too fast Sadikk and kshah.

I had found this solution and was about to post and see u have already posted :)

Now the trouble I am having that it is not syncronising all my folders from gmail (filters I created are made into folders in gmail) and the All Mail folder in my gmail account. How do I select and syncronise them, because in WM6.1 it automatically recognises them... I have done IMAP4 settings as per Gmail's website for Snappermail....

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Battery review of Treo 755P.

Its copy paste :D

Call Time (6.06)

To test the battery performance of the Treo 755p during a call we make a phone call using Skype and pipe an audio book over the connection to simulate conversation. The Treo 755p lasted 5 hours 3 minutes in our talk time test, which is an above average time. You can see below that a couple of phones did better than the Treo 755p but most performed worse. In particular we found that the Treo 755p performed better in this test than the Windows Mobile Treo 750, which has the same form factor and the same size battery.

Cell Phone Talk Time Score

Palm Treo 755p 5 hours 3 mins 6.06

Palm Centro 4 hours 8 mins 4.96

Palm Treo 750 3 hours 58 mins 4.76

BlackBerry Curve 8320 7 hours 24 mins 8.88

T-Mobile Shadow 4 hours 5 mins 4.90

Sidekick LX 5 hours 36 mins 6.72

Music Playback (6.04)

To test battery life while playing back music we set a test album to play repeatedly and time how long the phone lasts before the battery runs out. The Treo 755p lasted 8 hours 23 minutes in our music playback test. Once again we've seen better from other handsets, as you can see below, but don't let our comparison handsets fool you. Most phones out there don't last this long and we were pretty happy with the Treo 755p's performance here. On the other hand you'll note that one of the handsets that beats out the Treo 755p is the Windows Mobile Treo 750. So far these handsets, which only differ in their operating systems, are tied in our battery tests.

Cell Phone Music Playback Time Score

Palm Treo 755p 8 hours 23 mins 6.04

Palm Centro 6 hours 47 mins 4.88

Palm Treo 750 15 hours 23 mins 11.08

BlackBerry Curve 8320 12 hours 2 mins 8.66

T-Mobile Shadow 4 hours 28 mins 3.22

Sidekick LX 10 hours 4 mins 7.25

Web Browsing (5.96)

Web browsing battery performance is tested by pointing the phone's browser at a web page that is set to refresh automatically every ten seconds. We make sure the screen stays on and see how long the phone lasts. The Treo 755p performed admirably in this test at 4 hours 58 minutes. You can see below that only the Curve and the Sidekick LX performed better on this test, and both of those handsets use the much more battery efficient EDGE network. By contrast the Treo 755p uses Sprint's high speed EVDO network. For a comparison to another phone that uses a 3G network just look at how poorly the Treo 750 did on AT&T's 3G network in this test. It looks like the Treo 755p comes out the winner between those two very similar handsets in terms of battery life.

Cell Phone Browsing Time Score

Palm Treo 755p 4 hours 58 mins 5.96

Palm Centro 4 hours 22 mins 5.24

Palm Treo 750 3 hours 3 mins 3.66

BlackBerry Curve 8320 9 hours 43 mins 11.66

T-Mobile Shadow 3 hours 19 mins 3.98

Sidekick LX 8 hours 54 mins 10.68

Idle Time unscored

In order to deliver reviews in a timely fashion we don't test standby time for cell phones. Palm reports the Treo 755p's idle time at 240 hours

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HARDWARE Review and Comparisons.

Its a Copy Paste.


Text Words Per Minute (9.30)

We were able to type 46.5 words per minute (WPM) on the Treo 755p's keyboard. This is very solid and right about what we expect to see from a good QWERTY keyboard. You can see below that most of our comparison devices, all of which have a QWERTY, also scored in this range. You'll also note that the Treo 755p did significantly better than the Palm Centro, that's the bonus of having the larger more comfortable keyboard.

