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Please suggest between Motorola Droid 4 Or Photon Q

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I want an Android with Physical Slider keyboard. Have narrowed down to Droid 4 and (soon going to launch, on 19th Aug) Photon Q.

Which one would be better?

Droid 4 has higher battery life among the two (of the data in hand at present), but ICS hasn't come yet, Jelly Bean would be light years away.

Photon Q will launch with ICS, so have a chance for Jelly Bean. But battery life doesn't look promising (reviews after the launch will give exact idea).

Please advice on the technical side.


Photon Q


Droid 4


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ICS for Droid4 is coming in a week... Heard soak test has started (Link here)and since its mostly a Razr with KB and DroidRazr is having ICS for more than a month, ICS for Droid4 may not be an issue, imho... Further both are coming with same 1785mAh battery

But I would recommend to go for Photon Q, since its said to be coming with unlockable bootloader...


Advantages of Droid4 over PhotonQ

1) Usable as GSM phone easily (PhotonQ comes LTE-SIM locked and Moto+SprintWorldPhone = NO USSD Eg: Photon, Xprt)

2) Better Build quality and beautiful (imho)

3) Comes with Capacitive buttons (Full qHD screen for you, but some prefer onScreen nav keys of Q)

Advantages of PhotonQ over Droid4

1) Comes with unlockable bootloader (Moto said) -- Single BEST reason to go for it

2) Comes with bigger 4.3" screen (vs 4" of Droid4) with colourBoost technology

3) Better Processor (as in S3 of USA)

4) May get official JB faster, unofficial the next day the bootloader was unlocked (Even OG Photon has one, though NOT as stable as official GB, afaik)

But both are good if you want Android + QWERTY KB.. Both comes with 5-row KB incl numbers + arrow keys + Excellent Backlighting...

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Hi Kanaga!

Thank you for your views.

Though after reading your reply, have few more doubts.

1. What do you mean by no USSD? Why won't USSD function if I use the cell in India on GSM?

2. Around all the forums on Photon Q, everywhere it's written that it'll have "locked SIM". What exactly is a locked SIM? As in, LTE and GSM SIM have same slot or are they have 2 different slots?

3. You said Droid 4 is usable as GSM easily. Why isn't Photon Q when it is launching with global capabilities?

4. What are capacitive buttons?

5. Everywhere people complained of Droid 4's display. Photon Q's colour boost is better than that?

6. Since keyboard and all are same, plus Photon Q has advantage of JB along with higher processor and bigger screen, only thing comes to the battery. I was only bending for Droid 4 since on Moto's site it has longer battery time.

7. Can you explain why an unlockable bootloader has an upper hand?

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Hey Kaanan,

Now that Photon Q is out, what do you suggest about the handset? Worth going for it? Also, do answer my previous questions, if possible.


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Now am sure, going with Droid 4.

No solution for Photon Q to work on my GSM SIM here in India!!

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