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  1. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    dear brother, kindly go through the reviews of z5500. I have a 7.2 Yamaha+Paradigm setup aswell, so, I can bet z5500 is best thing to buy at the price
  2. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    see if you can find Logitech Z-5500 if not go for this: http://www.amazon.in/Logitech-Surround-Sound-Speaker-System/dp/B004M18O60/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1460699546&sr=8-1&keywords=z5500 Z-5500 worth every penny, I guarantee that
  3. OnePlus invites

    Dear Rafic. Thanks a lot, sent you PM
  4. www.ebay.in/itm/NEW-HTC-One-Mini2-Camera-13MP-16GB-Mobile-Phone-GOLD-Colour-/171679304821?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item27f8e24c75 Its a good deal
  5. OnePlus invites

    Requested for one Invite.
  6. Martin Garixx- Animals Damn Girl ring_animals.mp3 ring_damn_girl.mp3
  7. Titanium Ft. Sia Chasing Cars ring_titanium.mp3 ring chasing cars.mp3
  8. OnePlus invites

    Please send one invite thanks in advance.
  9. Just to use calling facility,I dont think you require to get the meid registered or anything. Just wipe the phone completely and pop in the cdma SIM. You need to wipe the phone for it to latch to cdma network.
  10. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    hardware issue.... get it replaced.
  11. Suggestion Needed: Sprint iPhone 5c unlock

    all you can do is use it for incoming ONLY for now, thats it which you can make it work without R SIM too. if you need a workaround for that, I can write it down.
  12. It was a great experience being Invited to the Mobile Number Portability Conference held in Rohtak, Haryana! It was held in presence of Kapil Sibal ji (Telecom Minister), Sachin Pilot ji (Minister of State for Communications & Information Technology), Ch. Bhupender Singh Hooda (Chief Minister, Haryana), Deepender Singh Hooda ji (Member Of Parliament, Haryana), Shaadi Lal Batra ji (Member Of Parliament, Rajya Sabha), Chairman TRAI, Chairman DoT and others. There was a brief description regarding the MNP by Chairman TRAI and Chairman DoT as well as few words by Sibal ji and Sachin Pilot ji. 1. 25-11-2010, MNP has Begun in Haryana with all the network providers. 2. 20-01-2011, MNP will be implemented Pan India- Kapil Sibal ji. 3. 2 Companies are appointed for implementing MNP, dividing them in Zone1 and Zone2 (Syniverse and Telcordia's MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions) 4. It will be 7 days process. 5. MDN will unusable just for 2 hours. 6. All dues should be clear at the time of MNP. 7. A Maximum of Rs. 19/= can be charged by the network provider. 8. Inter-State MNP will be given a thought ( Personal Interaction with Sibal ji ) 9. CDMA to GSM and GSM to CDMA is possible ( Personal Interaction with Sibal ji ) It took USA 4 years to implement MNP completely after 2 extensions asked by the network providers on which, at last, Verizon asked not to implement it at all as it was a very difficult project. It took just 1.5 years for TRAI/DoT to implement it in India.
  13. BBM Released For Android and iOS

    ready to pay for services if I can get my name as bbpin
  14. HTC One - The New Android Flagship

    HTC is very diff to root and install a custom ROM. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2 what makes you say that dear brother? I have had almost all hot selling models and have rooted them the first day of purchase incl. DNA
  15. HTC One - The New Android Flagship

    thats not a matter of worry... thanks to custom roms...
  16. HTC One - The New Android Flagship

    ^ GET ME ONE THEN....
  17. HTC One on Sprint - World phone

    ^ consider sold if you are getting one for sale (silver)
  18. HTC One on Sprint - World phone

    Do you think devs will stay at ease without making it work? really?
  19. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    bragging rights... haa haa haa haa
  20. Samsung Galaxy S3

    ##DATA# means ##3282# consider T9 mode dialing
  21. Without grounding/earthing this issue occurs. No chargers, cables or phones/tabs are to be blamed for that..
  22. Budget 2013-14: 6% Duty on Mobile Phones

    Hope they are not gonna impose taxes on imported air that travels from other States to India...
  23. Best Earphone for Android handsets

    have tried a lot of in-ear earphones but for me nothing beats apple earpods... they dont hurt your ear even after long use and the clarity is stunning with the best "clear bass"..
  24. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    ^ Nice buy skoda's built quality and solid feel along with road grip is top notch... Interior is much better than Vento with wooden finishing