Cell Phone Words Per Minute Score

Palm Treo 755p 46.5 9.30

Palm Centro 39.4 7.88

Palm Treo 750 43.8 8.76

BlackBerry Curve 8320 49.8 9.96

T-Mobile Shadow 37 7.40

Sidekick LX 46.1 9.22

T9 and Auto Complete (0.0)

The Treo 755p lacks predictive text entry and auto-complete features when typing.

One Hand Usability (0.0)

For those who like to text with one hand we do our words per minute (WPM) test using just one hand. The Treo 755p saw the typical QWERTY keyboard penalty here as it plummeted to 25.7 WPM when typing one handed. QWERTY keyboards just aren't optimized for one handed typing and you see a similar drop with almost all of our comparison phones. The only exception is the T-Mobile Shadow, which has a hybrid keyboard with two letters per key that's easier to use one-handed.

Cell Phone Words Per Minute Score

Palm Treo 755p 25.7 5.14

Palm Centro 26.6 5.32

Palm Treo 750 24.8 4.96

BlackBerry Curve 8320 26.5 5.30

T-Mobile Shadow 32.4 6.48

Sidekick LX 22.1 4.42

Keypad Backlighting (5.0)

The Treo 755p's keypad backlight is well lit, but we did detect some light leakage and the lighting isn't as good at the edges as it is in the middle. There's also a complete lack of lighting controls for the keyboard.


D-Pad/Joystick (8.0)

The D-Pad on the Treo 755p is the same one found on the Treo 750, which means it's very comfortable, easy to use and is very accurate. We love the D-Pad on the Treo lineup and the 755p doesn't disappoint.

Touch Screen (7.0)

As with all Palm OS devices the Treo 755p has a touch screen. We found the touch screen to be pretty responsive and appreciate that most of the on screen buttons have been optimized to be used with your finger, which means you won't need to pull out the stylus very often. This is much better than Windows Mobile devices like the Treo 750, where a stylus is necessary for most operations.

Jog Dial (0.0)

The Treo 755p doesn't have a jog dial.

Soft Buttons (0.0)

As with all Palm OS devices the Treo 755p lacks soft buttons. Instead you are meant to tap the buttons found at the bottom of many screens.

Volume Control (7.5)

The volume buttons on the Treo 755p are big, easy to reach and give you good key travel and tactile feedback.

Power and Standby (7.5)

The power button on the Treo 755p is a secondary function of the end button. We found the button large and easy to use. Just tap on it once to put the phone into standby and tap it again to turn it back on. As we mentioned previously you can't turn the Treo 755p all the way off without taking the battery out so standby is all you get. You'll be using this button a lot and we're glad it's so comfortable.

Other Buttons (10.0)

In addition to the buttons discussed above the Treo 755p has the typical set of Palm OS specific buttons. to the left of the D-Pad is a calendar button and to the right is a messaging and home button. On the left side of the phone is a shortcut button that's assigned to voice memo by default and on the bottom right of the keyboard is a menu button. Many of these have secondary functions and many can also be re-assigned to fit your needs.


Primary Screen Gross Resolution (8.50)

As with other Palm OS devices the Treo 755p has a square 320 x 320 pixel screen. This is pretty high resolution with 25% more pixels than the typical 320 x 240 pixel screens we see on devices. It's also significantly better than the Treo 750, which also has a square screen but was limited by the operating system to a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. The high pixel resolution means that things look sharp on screen.

Cell Phone Resolution Score

Palm Treo 755p 320 x 320 8.50

Palm Centro 320 x 320 8.50

Palm Treo 750 240 x 240 5.00

BlackBerry Curve 8320 320 x 240 8.00

T-Mobile Shadow 320 x 240 8.00

Sidekick LX 400 x 240 8.50

Primary Screen Pixels per Inch (9.43)

Pixels per inch (PPI) is a measure of pixel density. Higher pixel density means sharper images on screen and richer colors. Lower pixel density can lead to the screen looking washed out. The Treo 755p has a pixel density of 188.6 PPI, which is very good. You'll note below that only the Centro did better in this area, because it has the same screen resolution but a smaller display. By contrast you can really see the difference between the Treo 755p and the Treo 750 here as the 750 lags far behind in terms of pixel density.

