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WiFi issue with Samsing Nexus S

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Hello Guyz , I am newbie , sorry in addvance for mistakes .

My problem is , My Nexus s internet not working , I have wifi modem connected to my main Antenna Modem ,

Laptop , Iphone etc. getting internet because they are able to connect Main modem threw wifi modem .

but nexus s connect to wifi modem , but not main antenna modem .

if i open nexus s opens wifi modem config page ,

but laptop , and iphone open main modem's connect page ....


please guyzzz get me out of this problem , my modem is open no security , infact i have tried to put password on , but nothing worked . i have reset my phone twice , reset modem , Nothing working guyzz ...

waiting for your replies

confused.gif hope u guyz reply soon


see this rough graph so u can understand the problem ...


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1) What is the IP address assigned to "Wifi Modem" and "Main Modem". Both cannot have

2) Is the Wifi modem running DHCP server? If yes how many devices can connect at a time?

3) Can you try this -> Disconnect alll other devices -> Swtich off Wifi model to make sure all devices disconnect-> Switch ON the Nexus S. Basically only Nexus S is trying to connect.

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Is your Main Modem and wireless modem/router are two different devices?

If yes then IP of your main modem should be and IP of your WiFi Router should be

All the device connects to your Wifi router should have IP address 192.168.0.XXX (or set it Auto select IP address).

Your main modem should be connected to your Wifi router which shares internet between the devices connected to wifi router.

There should not be any problem with it.

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