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  1. OnePlus invites

    Hi, I am also looking for invite, if anyone have pls pm me. Thx
  2. Thanks Rajan ji, Booked HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 at Rs. 4,185 Code worked with HDFC credit card. I think the code was from ICICI offer but worked with HDFC payment. I was looking for printer since long time back. Offer for freebees is showing till Jan14. But you mentioned till March14? Is the offer valid till March14 end?
  3. Ordered one Nokia 114 from gadgetsguru.com Yesterday @1836 (discount 20% on MRP on website aniversary) http://www.gadgetsguru.com/nokia-114-lowest-price-spec-cheap-sale-india-16508.aspx
  4. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Thx Rajan Sir for info. I have Omeron BP monitor machine its digital machine. After long use I can conclude that for BP only mercury devices are accurate. and the best is Diamond brand. Its my view after consulting with some Drs.
  5. Anybody having idea about Induction cooktop? I found this http://www.pepperfry.com/bajaj-popular-induction-cook-top-257845.html @ Rs.2,155 As the site is giving discount on new user register. If I will apply 700 Rs Discount which they are giving on above 2000 pruchase, it will cost @ 1455 Rs. As per the specifications the power consumption of this cooktop is 1400 Watts. Is it worth to take this model? Anybody having any idea about this model. Or I should go with 2000 watt model? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thx Rajan Sir. I was looking for BP monitor machine of Diamond Brand. But first I am trying with whole sale dealer. After comparision I will decide.
  7. Rajan Sir is Pepperfry reliable? Cause they are giving discounts on registering new user. 1500 Rs discount on different purchases.
  8. Please suggest a Tablet to buy

    Hi, I am also planning to buy one to gift my father, budget is around 8k HCL ME Tablet U1 Micromax Funbook Want to use for video calling and net surfing. Pls suggest better one. Also if there is any other option. Thanks
  9. Here is the picture of cable. I have copied from internet. As Currently I am in office. Will send original later.
  10. Thanks AAlok and Abhishek for ur reply. I will post pic of the cable soon. Alok sir very good finding on http://www.dhgate.com Do you have any experience of this site? How is there service? any idea of that? As I can see there are a lot of items availbale in very reasonalbe price.
  11. Hi, I purchased a product from ebay. http://www.ebay.in/itm/device-24hr-safety-home-office-car-and-security-loved-ones-/230801001875?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item35bccfcd93 But I am facing problems with the device and its charger. So I decided to mention it here in the hope that our gurus can help me. When I recieved the item it was working properly, I was able to call and listen the conversations around the device. Also It was calling me back on the same number. But after its battery discharged I was not able to charge it again. I contacted the seller. He told me to change the chrager and USB cable. I arranged the charger from ebay. http://www.ebay.in/itm/MP3-MP4-AC-Travel-Charger-/400245728514?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item5d30812502 In the specs of device charger they have mentioned •Input: AC110-240V 50/60 Hz AC10mA •Output: DC 5V+/- 0.5 DC300-500mA I arranged a new charger and a new datacable. When I started charging withing 5 minutes charger got damaged. I arranged one more charger from open market and used same USB datacable again charger got damaged. That USB cable I arranged from one mobile shop. I am in doubt that the USB chrarging cable is faulty. The device having mini usb port, I have seen such small port only in vodafone mobile. I dont know whether it is MINI or Micro port. I think there are different cables for charging and data transfer and I am using wrong cable for charging, does anyone have any idea about that? I arranged vodafone charger but when I charge the device it starts charging and withing 2-3 minutes charger LED bright up and discontinue charging. The specification of this charger is higher than the actual prescribed specs. The seller is also saying that device will only charge thorugh its charger only. Pls help if anyone having any clue. Regards, Amit
  12. Rs 800 Recharge Is For Unlimited Or Not?

    ^^^ Thx both of you for reply. That means its not unlimited at all. But I Called up again CC and talked to another guy he is saying that there is no limitation of data on Unlimited @1x. Very doubtfull situation. But practically I am not able to use it unlimited. So may be Mr madhur gupta you are right. BTW from where u got this info? 3072 FOR 1X
  13. Hi, I am facing a problem since two months. Last month I have recharged my reliance prepaid netconnect+ card with amount 1000 which stands for 10 GB with HSD and afterwards 144 kbps unlimited and with validity of 30 days. But it stopped working 4-5 days before it's validity. I just ignored due to lacking of time and recharged my account this month 4thApril with amount 800 (5 GB HSD, Afterwards Unlimited @144/30days validity). But it stopped working on 23April again. When I connect it connects and opens homepage and within 2 seconds it got disconnected. I called CC the guy checked all details and told me that validity is remaining untill 4may. But there is no balance in my account. I have told him that I have recharged with Rs 800 that stands for unlimited surfing @144 kbps. But he told me that there is a limitation in unlimited also. He was unaware of how much data I can use after 5Gb. So anybody having any idea about that. is there any boundation in unlimited quota also(FUP)? GuruS pls help me what should I do? Regards, Amit Kumar
  14. Telescope

    ^^^ Thx all. But I found these three models but dont have any idea about quality of the products. Thats why I aksed here if someone have used any telescope then he can give me good advice. KONUSPACE-5 - 3300 INR KONUSPACE-6 - 5070 INR KONUSPACE-7 - 8400 INR http://www.tejraj.com/general.html