Cell Phone Pixels Per Inch Score

Palm Treo 755p 188.6 9.43

Palm Centro 205.7 10.29

Palm Treo 750 141.7 7.09

BlackBerry Curve 8320 164.6 8.23

T-Mobile Shadow 153.8 7.69

Sidekick LX 152.4 7.62

Screen Physical Size (0.0)

The Treo 755p has a very comfortable 2.4 inch display. This is standard for Treo devices and provides enough screen real estate for most actions. That's not to say we wouldn't mind having a larger display like the Sidekick LX, but of course that would require a bigger device too.

Cell Phone Size Diagonal (inches) Score

Palm Treo 755p 2.4 6.00

Palm Centro 2.2 5.50

Palm Treo 750 2.4 6.00

BlackBerry Curve 8320 2.43 6.08

T-Mobile Shadow 2.6 6.50

Sidekick LX 3 7.50

Screen Brightness (6.90)

The Treo 755p's screen measured 58 lux, which is a little on the low side. To test screen brightness we point the phone's browser at a blank white screen, turn the brightness up to maximum and use a lux meter to measure the brightness. You can see below that we had a couple of phones with over 100 lux, which is near the top of what we've seen, with the Treo 755p much nearer to our lower scoring comparison phones. This has an impact on the legibility of the screen in bright light, as we'll discuss next. On the plus side the Treo 755p does allow you to select from 16 different lighting levels, but there's no light sensor to automatically adjust the backlight.

Cell Phone Brightness (lux) Score

Palm Treo 755p 58 6.90

Palm Centro 54 6.90

Palm Treo 750 60 5.75

BlackBerry Curve 8320 105 9.50

T-Mobile Shadow 54 2.70

Sidekick LX 106 14.05

Screen Bright Light Performance (3.0)

The Treo 755p's poor screen brightness has a serious impact on it's legibility in bright light. To test this we shine 3000 lux on the phone's screen and judge how legible it is. The Treo 755p performed pretty poorly in this test. We could barely make out icons and you can forget about reading text. The fact that the Treo 755p has a touch screen, which tend to perform poorly in bright light situations, also contributes to this poor performance.

Color Depth (0.0)

The Treo 755p's screen can display sixty-five thousand colors. This is pretty par for the course and we would have liked to a screen with more colors on Palm's latest device. Sixty-five thousand colors should be sufficient for most users, but more colors would have provided wider color range when viewing photos and videos or playing games.

Cell Phone Colors (thousands) Score

Palm Treo 755p 65 6.00

Palm Centro 65 6.00

Palm Treo 750 65 6.00

BlackBerry Curve 8320 65 6.00

T-Mobile Shadow 65 6.00

Sidekick LX 65 6.00

Ports & Storage

Power & Data Ports (2.0)

The Treo 755p uses the same multi-connecter found on all Treo devices to connect the phone to a computer. On the one hand this is good because it allows users to use the wide range of Treo accessories that rely on the multi-connector. On the other hand we pretty much hate proprietary connectors and wish that Palm would finally just move on to a standard Mini USB connector. The Treo 755p's power port is also proprietary, guess what we think of that.

Headphone & Jack Compatibility (2.0)

Moving away from proprietary ports the Treo 755p has a 2.5mm headset jack. Although not as good as a 3.5mm jack it's still much better than the proprietary headphone jack we see on a lot of phones. Unfortunately you'll have to use a wired set of headphones with the Treo 755p as it doesn't support wireless stereo Bluetooth headphones.

Internal Storage (1.0)

The Treo 755p has 60MB of user accessible storage, which should be more than sufficient for contacts, calendar appointments and a few additional applications. If you want to store multimedia on your device you should go out and get an expansion card.

