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Worldmode Iphone On The Wings

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It probably hasn't been more than a week since a rumor surfaced about Apple (NSDQ:AAPL)'s iPhone making the jump to Verizon (NYSE:VZ) Wireless from AT&T (NYSE:T), but the newest buzz claims a Qualcomm chip will help the smartphone bridge the gap between CDMA and UMTS 3G networks.

The latest churn of the rumor mill claims that Apple is developing a "worldmode" iPhone that will add compatibility with CDMA networks, such as Verizon Wireless's in the U.S., to the existing UMTS 3G capabilities of the iPhone.

According to AppleInsider, a new report from OTR Global claims that a worldmode Apple iPhone will be compatible with CDMA2000 and UMTS 3G networks due to a hybrid chip that is being built by Qualcomm. The worldmode iPhone could land on Verizon -- and any other network in the world -- by the third quarter of 2010.

The emergence of the Qualcomm hybrid chip would allow Verizon to bring the iPhone onto its current CDMA network. Previously it seemed Verizon would have to wait until its planned switch to an LTE network in 2011. LTE technology, or Long Term Evolution, is the successor to UMTS.

A worldmode iPhone would likely spell the end of AT&T's exclusive deal with Apple, something many current users and potential adopters would like to see happen. Since the roll out of the iPhone in 2007 on AT&T, users have been frustrated by the lack of service in major markets, such as New York City and San Francisco.

AT&T has also been slow to support smartphone features, earlier this year badly botching the roll out of the iPhone 3G S by not offering MMS or tethering. The S in iPhone 3G S, of course, stands for speed. Another issues AT&T is having with support for the smartphone, as the wireless carrier is unable to support the faster 7.2 Mbps data potential.

Those likely to benefit from a worldmode iPhone are consumers. The competition Verizon would pose to AT&T for iPhone supremacy may force the exclusive carrier of the smartphone to beef up its network and drop prices for service plans.

Verizon might also snap AT&T out of what appears to be complacency, perhaps instilling a sense of urgency. As it stands now, AT&T is so confident that consumers will continue to adopt the iPhone that, as the launch of the 3G S demonstrated, it doesn't feel the need to support all the features of the smartphone.

But with Verizon reportedly getting closer and closer to getting its paws on the Apple iPhone, AT&T might start to step up its service and support.

source :: http://www.crn.com/mobile/221600785;jsessionid=40Y4GH5TYQGFJQE1GHOSKH4ATMY32JVN

Its interesting that Apple is following RIM in releasing a phone which incorporates HSDPA and EVDO capability.

PS:: Blackberry Tour has both HSDPA and EVDO capability

Edited by kesav

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Verizon iPhone Blockbuster Coming Summer 2010

Apple's offerings next summer will include a Verizon-only iPhone compatible with the carrier's CDMA network technology. Dual-mode chips, announced this week by Qualcomm, might not be ready for prime time in 2010. Neither will LTE network technology, which is expected to enter widespread service in 2011.

This leaves Apple with only one option to expand to the largest US carrier after their exclusive contract with AT&T ends next year. Build a Verizon Wireless compatible iPhone.

Ashok Kumar, an analyst with Northeast Securities, reported to AppleInsider that sources within Apple and Verizon intend to release the new iPhone by early fall at the latest. According to his Qualcomm sources, this time frame makes it nearly impossible to complete all of the testing that would be necessary on a hybrid CDMA/GSM device using Qualcomm's new chip.

Using a new chip in the iPhone would also increase costs, going against the trend toward lower pricing of the iPhone to increase market share.

In a conflicting report, OTR Global cited Taiwanese sources indicating that Apple was indeed planning to use a hybrid Qualcomm chip in a "worldmode" iPhone compatible with several different network technologies.

Regardless of how Apple proceeds, it's clear they intend to make the iPhone available on Verizon's network as soon as possible.

Qualcomm has announced they intend to launch the advanced MDM9200 and MDM9600 chipsets in the second half of 2010. From the press release:

- Commercial launches of data-centric devices based on Qualcomm's MDM solutions are expected to begin during the second half of 2010.

- The MDM9200 and the MDM9600 chipsets are the industry's first multi-mode 3G/LTE solutions that allow UMTS and CDMA2000 operators to upgrade seamlessly to future LTE services while preserving backward compatibility to their existing 3G networks.

- MDM9200 supports UMTS, HSPA+ and LTE, while the MDM9600 supports CDMA2000 1X, EV-DO Rev. B, SV-DO, SV-LTE, UMTS, HSPA+ and LTE.

source :: http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/97725

This is bit of a sad news that qualcomm cannot provide chips in time for worldmode Iphone in 2010.


