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  1. Micro SD Card write protected

    connect sd to pc are try running chkdsk to see what error it throws
  2. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    For Gatwick you may or may not need transit visa. Usually when you booking your ticket ask the airlines, they will tell u if u need it for gatwick airport. I have done terminal changes at heathrow, which involved 20 min bus ride to next terminal.
  3. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    @vishalseth If you are in transit in UK and have a VALID USA VISA then there is no issue in any european country. I have done transit via UK, Amsterdam and Paris couple of times. You will need UK visa only if you intend to leave the airport and pass through immigration (not airport change).
  4. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    Thanks arun for pointing me to this thread.. 1) Well you have a lot of cheaper prepaid plans over here so buzz me if you need info. Do not buy any plan till you yourself see the coverage in the area you will be living in. The coverage maps are different than ground reality. T-Mobile is spotty network and so is att. Verizon is the best and has most extensive coverage. There are Verizon mvnos too. 2) USA is a land of deals. If one is smart enough to look around one can get anything for a fraction of a cost or for pennies. This is all I could say as far as phones are concerned. :-)
  5. Apple iPhone 5 & iOS6 discussion

    You need a provisioning profile and certificate . Basically your UDID is registered as a developer and you can install any ipa after signing it . It works across all iOS devices .Its available online for 10-15$ .after that u can do as many installs as u want
  6. Apple iPhone 5 & iOS6 discussion

    Jailbreaks are not that much fun as before .Except for few customisations most things can be done without jailbreak now - Crack apps - Wireless Tether - Banner name change etc dont need jailbreak
  7. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    FoxFI is good app not needing root but its not supported on Devices with 4.1 as of now for wifi tether.
  8. Palm Pixi Plus Restart Problem

    R u sure u have correct diag drivers, the cdc abstract drivers will be available online. Also u need to put passthru serial
  9. The embedded sim might be lte sim and not gsm one. Like thhe evo lte
  10. iOS5 on iPhone 4 CDMA?

    This is not problem only with reliance but with all flashed phones According to me the problem lies with carrier bundle not there for reliance , which is causing sms gateway issues Either an apple update or modification of carrier bundle can fix it
  11. @rajan lol awesome post , took quite some time to read it though ...lol 2 yrs of contract is not a problem when plan is good and cheapest one not given by any other operator .Besides there are loopholes to break contract too without paying a single penny in ETF !!! @gjp as i told u , in order for ur brother to stay on that plan , u can buy some cheap phone off ebay/craiglist and use its esn
  12. Firstly ,sprint doesnt accept verizon or any outside esn , so officially u cannot use incredible 1 on sprint But then u could do it un officially , for which u need a sprint esn/meid , and u need to use that on incredible Sprint doesnt use Akey , so all u need is sprint esn Once u have it on incredible , ask ur brother to call sprint cs and transfer no on incredible . After that u need to put up a request on sprint that your 3G is not working , then they will OTA you MIP settings and your 3G will start working on it . I am a sprint user , and have done things which people in USA normally say is not possible !!! i can provide u with clean sprint esn shoot me mail
  13. Free Blackberry GSM Unlock Codes!

    ^^^ currently in usa , hope could come down there for few weeks
  14. Free Blackberry GSM Unlock Codes!

    ^^^ nice one sunilji btw c u next time i am in mumbai
  15. ^^^ most importantly and practical use of JB is use of installous and cracked apps , rest all is hardly used by other people