Expansion Slot & Format (8.0)

The Treo 755p uses Mini SD cards, which is a departure from most phones that use the Micro SD standard. That said it's not a departure we're unhappy about as Mini SD cards are larger and more difficult to lose than their smaller cousins. The card slot on the Treo 755p is just like that found on the Treo 750. It's on the left side of the phone and has a plastic cover that's easy to open up. The slot itself is spring loaded and easy to get cards in and out of. The Treo 755p also supports higher capacity cards so you can go up to four or even eight gigabytes of data with an expansion card.

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Synchronization (8.0)

The Treo 755p comes with HotSync, which is Palm's desktop synchronization software. HotSync is easy to set up, just install the software, connect your device and touch the HotSync button on the cable. You'll quickly find all of your information synchronized between the 755p and your computer.

The Treo 755p can be synchronized with your computer via USB cable or Bluetooth. Contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, notes and email accounts are all taken care of.


The Treo 755p can be synchronized with Outlook on a PC or you can use Palm's own PIM management software. The Treo 755p an also be synchronized with a Mac right out of the box, although this doesn't offer you as comprehensive a range of support as PC synchronization does.

Alerts (7.0)

Calendar appointments and tasks are the only items on the Treo 755p that can have an alert set. The alert can be set to go off any time before the appointment/task occurs. You can't set individual tones for each appointment/task, instead the standard one you set up will be used for all alerts. When an alert goes off you can choose to view, dismiss or snooze the item. A snooze only lasts for five minutes and there's no way to change that. When an alert is missed it will go off again based on a preference and if you miss even that it will be the first thing you see on screen when you turn the phone back on. We prefer the flexibility that Windows Mobile alerts give us over snooze, but aside from that the Treo 755p's alerts are solid.

Over the Air PIM Sync (2.0)

The Treo 755p supports synchronization of your contacts and calendar appointments over the air if you have access to an Exchange Server.

Address Book

Adding Contacts (8.47)

It took us an average of 11.8 seconds to add a contact to the Treo 755p. This is a very good time, in fact it's the best time amongst our comparison phones, as you can see below. It's slightly better than the Palm Centro, which is probably due to the Treo 755p's bigger and more comfortable keyboard. To do this test we time how long it takes to go from the home screen unlocked until we have added each of five different contact names and phone numbers.

Cell Phone Time (sec) Score

Palm Treo 755p 11.8 8.47

Palm Centro 12.22 8.18

Palm Treo 750 16.1 6.21

BlackBerry Curve 8320 14.1 7.09

T-Mobile Shadow 21.88 4.57

Sidekick LX 19.58 5.11

Looking/Sorting/Search (5.5)

The Treo 755p allows you to sort contacts by last name or company. You can filter your contacts by category and search for them simply by typing out the name (or company if that's your sort option) on the QWERTY keyboard. We would have liked the option to sort by first name, but otherwise are satisfied with the features here.

Fields (8.0)

The Treo 755p has 30 different fields available for contacts, including user-customizable fields where you can put whatever you want. The total number of fields is less than what we see from Windows Mobile devices, like the Treo 750, but those lack user-customizable fields.

Speed Dial/Voice tags/Voice command (2.33)


Speed dial on the Treo 755p is very good, allowing you to assign any contact to any letter on the keyboard. You can also assign programs to letters if you wish. For some reason there's no support for voice dialing. Although we've seen this on Palm OS devices before we still find it annoying that this standard feature is omitted. If you absolutely need support for voice dialing you can find third party applications that will add that support back in.


Adding Calendar Items (20.41) organizer_calendar_new.jpg

It took us only 4.9 seconds to add a calendar appointment to the Treo 755p. This is an excellent time, amongst the best we've seen from any phone. You can see below that only the Palm Centro, which is also Palm OS based, put up a time comparable to the Treo 755p's. The Treo 755p was helped out by the fact that all we had to do was tap the calendar button, move to the left for the next day, then move down to the 12pm slot and type "lunch". The fifteen minute reminder we require for this test was automatically added.