If the article to be believed, In 2010, we can only see Iphones which work either in EvDO or HSDPA but not both.

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I am sure our Guru's will have 'cracked' it in at most a week. Also, it may not be a bad idea to wait for the universal charger connector show its face.

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iPhone 3.1 spotted online in San Francisco

It was around this time last year that Apple began testing the iPhone 2,1—a.k.a. the iPhone 3GS—and now the company’s back with a new test unit, which carries a sequential numeric designation and has been sighted amongst the ether in the iPhoniest city of them all.

MacRumors, quoting information from web metrics firm PinchMedia and iPhone dev Pandav (iBART), reports that the iPhone 3,1 was spotted earlier this month. Specifically, this new Apple handheld was “seen” online in San Francisco by Pinch using Pandav’s app.

Early references to iPhone 3,1 were spotted among the current iPhone’s firmware files in August, although that was just a bit of static text. Thereupon, this is the first sighting of the next generation device out and about in the world in the roughly the same timeframe last year as the iPhone 3GS (i.e. iPhone 2,1).

Nothing else is know about this new device, like whether or not it’s a worldmode smartphone—something widely rumored to be underdevelopment.

Whatever the case, Apple’s grinding away at bringing new product to market and, unless Cupertino suddenly starts springing leaks, we’ll have to wait until next June, or later, to learn anything concrete—just like last time ’round…

What’s your take?

source :: http://iphonetouch.blorge.com/2009/11/29/iphone-31-spotted-online-in-san-francisco/

TSMC tapped for CDMA iPhone chips

The world number one wireless chip vendor and number one smartphone vendors together at last in a tryst to produce a worldmode handset? If not, this is one of the more convincingly detailed falsehoods about Apple concocted so far.

CENS (Taiwan) reports that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is expected to make manufacture 40nm process Qualcomm-designed CDMA2000 baseband chips for a worldmode iPhone. Moreover, unlike previous rumors, this handset won’t be a UTMS and CDMA hybid, but rather a WDCMA and CDMA mix designed to work in China, Europe and elsewhere.

Currently, the Infineon designed UTMS chips used in the iPhone are manufactured by United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), another major Taiwanese fab for hire.

Neither the twain than meet…

The vast majority of people waiting for a CDMA plus whatever worldmode phone from Apple would prefer that “whatever” in fact turns out to be UTMS, the 3G standard used by AT&T and most of the rest of the civilized world. Thereupon, a handset concocted with CDMA and WCDMA would be incompatible with the AT&T 3G network.

And, doesn’t that sound a whole lot like the controlling and manipulative Apple we know and love?

source :: http://iphonetouch.blorge.com/2009/11/24/tsmc-tapped-for-cdma-iphone-chips/

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Apple to launch Verizon iPhone in 2010

Verizon and Apple are discussing the possible development of an iPhone for Verizon, with the goal of introducing it next year, people familiar with the situation say.

It would mark the first time Apple has produced a version of the iPhone for a CDMA wireless network, which is different from AT&T's GSM technology. Vodafone, co-owner of Verizon Wireless, already sells the iPhone in Europe.

The first roadblock — AT&T's contract — is set to expire next year, according to a widely cited 2008 USA Today article that included an interview with chairman Randall Stephenson. (Stephenson declined to comment on the details of the contract.)

The second barrier could also disappear were Apple to build a new iPhone that is compatible with both AT&T and Verizon's networks.

Last week, AppleInsider reported on rumors that Apple may be doing just that. Its source was a leaked OTR Global report, based on unnamed sources in Apple's Taiwanese supply chain, that said Apple was making a "worldmode" phone using a new hybrid chip from Qualcomm (QCOM).

On Wednesday, a second source for the rumor emerged, this one with a date attached. According to GigaOm's Colin Gibbs, Northeast Securities has issued a research note, based again on supply chain sources, that says Apple will launch a W-CDMA/CDMA2000-enabled iPhone through Verizon by the summer of 2010.

"They could pick the network they wanted to use: AT&T's or Verizon's," he says. "It would finally give consumers choice, and choice is a good thing."

Entner says Verizon would fare well in that fight. While AT&T's 3G network is "somewhat faster," he says, Verizon's network "is generally perceived to be better in terms of reliability."

The biggest loser? "AT&T," Entner says. "It would be a reversal of fortune, because a lot of people who have been disappointed in AT&T's network but love the iPhone would probably" jump to Verizon.

