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Create Contacts Group In Htc Touch Pro

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Hi All,

If someone can help me with how to create a group of contacts in the HTC Touch Pro so that a common ringtone, etc can be set?


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When you're filing your contacts, use the "Category" section of each contact to create separate groups like Friends, Family, Business, Work, etc. Then you can set ring tones to each group or category. If you have your contacts from the phone already backed up in MS Outlook, then add the categories in there and re-sync your MS Outlook contact database with your phone.

PS: And henceforth when you keep adding new contacts to your phone book always make sure you add them to any one of the categories to which you would like to categorize them.

By default the phone book in WM has about 5-6 categories but you can create your own new categories as well.

After creating and filing all your contacts to the various categories that you want you can use a Ring Tone Manager to specify tunes for each category so that you will know if its a friend , work colleague or someone from your family calling you, etc by just hearing the ring tone specific to that category that you have set the tone for.

Would suggest the Ring Tone manager that I am using on my Touch Pro. Its a freeware software call VipPimRingTone created by V3patel on xda.

Only thing you need to be alert to, is to make sure you sync your phone to the computer after setting the ring tone for every 75 contacts as there is an error in ActiveSync when you try to categorise more than 100 contacts at a time. The work through for this is as follows:

Work around is update 75 contacts then sync and update another 75 and sync again.

I do it this way connect my mobile to desktop using active sync

  1. Start VipPIMRingTone and go to the Category section of the program
  2. Replace Current Ring tone in the Options box,Specify Ring tone to the category you want and click the Assign button on the program
  3. When popup comes saying more than 75 contacts updated then click sync button on desktop active sync application
  4. Once sync completed then click ok/continue button mobile device.
  5. Repeat step as needed.

The cab file is here for :


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Best Option is to use MS outlook and in that manager category, its lot more easier, and same outlook contact can be used for all your phones.

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I have dumped syncing to MS Outlook all together... now I only use Gmail and I sync all my contacts and calendar only to Google Contacts and Google Calendar... MS Outlook is too much prone to errors... once all my contacts vanished all together... and always keep backup with PIMBackup on your memory card and pc...

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hey doc, do you also have a good alarm manager for wm 6.1, so that I can set mp3's as my alarms; should be simple and no memory hog... thanks in advance; you can post this in the applications for wm topic; i will download from there...

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