Cell Phone Time (sec) Score

Palm Treo 755p 4.9 20.41

Palm Centro 4.8 20.83

Palm Treo 750 6.76 14.79

BlackBerry Curve 8320 6.04 16.56

T-Mobile Shadow 9.46 10.57

Sidekick LX 12.44 8.04

Calendar Views (7.1)

As with all Palm OS devices the Treo 755p has five calendar views. By default you find yourself in daily view, which shows the day's hours along the left side with your appointments blocked out at their scheduled times. The weekly view is a typical grid with days along the top and hours along the left. In this view you get a small pop-up that shows you appointment details for the day that is selected. This is a nice touch as many weekly views just show you time blocked out with no appointment details.

The monthly view is just the current month with a small box on days that have appointments. The yearly view is just useful for an overview of the year and shows six months at a time. It can only be accessed via the menus. The agenda view is much nicer, it shows you a list of appointments and adds tasks and unread emails. You can easily cycle between all the views except yearly by repeatedly pressing the calendar button.

Fields (11.0)

The Treo 755p offers a good selection of fields for new appointments, including all day appointments, time zone, categories and recurrence. The interface for creating a new appointment does take some getting used to as it's divided into two parts. The first allows you to set start/end time and other time-related options. Once you do that you enter the title and only then can you open the appointment up and add more options. We would have preferred a single interface as found on Windows Mobile devices.


Adding ToDo/Task (8.70) orgainzer_tasks_new.jpg

Adding a task to the Treo 755p is a little more complicated than other organizer items, but we were still able to do it in a very quick 11.5 seconds. The complication comes because our test task requires a due date, which means that after we've opened the task program, tapped on the new button on screen and typed the title we then have to tap on details and add a due date. As you can see below the Treo 755p and Centro are once again at the top of the heap in this timing test.

Cell Phone Time (sec) Score

Palm Treo 755p 11.50 8.70

Palm Centro 11.52 8.68

Palm Treo 750 16.90 5.92

BlackBerry Curve 8320 14.80 6.76

T-Mobile Shadow 14.62 6.84

Sidekick LX 14.30 6.99

ToDo/Task Sorting and Prioritizing (7.0) organizer_tasks.jpg

You can filter tasks by category on the Treo 755p and prioritize them, but you can't sort them by priority.

Fields (7.0)

New tasks on the Treo 755p allow you to add a title, priority, category, alarm and due date. You can also add a recurrence pattern, which is a nice option that isn't found on most phones. Overall, we were happy with the range of fields available for new tasks.


Adding Notes (6.02) organizer_notes_new.jpg

Rounding out our set of very good timing tests in the organizer section are notes. On the Treo 755p it took us only 8.3 seconds to add a new note reminding us about a lunch appointment. This is once again the best time we've seen amongst our comparison phones, with only the Centro anywhere close. We just have to say that this shows how fast and easy to use Palm OS is designed to be.

Cell Phone Time (sec) Score

Palm Treo 755p 8.3 6.02

Palm Centro 8.46 5.91

Palm Treo 750 11.65 4.29

BlackBerry Curve 8320 12.2 4.10

T-Mobile Shadow 14.76 3.39

Sidekick LX 8.28 6.04

Note Interface (6.0) organizer_notes.jpg

The note interface on the Treo 755p is pretty good. One thing we like is that you can categorize your notes and then filter by category. What we didn't like is that you can't search through your notes as on BlackBerry devices. Apart from this it's just a simple list and should be easy to use for anyone.

Note Formatting (5.0)

You can choose between two font types and sizes when creating notes on the Treo 755p, but that's all the formatting options you get.

