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  1. Lets Ask Arun

    Have nothing to ask as such, but just a small suggestion. Please do permanent redirect for rimweb.in/forum to rimweb.in/forums since many communities use forum as end point.
  2. I've seen some fiber cable layout being done in Malad area. Seems they will have good coverage of Mumbai before they do official launch.
  3. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    I am getting 403 Forbidden error while opening the website. Strange! Anyways, the website domain name is registered on 12th September 2012 and registrant details are also kept private. I find it fishy and hence would advice to keep away from this website.
  4. I Have Ported My Number To....

    Lost 2 numbers meaning they are permanently unusable? If so, what steps did you follow to get them activated again?
  5. Samsung Galaxy Camera available at 25900/- after 4000/- discount on http://shopping.indiatimes.com with coupon code MALAMAAL valid upto 30th November. You could try same coupon to more products. I wanted to try on High range mobiles but most android phones are out of stock EDIT: Please note, Cash On Delivery option is NOT available when used above coupon. Thank you @mgdelhi, wouldn't have checked it if you hadn't mentioned your bad experience.
  6. Buying a new Bike? Discuss here!

    Would suggest either Pulsar 200NS or KTM Duke 200, however will recommend Pulsar 200NS reasoning cost saving, comfort & little better economy. Both have similar engine. KTM is proven refined with performance and aesthetics. Pulsar 200NS is made by learning technology from KTM & beyond and is for sure better product in terms of comfort and daily riding. If you've time before taking final call, might you wanna check following links to gain more knowledge about both bikes. http://www.xbhp.com/talkies/motorcycle-ownership-experiences/22741-pulsar-200-ns.html http://www.xbhp.com/talkies/motorcycle-ownership-experiences/21737-ktm-200-duke.html http://www.google.co.in/search?q=pulsar+200ns+vs+ktm+duke+200
  7. HTC Incredible battery overheats and restarts

    I also hope that should only be the case. If its the case I faced, then I am sorry friend, your DInc has less time left. Experts in the forum may have answer to problem of motherboard. Please try searching on verizon site for user's grievances related to heating and reboot loop issue. It begins with heat causing problem and cold tending to solve it, but with time, even cooling fails to solve it and gradually DInc goes into coma. I'm so sad about losing mine
  8. HTC Incredible battery overheats and restarts

    This is the beginning of the problem I have been facing with my DInc. It's a motherboard problem and so far haven't found solution to it. Gradually the reset frequency will increase and the time will come when DInc will keep on rebooting endless.
  9. Creating a Single Page Paid Website - Please Guide

    There are several aspects to domain & website. For 12.99$ you are getting a domain name for 1 year. Then you will have to buy a hosting account to put website related files there and point your domain to that hosting account. This can be done with godaddy as well and with others too. For your requirement, I would advice you to use wordpress for creating website, as its very famous cms and has many many many free themes available to help you make your website look a professional built. Moreover there are many plugins available to cater to various needs of a website. For cost saving, there are hosts who provide domain name free with hosting account. In a way its as same as buying domain + hosting, but saves some amount and helps us have both things maintained at one provider.
  10. By using the new Rs 126 plan, one can enjoy 2GB data at 252/- per month. Seems good if they have good network and 3g speed.
  11. They are using dot (.) as thousand separator and comma (,) as decimal separator. Now read the actual price and feel the vibrations Parin has left on his post which has already reached several members.
  12. Which Air Conditioner To Buy?

    I have recently purchased 2 Hitachi 5 Star Split AC and one of my friend is using Hitachi AC since more than 2 years now. We are so very happy with performance and bill is also not much. Check EER Rating, the higher the better. Hitachi AC are best in segment and has best EER ratio's too. The power saving not only depends on star rating but also on how the AC is used. If one keeps it running at 18 degree for 12 hours regardless of so much cooling need, bills will go higher for 5 star rated AC too.
  13. ^^ ebay Dell India Store has 3000 off offer running. Check out http://stores.ebay.in/dell-india-estore
  14. Transcend 32GB Class 10 MicroSD card at just Rs 1,499/- at eBay. http://www.ebay.in/itm/380428739569
  15. Recording TV Programmes

    I figured from the review link that you wanted to say 1TB instead of 1GB. Thanks a lot for sharing this info. Its really good thing to have with the features it has.