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Active Dual SIM Handset List

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Currently I am considering to buy a GSM + GSM handset.

I am considering Micromax A116, Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi525, Lava Iris 504Q, Xolo Q1000.

All these handsets are : >= 1.2 GHz, 1GB RAM, 5", 720x1280 , Rs.12k to 14k

However, while deciding between them, I stumbled upon a point when the Dual SIM definition is varying for these phones.

Some of these phones are "Dual Active" (A116 ?), and others are "Dual Standby". Dual active meaning, while you are talking on one SIM, you can still receive a call on the second SIM. This is in contrast to Dual standby, meaning, while you are talking on one SIM, the other SIM becomes "Unreachable".

The official or review websites do not clearly mention this distinction, they simply mention "Dual SIM" and that is not sufficient. So, I thought to start this thread where, our members can discuss about handsets which come under these categories.

A review on net says that A116 is Dual Active, but when I checked it was not. However, when a data connection was active on one SIM, the second SIM was able to receive a call.

Can you guys help here to distinguish between these phones and also other phones ?

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I am also searching for a vfm dual active handset and in my research I found HTC Desire 600 to be the only dual active handset and that's out of my budget..

Maybe someone can point to a good handset...

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@Mobile Fan

The handsets you had mentioned would work like as Samsung Dual Active handsets....in which if you are on call on SIM-1 than if you get a call on SIM-2 it will be DIVERTED to your SIM-1 and you do not miss that call. But, remember, this call diversion costs you money. As the SIM-1 diverts the call to SIM-2, so you will be charged outgoing call as per your tariffs on SIM-1.

For Samsung devices, this features is known as SMART DUAL SIM. :)

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