Voice Memo (7.0) organizer_notes_voice.jpg

As with other Palm OS devices we found the voice note program to be pretty good. You can easily record a quick note by pressing and holding the shortcut key on the left side of the device, but you do need to continue holding it down as long as you are recording. The interface is simple and easy to use, and you can both record notes and listen to previous ones from the same place, which we appreciate. You can also easily send voice notes via email or Bluetooth.

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Anyways, from what I gather, if the vision services message is coming, that means u have not properly configured your phone to reliance settings.

First check whether you have created a new connection by the name of Rel Netconnect. Go to Preferences-Network-Services. If it is there, select it, if not create it. To create Click Menu Button (Lowest in Right Corner) and select New-It will show untitled-give it the name RelNetConnect- Connection should be High Speed Wireless, Username and Password will be your 10 digit Reliance Phone no., Untick Mobile IP Tab in Details. In Advanced IP Address should be Automatic (Ticked), Query DNS should be Ticked. You should be able to connect to Internet by selecting and making this your default connection.

You may also create a similar RelMobile World connection where the username will be "UTS@relianceinfo.com", password-kindly search the forum, as I dont remember.

If for some reasons you are still not able to do so, then we will have to check your service programing data-

Dial ##data# (##3282#) and u will come on data main screen. You will have to click modify and enter your SPC (u should have changed it to 000000 otherwise enter your correct spc) and u will have to change the parameters. After unlocking, enter username - (anything u like-preferably your name without spaces), then enter password (anything), HA password (anything), ensure IP address is automatic (ticked),. Then go to next menu by pressing the Menu Button (Lowest in Right Corner), the go to Browser - enter one "0" in port in both Pri NGG and Sec NGG, then go to Advance, Unlock, then enter as follows: Vocoder EVRC:1, Home NID:65535, Home SID: 14655, MCC: 404, MNC: 0, ACCOLC: (should be last digit of your MIN), Home Sys Reg:1, FNID:1, FSID:1 - Click OK. After loading Reboot once again.

You should be able to connect to internet.

Remember, any further queries post in Treo 755p topic ONLY and give reference of this post...

Try this Gary, u should be able to connect...

Also check in phone info whether your ES* and MIN are displayed as per your actual of RUIM.

Hi, I re-did all the settings as per this post, but still I cannot conect to the net. I still get error 3000 message. I again updated my Treo 700p with the Reliance CDMAupdater and installed Reliance PRL, yet no luck. And also though the phone works fine, it shows the phone is in roaming.

thanks for your help in advance

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Good Information

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Opera Connected - Java Loaded - Update

OK, so I finally did it. Memory allocations worked. But still Opera Mini can be called crappy at best over Reliance network because I am used to Opera Mobile 9.5 on my Mogul and that also on Wi-Fi network. Also I do get a lot of Connection timeout errors and I have to go back and reload the page in Mini. But still it is better than Blazer any day. I opened all my websites, checked my mail on gmail, checked my portfolio on moneycontrol, So it did all my stuff, but not perfectly like on Mogul.

Now I will try Dj's snappermail - wait for the review.

Hi Dheeraj ,

It's good opera is working for Treo 755 .......so now can u please post the step by step procedure to install opera mini on cell ....it will be very much helpful to me and also others ............ :signthankspin:

Thanks & Regards ,

Chintan .

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Hi Sadikk bhai ...............good info ...yaar ...very in depth comparison .....good ......

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I will post step by step info for opera and snappermail soon, was busy today...

But somehow 755p's working on Internet and even email over imap on snappermail is very crappy on Reliance Network, whereas it is very smooth on Mogul - Kalpak Bhai why is that - Some settings need to be done somewhere for sure, because I think the default setting is for EVDO and not 1X. It gives timeout messages very regularly and the arrows go into dormancy very soon and dont reconnect in a snap as in Mogul...

Kalpak Bhai - thoda is par sochiye ....

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Use POP3 Instead. I never face such issue.

