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Tutorial: How To Wipe BlackBerry With Jl_Cmder

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shreesh    406

How to wipe with JL_Cmder

1. Download JL_cmder unzip it and install on your computer.

2. Now, go ahead and sync all of your info or back it up. If you DO NOT, you will loose

ALL, obviously because we are wiping the device.

3. If you do not have the latest version of the Desktop manager download it from HERE.

Also, make sure, that you have the OS you are wanting to install to the device, installed to your computer as well.

4. Make sure the vendor XML file is deleted if you are going to install OS that is not from your carrier. The vendor XML file can be deleted by going at C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\ResearchInMotion\Applo ader

5. Make sure that DM is closed and plug in BB to computer via USB.

6. Go to the JL_Cmder on your computer and double click it to start. Now, this may take a few tries to connect, so keep trying until it does.

7. On the first screen, Press any key to continue.

8. Now, if your device uses a password enter it. If not, press "N".

9. Press 4 to initiate the WIPE.

10. Press Y to continue.

11. Now type Blackberry to continue.

12. Now you will see a white screen with a ‘507’ error Don’t worry this is what we want.You are now ready to install OS

13. Open the DM.

14. Select the Apploder and step your way to finish. After the OS is installed, it will take 15-30 minutes to reboot the device. DO NOT UNPLUG THE DEVICE UNTILL THE APPLOADER SCREEN SAYS “THE LOADING OPERATION WAS SUCCESSFUL!!”

15. Almost done. Now, with the DM still open go to the Main page and select “Backup & Restore” and restore from the backup that was made before wiping.


hat’s it you have now wiped your device with JL_Cmder

Make sure you follow the above instruction, and you shouldn’t have any problem. I hope this helps.





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aalok    441

^ it would be great if you use dark colored font.. :eek:

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shreesh    406


Changed font color

Thanks for the suggestion

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Honest    830

Thanks for the useful tutorial dear Shreesh. +1 :)

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KTD    60

Thanks for the nice article .. could you please tell me where can i get a custom rom for my Blackberry 9930 (verizon) .. not the official verizon release

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