Apple would also benefit, he adds, "because that means they'd have to buy a new iPhone."

source :: http://www.ordoh.com/?p=230

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Verizon iPhone Release Date, iPhone 4G Release Date, iPhone 4G Sooner

While there is still debate going on about the Verizon iPhone release date and iPhone 4G release date in year 2010, Steve Jobs CEO Apple tweeted today : Verizon will get Iphone sooner than you think

Techtree has contended that the iPhone 4G pictures posted by Engadget calling them "the real iPhone 4G photos" are in fact real !

Techtree has quoted blogger and tech expert John Gruber who after research has found the pictures to be real. Reportedly Engadget got the pictures through Twitpics which is an image uploading Twitter service.

These real iPhone 4G images show a different structure of iPhone from current models. iPhone 4G has glass screen carrying front camera, aluminium-like rims and back panel like iPhone 3G. The back panel has an FCC number beginning with BCGA and an IC number from 579C. The numbers are similar to iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

So if these pictures are really authentic, then we should expect a June 2010 Verizon iPhone release date or should we say iPhone 4G release date. As June is the month Apple always brings out new iPhone updates since its 2007 launch.

source:: http://www.timesnewsline.com/news/Verizon-iPhone-Release-Date--iPhone-4G-Release-Date--iPhone-4G-Sooner-1271726339/

New York: Verizon iPhone release date, iPhone Verizon 2010: AT&T may try to torpedo Verizon, Apple applecart. If Apple iPads get sold out as many as expected by some analysts, the possibility for a network jamming on AT&T network is highly looming. Apple is distributing its iPads, both Wi-Fi and 3G versions through AT&T, already blamed for network jamming for Apple iPhone in several dense places like New York.

Several analysts have raised concerns that users will largely stay away purchasing iPad 3G, to be rolled out late this month in fear of network clogging with a customized AT&T connection. People may only prefer a Wi-Fi iPad, which can be connected to the internet with less risk than an iPad 3G.

AT&T has been in the middle of widespread criticism due to its failure to provide smooth internet connection to iPhone users. Always in places of high people density, Apple iPhone's network connectivity steeped in speed, and occasionally dropped the calls. However, Apple decided to sell its new tablet iPad through AT&T.

Analysts fear that iPad will swallow AT&T's third-generation network's two-thirds bandwidth. Earlier, iPhone did the same leading to the so-called iPhone-connection failures. Since its release on April 3, Apple iPad has been making a wave in the market. That means, millions of iPad devices will be added into the network capacity of AT&T, once Apple starts to sell its iPad 3G late this month. According to a number of estimates, nearly 5 to 8 million Apple iPads are expected to be shipped this year alone, adding more to the woes of AT&T.

Apple iPad ertainly could put a strainon AT&T network, if the devices were sold in the expected levels says an analyst. f they were to get into a situation where they again got behind the capacity, it would damage their reputation.

source :: http://www.khabrein.info/news/Verizon_iPhone_release_date__iPhone_Verizon_2010__AT_T_may_try_to_torpedo_Verizon__Apple_applecart_1271743784/

Verizon iPhone release date & iPhone 4G release date are the main topic that are discussing now a days with very viral interaction. People are waiting to know what is release date for iPhone 4G or Verizon iPhone. News are coming that it will be release on June 2010 but it is still not very confirm.

Verizons CEO Ivan Seidenberg went public the other day and told Apple that Verizon wants to carry the iPhone on their network. It looks like that could possibly happen as they would open up a new sales revenue outlet for the company named after the big red fruit.

Apple has been in a contract, an exclusive one with AT&T to distribute its flagship product iPhone from its first time release in 2007. But, a switching to CDMA model from GSM will naturally force Apple to think of a change in network provider. Because, AT&T does have only GSM network services in the U.S.A. At the same time, Verizon Wireless, leading cellular network carrier of the nation does have CDMA-technology. That simply means, Apple will terminate its exclusivity terms with Dallas-based AT&T and start a fresh deal with Verizon Wireless, a venture jointly owned by Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group Plac.

However AT&T, disappointed in losing the exclusive right to sell Apples iPhone said that such a move will not turn out to be much good for Apple. Because, it will bring Apple a considerable loss of market share especially in time of tight competition from other smartphone makers, said AT&T sources.

source:: http://www.faltunews.com/07341474.htm

Hope Verizon Iphone will be global phone which supports both HSDPA & EVDO similar to Blackberry Bold 9650.

Edited by kesav

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Verizon iPhone may come this summer as 3G/4G hybrid

An unusual rumor this afternoon has a Verizon-ready iPhone shipping in the summer. Multiple Verizon staffers and other sources claim the CDMA iPhone would not only be ready in the summer but that it could be a launch device for the availability of Verizon's 4G network. While questionable, the Engadget details are billed as "surprisingly specific."

