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Droid Maxx: GSM radio is locked

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please help me i get droid ultra it was working fine on 4.4 i gave this phone to my brother he updated to 4.4.4 and now it doesn't works on any sim either gsm or cdma sim toolkit is showing it gives error this sim card is from unknown source please help me no network is showing

Do not spam by posting the same thing in rapid succession at multiple topics here & here without even bothering to check the actual relevant topic here >> Motorola Droid 4.4.4 update locks cdma ruim support, Do Not update.

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sorry noted admin i panicked phone stops working on any sim i posted same post in different post also

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problem has been solved after updating no signal was showing i reset the phone and insert the verizon sim signal of roaming shows then i remove and insert my tata sim and it starts working again

Only one user 'ankit' had difficulty in getting GSM signal after upgrading to 4.4.4 on the 2013 Droid series phones. I think he restarted a couple of times and the issue did not come back.

Other than that, so far there have been no reports of service/ signal issues due to this update.

Mods: I would request you to change the title of this thread to "Motorola 2013 Droid Series Discussions"

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