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Apple iPhone 5 will put Samsung Galaxy S III to Shame: Foxconn CEO

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So if Apple cant bring new phones including "s" in a year, other hardware developers should also slow down. lol.....

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Log apne dukh se jyada to dusre ke Sukh se dukhi hai!

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Here is a video of what S3 and Android is capable of.



Forget about iPhone 5, Apple cant get near to it even in iPhone 7/8. :w00t:

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apni apni pasand hai.

kisi ko chubby pasand aati hai.

kisi ko slim.

kisi ko black.

kisi ko white.

some say apple is best. some say android is best. some loves htc and some loves samsung. jisko jo pasand hai uske saath khush rahe. no need to argue. I personally like both.

Also, ego clashes here. koi jukna nai chahata sab yehi sochte hai meri device sabse bhaari aur acchi hai. my small brother alway argue with frnds. he is fan of nvidia graphics card he is a gamer. ussey harana mushkil hai chahe uske samne nvidia se 100 times powerful graphic card laake rakhaa jaye.

be pratical guys, for techie and kida person android is best no doubt, just to use basic function no advance customization then iphone is best. for girls it suit best.

btw, Apple is earning, and all android platform phone companies are earning.

"Apple is american company and people of america always prefer there country made devices. That is main reason apple became a brand infront of world eyes. all developing companies follow america.

Samsung, lg, htc has recently urged american to buy asian products.They have such an great build quality.

initially we all know they only prefer motorola and apple phones.

Think of it.

chinese prefer thr own brand. american prefer thr own product. But wat abt indians?

conclusion, they all are earning.

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