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read other post in the forum before posting yaar. already posted before.

reliance WAS testing some Treo 650s, buts its been more than a year. those phones were packed off (probably poor implementation of JAVA for Roworld) but now they are testing Blackberrys. I have seen Reliance honchos sport Blackberries. Also have read it on some forums.

but if reliance continue their attitude of trying to get handsets that aqre in-expensive for them to buy, they will continue getting rotten old useless handsets.

when is the LG Chocolate coming? RAZR? PPC based stuff? Linux Based Motos? Palms? BBs?

no wonder reliance has the lowest ARPU, since its phones are mostly bought by people who WANT TO BE REACHED, mostly for incoming. Since CDMA players, including Tata Indicom, are mostly aunching low end handsets, those kind of consumers are their staple.

the PPC phone that they have finally announced on the site is a pain to buy in real life. I have a friend wwho is trying pillar and post to but the phone, but its available to corporates only, it seems. My advise: If you want a great handset, move to GSM. Get Airtel with their cheapest data palns of Rs 7 per day unlimited access, in Mumbai, and browse on EDGE speeds, with a full democracy of handset choice.

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