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Issue with SIM based Security device

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I purchased a product from ebay.


But I am facing problems with the device and its charger. So I decided to mention it here in the hope that our gurus can help me.

When I recieved the item it was working properly, I was able to call and listen the conversations around the device. Also It was calling me back on the same number.

But after its battery discharged I was not able to charge it again. I contacted the seller. He told me to change the chrager and USB cable. I arranged the charger from ebay.


In the specs of device charger they have mentioned

•Input: AC110-240V 50/60 Hz AC10mA

•Output: DC 5V+/- 0.5 DC300-500mA

I arranged a new charger and a new datacable. When I started charging withing 5 minutes charger got damaged.

I arranged one more charger from open market and used same USB datacable again charger got damaged.

That USB cable I arranged from one mobile shop. I am in doubt that the USB chrarging cable is faulty.

The device having mini usb port, I have seen such small port only in vodafone mobile. I dont know whether it is MINI or Micro port.

I think there are different cables for charging and data transfer and I am using wrong cable for charging, does anyone have any idea about that?

I arranged vodafone charger but when I charge the device it starts charging and withing 2-3 minutes charger LED bright up and discontinue charging. The specification of this charger is higher than the actual prescribed specs.

The seller is also saying that device will only charge thorugh its charger only.

Pls help if anyone having any clue.



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as per ebay images it looks like the mini-USB port , you can get the mini-USB cable for cheap at local markets, and also there are usb chargers from good brands like luminous (inverter company) in market.

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please post hq pic of the original cable, you got alongwith the product, to understand whether its micro or mini usb..

for the charger, you need to find a local shop and ask him for a custom made charger, as per the ratings mentioned.. also, try using high quality usb cable (blackberry / samsung / nokia / htc, etc) rather than using local cables..

this is a sub 600 Rs. device as listed here. even the description is copied.. :P

Edited by aalok

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Thanks AAlok and Abhishek for ur reply.

I will post pic of the cable soon.

Alok sir very good finding on http://www.dhgate.com

Do you have any experience of this site? How is there service? any idea of that?

As I can see there are a lot of items availbale in very reasonalbe price.

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^ thanks to you too dear amit, for "ungli pakdana" :P.

mostly, all these kind of devices are chinese (unless endorsed by some good renowned brand), i just explored a bit, thanks to google babaji maharaj, i came across this site.. am going to order some low value stuff, will update here on the forum.. :)

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Here is the picture of cable.

I have copied from internet. As Currently I am in office. Will send original later.


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