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  1. jio needs to work on its network to down these sudden outages they are talking big but now with commercial launch, they cant keep repeating the tower being made operational excuses. I have 3 jio numbers in my family and will be forced to junk all but one if this persists.
  2. That starting with dapo and ending with aircel is my story i still use reliance 4G as my prime number which eventually will become aircel.
  3. started with DAPO and now with this news, instead of reliance 4G, i will see Aircel as my cell operator. Dont know whether to be happy or sad. though i feel sad for Rcom RIP
  4. It was curtains for one of India’s iconic brands RCom after the cellular operator announced on Wednesday that the market regulator had approved its merger with Aircel. This will be the end of RCom as a consumer brand as the new entity may operate under the Aircel brand. This in effect means that there will be only one Reliance brand in the market offering mobile services — Reliance Jio. Rjio is promoted by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, while younger brother Anil Ambani owns RCom. Before the company founded by Dhirubhai Ambani was split among the brothers, Reliance Infocomm (later renamed as RCom) had shaken up the telecom sector in the country by reducing call costs drastically in the earlier part of this century. Though entering the mobile service space is considered to be the brainchild of Mukesh Ambani, it was Anil Ambani who walked away with the telecom company after the split. Non-compete clause Mukesh Ambani had to wait close to a decade to re-enter the telecom sector as a non-compete clause with Anil kept him away. On Wednesday, RCom said the proposed merger with Aircel also received BSE and NSE approvals. The new entity is slated to create the country’s third-largest telecom operator. RCom announced its plans to merge its wireless business with Aircel and create a new entity. First, RCom will demerge its existing cellular business that has about 88 million subscribers, and then merge it with Aircel. However, other businesses such as tower assets and fixed-line enterprise units will continue to remain with RCom. RCom and Aircel’s Malaysia-based promoters Maxis Communications Berhad will hold 50 per cent each in the venture, with equal representation on the board. RCom had earlier merged with Sistema JSFC’s Indian operations — MTS — under which the Russian company holds a 10 per cent stake in RCom. The merged entity will, however, carry a debt of nearly ₹28,000 crore — RCom and Aircel will each contribute half that amount into the debt pool. RCom shares rose 1.52 per cent to ₹36.80, on the BSE on Wednesday. source
  5. get the new oneplus 3T, iphone is highly over rated.
  6. Ordered OnePlus 3T 128gb at amazon today waiting to lay hands on this beauty
  7. anyone got a ebay discount coupon which gives discount more than 3k ? thanks in advance
  8. i am facing a strange issue with this handset incoming calls work fine but for outgoing calls. the other side cant hear my voice. any fix for this. my daughter is using this handset. any help will be appreciated.
  9. They won't close the account unless outstanding is nill. U better go to their reliance world and get it terminated from there. Else they will continue sending I bills irrespective if u use the phone /data card or not Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  10. they wont close ur connection unless ur outstanding is nil
  11. Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  12. required/wanted

    why keep reviving a 4 yr old handset when u can get a NEW 3gb ram handset + dual sim (4G + 4G volte) for 7k
  13. U r not the first one in the line [emoji7] Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  14. when r they starting porting for general people. In todays news papers there was an article whereby reliance ind has asked its corporate connection employees to port to Jio.
  15. 1586 / 1524 support all bands