Also its a known issue of phone going in dormancy and do not awake immediately, wait for minute.

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yeah... i second what sadikk says... use pop3 over imap... i have never had any issues whether its speed or syncing... snapper is snappy

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I hate Imap as its too slow, even on outlook . Google Imap is even slower. In Snapper use pop3 and do not delete mails.

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Now the thing with using pop3 is that I like to keep my inbox absolutely clean. And all mails I assign filters (which is same as folders). So all my mail is either in the All Mail Folder or the different folders with different names and I keep my inbox empty only for new mail. Now pop3 only synchronises Inbox and not the other folders so I am unable to access my All Mail folders which can be done with IMAP because it synchronises all your specified folders as well. Any workaround for this in pop3...

Edited by dkaile

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well u have filtering in snapper... but then u cant compare it to gmail or outlook on pc... like kalpak said, let the mail be sorted on gmail and snapper can fetch ur mail while leaving it on the server all along...

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I tried filtering and Imap in past. Finally I decided to do it on outlook rather than doing it on remote servers. Btw fact is till now no mail client on handheld is as powerful as desktop

I tried filtering and Imap in past. Finally I decided to do it on outlook rather than doing it on remote servers. Btw fact is till now no mail client on handheld is as powerful as desktop

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I think Gmail is doing a fine job in imap and filtering. I have debunked outlook forever (anyways I used eudora and I have debunked that too). Now I keep all my mail online and have not had a problem till date since last 2 years. Of course I download all the important attachments and keep them on the server as a backup, too, but thats it, all my mail stays online. That is why I was looking for a perfect on-phone system. But imap and filters works flawlessly on Mogul on WM6.1. Perhaps that and Browser is the only advantage I see till now in comparison to the Treo.

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Arey yaar snapper pe mail check kar liya karo pop3 se. aur PC se IMAP rakho.

What say.

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I will suggest to mail Snapper developer with your problem. I have seen Snapper working better than wm pocket outlook. PO has only one advantage of sync with outlook.

If you are not using pc based mail client, then why you use Imap Snapper do not delete any message unless you configure it to do so.

Www.th3palmz.com is the best site but it does not open on many isp. It opens on bsnl bb not tata.

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th3pamlz does not open with Airtel Broadband. Even tried opendns.

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here's the step by step process for loading Java and Opera...

Download Java from the Link given by Kalpak on the previous Page.

It will create directory PalmOS JVM 5.7.2 wherever u choose to extract it.

In that go to sub directory JVM/ARM4T.

Copy only files J9JavaVMMidp20.prc and j9pref.prc through Palm Quick Install ONLY and that also in the Handheld directly (not to expansion card)

Do HOT SYNC. These 2 files will be installled on your Palm/s main memory.

Reboot Palm Treo after install.

Now go to Prefs - You will find 2 options in Other - IBM Java VM and J9 Java Options - Click IBM Java VM

Now on top u will see [Global preferences] - let it remain selected and then edit below -

Set Memory Maximum - change to 4Mb (u may experiment later with 8Mb and 32Mb if you so desire); Set Maximum Java Thread Stack Size - Change to 32Kb

Click Done

Reboot Phone

Thats it -

After that go to Opera Mini site http://www.operamini.com/download/

Select Download to PC - then select phone Palm - then select Model - Treo755p - Select Language English (International) - Then download file - opera-mini-advanced.prc to your PC - It will show file name as - opera-mini-4.1.11355-advanced-int.prc

Now after download select this file and copy it again through Palm Quick Install and install to Handheld ONLY.

Now u are ready to run Opera - after loading - reboot once then go to Pref-IBM Java Preferences - then from top selector (besides global preferences) click and you will be able to see Opera Mini - Click on Use global preferences and YOU are done - click done


and always ENJOY LIFE .... Rock On Man...

Meri Laundry ka ek bill, ek adhi padhi novel, nana na na nana na na ....

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:) good one Dkaile. Keep it up. ;)

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