It would most likely be a hybrid phone with both 4G as well as CDMA and 3G if real, as Verizon doesn't plan to cover more than 25 to 30 cities with LTE on launch.

The launch of such a phone would contradict some of the both rumored and official statements surrounding both 4G and a Verizon iPhone. The most credible rumor for a CDMA iPhone so far has put production in the fall, and the first known LTE phone to be shipping would be a Samsung device for Metro PCS in the same season. Leaks of the iPhone so far have only shown what should be a regular GSM version.

Verizon itself has pushed back the full-scale deployment of its 4G to fall this year and has said it doesn't realistically anticipate its first 4G smartphone until early 2011. LTE chipsets so far consume a relatively large amount of space and power, and current implementations only handle data. Voice over LTE hasn't been finalized as a standard.

If at all real, the Verizon iPhone is likely to have a disruptive effect on other phones. HTC's Droid Incredible has had the luxury of a relatively unimpeded lead in Verizon's lineup and would face competition even from a phone without 4G. One with LTE would be severely damaging to Sprint, whose HTC Evo 4G is being marketed as the first 4G phone in the US.

source :: http://www.electronista.com/articles/10/05/07/odd.rumors.point.to.early.verizon.iphone.with.lte/

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Verizon iPhone 4G Release Date, Beyond 2010

One thing is for sure regarding the iPhone, Verizon, and an iPhone 4G release date – none of the above will include Verizon in any announcements this year (2010). Because Apple extended their iPhone exclusive contract with AT&T by 6 months, and considering the fact that the exclusive clause was set to expire this summer, the obvious conclusion here is that any Verizon iPhone announcement – be it an iPhone 4G or otherwise – will not be happening in 2010.

iPhone 4G Announcement

Now, just because Apple extended their exclusive clause with AT&T for six more months does not mean that we won’t be hearing an iPhone 4G release date from Apple. It is starting to become mainstream and highly expected that Apple might announce the iPhone 4G on June 7th in San Francisco at the WWDC2010. Apple (or Steve Jobs) has used this platform before to make big announcements – in fact, it was this very platform upon which came the original iPhone announcement (I believe, tell me if I’m wrong).

So just because Apple is remaining with AT&T for 6 more months, I don’t believe this has anything to do with Apple pushing forward with an iPhone 4G. In fact, with the upcoming release of the HTC EVO 4G – pre order the HTC EVO 4G at the end of May - Apple needs to really start looking at expediting the iPhone 4G to the market place.

I’ve already speculated that Apple may already be falling behind in the 4G market place.

So maybe Apple will announce the iPhone 4G on June 7th at the WWDC, and AT&T will have the exclusive rights to it until sometime in 2011. But then after that 6 month period has ended, I think that Apple needs to end the exclusive clause and start opening their iPhone 4G, 3G, 3GS, and all of the above up to all other carriers in the United States. In fact, I believe it will be necessary in order for Apple to maintain their long term growth charts with the iPhone.

source :: http://socialmediaseo.net/2010/05/09/verizon-iphone-4g-release-date-beyond-2010/

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Verizon Finally Lands the iPhone

The iPhone is finally coming to Verizon Wireless.

The largest U.S. wireless carrier will make the long-awaited announcement at an event Tuesday in New York City, a person familiar with the matter said Friday.

The move will for the first time let U.S. consumers choose the network that carries their iPhone and perhaps give them additional pricing options that could affect their monthly bills.

It will also upend the balance of power in the industry, ending Verizon rival AT&T Inc.'s exclusive hold on the device and leaving smaller players like Sprint Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile USA facing two well-capitalized competitors offering the world's most popular smartphone.

It wasn't immediately clear when Verizon would have the device in stores.

The Verizon phone will be similar to the iPhone 4 but run on the carrier's CDMA technology, people familiar with the matter have said.

Verizon Wireless is a joint venture between Verizon Communications Inc. and Vodafone Group Plc.

Apple is moving to expand its carrier base in the U.S. at a time when it is facing increasing pressure from phones powered by rival Google Inc.'s operating system, called Android.

Google gives its software away, hoping to stake out space on mobile phones where it can sell ads and other services.

Android-based phones passed the iPhone in sales in the second quarter, according to research firm Gartner. The surge appeared to get to Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, who made a rare appearance on a conference call with analysts in October and criticized Android as fragmented, referring to the myriad ways the software appears on the many different phones that use it.

