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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am using Moto G & Moto X on reliance CDMA network. I noticed that my both mobiles are out of range at my home or even in market. before using Moto G, I am having Samsung M369 qtry keypad type mobile, it have no issue. I installed other RIM number in Samsung M369, it always on range 3-4 bars in network. I am unable to understand, why same location, these smart phones are out of range and normal keytype of phone working fine. If you have any idea, pl share.
  2. Is it possible to get a Verizon Blackberry Z10 to work on Reliance CDMA once its MEID is registered ? Or does it need extensive programming etc ? If possible, then will there be any issue of PIN (say in BBM or appworld) ? though BES/BIS is no longer essential now. Reason I am asking is that I have bought a Z10 (GSM) but my office number seems to be having issues in getting ported to Reliance GSM. Lot of verizon Z10 are available (even with unlocked GSM) and I am thinking if my porting doesn't happen then can i buy a verzon z10 and use on RCDMA ?
  3. Hello Rimwebians !!! Good morning to All !!! Just out of curiousity , did any of our esteemed gurus have tried flashing the Sprint Iphone 5 with Reliance or TATA CDMA services ? if yes, did they got everything working like call,msg and data(evdo) ? I know you can get GSM part of the phone unlocked for international use for some 75-100$ and if got lucky from sprint for free, but really would be interested if this cane be done !!! Cheers
  4. Hello gurus !!! First of all , HAPPY NEW YR TO ALL RIMWEBians !!!! I've been thinking of getting the latest superphone Sprint branded LG optimus G from US. I wanted to know if anyone of our estimated gurus have already got their hands on it and flashed it with RCDMA service ? If yes, is it a simple straightforward process or are there any complications ? As it has a qualcomm chipset, I'm pretty positive that flashing radio shouldn't be an issues, but just wanted to confirm before buying ! Cheers Dev
  5. I was thinking on buying sprint galaxy nexus LTE (ofc for jellybean goodness) but I don't see much info on whether RCDMA or tata CDMA can be flashed over it (or anyone tried it) Please can someone let me know if it can be used with rcdma and what method is used to flash it? Thanks in advance !!!