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  1. get the new oneplus 3T, iphone is highly over rated.
  2. Ordered OnePlus 3T 128gb at amazon today waiting to lay hands on this beauty
  3. anyone got a ebay discount coupon which gives discount more than 3k ? thanks in advance
  4. i am facing a strange issue with this handset incoming calls work fine but for outgoing calls. the other side cant hear my voice. any fix for this. my daughter is using this handset. any help will be appreciated.
  5. They won't close the account unless outstanding is nill. U better go to their reliance world and get it terminated from there. Else they will continue sending I bills irrespective if u use the phone /data card or not Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  6. they wont close ur connection unless ur outstanding is nil
  7. Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  8. required/wanted

    why keep reviving a 4 yr old handset when u can get a NEW 3gb ram handset + dual sim (4G + 4G volte) for 7k
  9. U r not the first one in the line [emoji7] Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  10. when r they starting porting for general people. In todays news papers there was an article whereby reliance ind has asked its corporate connection employees to port to Jio.
  11. 1586 / 1524 support all bands
  13. got a call from reliance. They say that my old fwp 8 digit can be activated again in GSM. Also they will give me a free FWP to use the same. I asked him to send me a email where this is notified by TRAI/Rcom. he took my email id and said he will send me the mail today.
  14. they gave me a gsm fwp free of cost.