AT&T has had the iconic device to itself since its introduction in June 2007.

Since then, the iPhone has fueled much of the carrier's subscriber growth and has given it a solid lead in smartphone customers.

The arrangement between Apple and AT&T was groundbreaking at a time when carriers tightly controlled the appearance and function of their phones, and put Silicon Valley companies like Apple and Google in the wireless industry's driver's seat.

Apple feels it has had tremendous success through its exclusive relationship with AT&T, but it recognized that it needs to partner with Verizon to grow sales faster in the U.S., a person familiar with the matter said.

"It's a big boost for Apple," said Tim Ghriskey, chief investment officer of New York-based Solaris Asset Managmenet which counts Apple in its portfolio worth $2 billion. "It opens up a huge uninstalled base for them in this country."

Verizon Wireless fought its way back into the smartphone race last year by heavily promoting Google-powered phones made by companies like Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. and HTC Corp.

Top Verizon executives have continued to meet regularly with their counterparts at Apple, however, and have long expressed interest in carrying the iPhone, which could help add to the carrier's base of 93 million subscribers. Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein, has estimated that Verizon could add more than 10 million U.S. iPhone customers.

"It's great news," said Michael Benkoski, 55 years old, who works at a technology leasing company in Chicago. "I've been waiting for it for about two years."

IPhone users have long complained about dropped calls and poor service on AT&T's network, even as the carrier boosted spending to improve coverage. A Consumer Reports survey last month ranked Verizon's network as most reliable among the major carriers and AT&T's as the worst.

Analysts fear AT&T could see one to three million fewer new subscribers because of the Verizon iPhone. AT&T has been preparing for a loss of exclusivity, however.

This summer, it made it easier for customers to upgrade to the new iPhone 4, in the process locking them into new two-year service contracts. The carrier says many are also on family or business plans, making it tricky to switch.

Colby Synesael, an analyst with investment bank Cowen and Co., said that "the loss of the iPhone is more of a headline risk than a financial impact."

Smaller carriers like No. 3 Sprint and No. 4 T-Mobile could be harder hit, however.

"This is the worst case scenario for the other carriers," said Roger Entner of Recon Analytics. "When Verizon comes out with the iPhone, there's only one carrier in the U.S. that will gain customers, and that's Verizon."

While Verizon's network is popularly perceived to be better than AT&T's, it has yet to be tested by the heavy volume of data use that accompanies the iPhone. The carrier has been strengthening and testing its network for months to avoid the public relations nightmare AT&T has suffered from, one person familiar has said. Verizon executives also point to their success handling laptop traffic and the data demands of a growing base of Android phones.

Analysts will be eager to know when other U.S. carriers might also get to carry the iPhone. They aree also waiting to see whether Apple will offer the CDMA iPhone to other CDMA operators around the world in countries such as in India and China.

Verizon sent out invitations for an event to be held in New York City on Tuesday asking that recipients "Join us as we share the latest news," but didn't specify the subject matter. The event will be headlined by Lowell McAdam, president and chief operating officer of Verizon Communications.

The event threatens to overshadow Verizon's keynote address Thursday at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, where the carrier touted its new 4G network and announced a number of Google-powered phones and tablet PCs designed to make use of the network's capabilities.

source :: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704739504576068170230339348.html

Finally and Finally we're going to get CDMA Iphone.

:Sorprendido: :Sorprendido: :Sorprendido: :Sorprendido: :Sorprendido:

My feeling is this Iphone will be EVDO Rev. A & LTE combo.

As reported earlier, Verizon is going VORA patch on their Rev A n/w to support video calls.

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expecting a sky high price for CDMA IPHONE in India....................

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let it come on verizon 1st

than we can think of it coming to india

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Any chance of a iphone in the likes of world edition BB 8830? i.e can be used with both CDMA and GSM network.

Ah I know it is too much to ask for! :)

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Very Very late.. There are better CDMA phones even now than the iPhone...

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Very Very late.. There are better CDMA phones even now than the iPhone...

Bilkul Sahi bola aapne.... there's much better phones today in CDMA than iphone

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It is true that Android powered beasts like Epic can outrun iphone anyday, still, the fact cannot be overlooked that iphone being a iconic device, having significant demand, it will be good for Verizon and the CDMA community at large :)

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waiting for i phone launch in india but a big question whether is it going to be carrier specific????

if yes...then price will be sky high that's for sure.....

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^^^ hello, this is India.. welcome to the age of professional looting.. nothing has changed..

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Verizone expected to launch iPhoen tomorrow. it will be CDMA so our members can get it, if launched...


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