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  1. If QWERTY is a must the I will say plump for a Blackberry. They are the best in keyboards, and are also very reliable. Try for a trackpad rather than a trackball.
  2. We have a BSNL Postpaid connection (GSM naturally). The connection goes off after a copule of minutes. The handset is a mid end Samsung (as in my profile) running Froyo (there is no GB for this handset). Signal levels are kosher. Is it BSNL playing up or the handset?
  3. Good news. So they too have succumbed like htc. Hope they do not force you to flash everything as zip files cannot be run. Only it seems that CM is having problems handling DInc2's which were unlocked (and rooted0 usinf Revolutionary / AlphaRevX. For ICS you need to unroot, and then unlock using the htc route. Simple till you realise you have to go back to Froyo, install the ROM, unlock and then proceed through GB and then into CM9! A real pain.
  4. 3G Wireless Routers

    Thanks. Looks very attractive. I will wait for the 3040. It looks like a 3020 upgrade in terms of shape etc. The guts should be the same.
  5. 3G Wireless Routers

    @MGDELHI; It looks like a good product from the No.2 manufacturer of Nerworking products. The unit replaces the Dongle and want you to put in a SIM card! However, it is not what I want. I want something to take the USB Dongle (GSM or CDMA) and then make it usable by mutliple systems at the same time.
  6. 3G Wireless Routers

    Folks - can you suggest some units with a battery and if possible the prices. I am worried about the switching from Mains to UPS and vice versa, and also I may be in a place without proper Inverer UPS's being available.
  7. 3G Wireless Routers

    Thanks. It was bit of an unknown proposition to me.
  8. I think corporate Amrica is more interested in corporate wars than in real creativity. There will be a like number of counter suits and we will be back to business as usual.
  9. CDMA Handset Choices in India

    @ranjit_Konkar; I am afraid that except for some Blackberry units any decent CDMA phone only comes on the grey market. What Reliance (and Tata) are selling is not just obscolescent but even obsolete. However, I and my son have both bought a couple of units each from this forum. Excellent phones, with excellent service (handholding is free). They take care of MEID registration, and also often do the activation of both phone and EVDO once you receive the phone. Either they will do it form you or guide you at each atage Remember almost none of the high end phoned are OMHs so activation is required. The only issue (if one can call it that) is that on market/play you are charged in USD. I just read that even this can be fixed with an app named Market Unlocker.
  10. Microsoft Buying Nokia?

    Nokia debt is downgraded to junk grade. The writing is on the wall for all to see.
  11. Not Able To Use Indian Currency In Google Play

    I have the same problem with my Dinc2. Seems that there is some contry file in there which is not normally changed when they 'crack' the phones. I will try the route you have used. My Wildfire S talks rupees. But then it is an India specific model.
  12. Which Air Conditioner To Buy?

    In an invertor AC you can (and should) use AC motors since they can be made to work at a different speed by the intertor part. With a dc motor you cannot get rid of the brushes, which will wear out at some point. Also, these commumators can be electrically noisy, dinosaurs like me may recall that with dc power radio's had it with the electrical noise from fans.
  13. Car Starting Problem

    @catch148; Could be the battery running low or coming to the end of its life, There is no coil per se, there are two inline powering two cylinders each. I had a similar problem in my AT (no chance to push start either). It was fine in the morning. Stop and it will not restart for a few minutes. Then behave normally.
  14. Which Air Conditioner To Buy?

    You are somewhat ill informed. An Inverter AC will have two parts: 1. Rectifier to get you to dc. 2. Inverter using SCR/IGBT/VMOS or whatever, for all I care. This will produce AC of a variable frequency depending on the cooling needs as reeived from the electronics. This power will then drive the compressor. The advantage of an Inverter unit is that as against shutting down and restarting the compressor periodically you reduce its speed to match the exact requirements. One side point, with 1 above a stabilizer is not required.
  15. Which Air Conditioner To Buy?

    I take it for granted we are discussing Split ACs here. My own tuppence worth. 1, Check whether the condenser coils are copper or aluminium. The latter may corrode faster in a coastal area. 2. Check if you can get R410a in place of R22. R22 is banned after 2022 as per the Montreal Protocol. See how quickly R12 vanished. As far as I know Daikin and General (not O general as it is often referred to) have R410a units. My experience is that unlike window units splits often need some topping up after 5-6 years. 3. Daikin is the best there is closely followed by General and Panasonic. Hitachi are more reputed in Window units. So in cockney, "You pays your money and takes your choice". I have an 11 year old Videocon 2TR unit whch will be replaced by a Daikin or General before next summer. 4. One advantage of Inverter units is that you choose as per the standard rating, but get advantage of the peak rating for rapid cooling. Also, Inverter units do not require stabilizers. 5. The star ratings were updated this year (scan of advt attached). In the market some people are still selling using the old ratings.
  16. No big deal. If you have root, then just install the fonts in the fonts directory. If you want to sms as well, get the Panini keyboard from the market. Only some sandhi's and halants show up funny, but readable/
  17. HTC Incredible 2 - Problems

    @kapil and n_iceman; tough luck. I will also say the posts are very decent, iceman not revealing the id of the seller and kapil coming with the post that he was the seller. KUDOS to both of you. By the way "bad luck kharab chal raha hai". says the opposite of what (I think) you want to say. With a used phone you never know what the pervious owner was up to. As the cockney will say, 'You pays your money, and take your choice'. I got an Epic 4G from one of the guru's here. Lovely phone, ear speaker packed up after a week. He was nice enough to fix it. Then I found the sensitivity had gone very low. He suggested a Dinc2 which I bought from him. Then he fixed and sold the Epic4G for a very decent price.
  18. @gjp; Thanks. I missed this earlier. Thanks for the link. Now with multiuplooad gone the additions are not available. Have requested on XDA for them also to be put elsewhere. Have you found the radio update link? All the links I found were multiupload only.
  19. Why only rural. Whole of MP (I know Indore & Gwalior for sure) is 1X only.
  20. Good. But will the courts one day also order that the roads be swept. Unfortunately, the ligislature and executive have totally abandoned their responsibilities, leaving the courts to do everything. Also, as a result we are tending to litigate about everything.
  21. Android Updates For Your Phone

    What will be the repurcussions for imported/cracked phones in India. I guess one of the guru's will have to get and patch the RUU. Also, it may take sone time for the rooting tools, Titanium, and recovery to be updated.
  22. Data Plans For Reliance Mobile CDMA Explained

    Does not the new thread 'Reliance CDMA Postpaid - New Unified Data Plans' override this. If so then the banner link needs to be changed.
  23. Google Apps Not Working Since 15Th Feb 12

    Yes, I had a similar problem. What I did was to save the phonebook as a .CSV file on the PC, removed the phonebook on Google, and uploaded from the PC. Must have been corrupted somewhere.
  24. I have both a Reliance CDMA and a Bhai Saheb Nahin Lagega GSM. Both phones are htc (Dinc2 courtesy Hetal, and Wildfire S - earlier Samsung Galaxy I5510). The only place where GSM scores is when you are in obscure places like the smaller Andaman Islands. Else CDMA/Reliance is king. I wish there are more CDMA phones, esp. OMH type. I think the CDMA resistance is more hype.
  25. Beginners Guide To Android

    As my post stated I am still not S-off. I tried a backup on my Dinc2 which is rooted, and was able to backup with no issues. I think you have indirectly answered me, nandroid, etc. are only available after root. The basic is just to flash recovery (God knows from where?).