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Found 8 results

  1. So, while we wait for Reliance to upgrade us all to 4G and GSM networks, many of us will want to change to a VoLTE enabled device like a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 or a Mi5. The good news is that these support CDMA but the bad news is that they have some small problems that are annoying at times. So, let's just do a quick run down of the problems we face when using foreign handsets on CDMA: 1. +91xxxxxxxxxx prefixed numbers don't dial. You need to prefix with zero and change your entire address book and it's a pain in the a**! 2. Call Conference. The merge option doesn't work. Solution: 1. For +91 prefixes: Download an app in the Play Store called Prefixer (HERE). Now create a new rule. Fill up the data in the fields as follows: What this does is that it just modifies the number on the fly and dials it without the _91 prefix. It does not alter your address book. 2. For call conference: This is simple, after you have made the calls to the two parties, just go to the dialer, through the contacts app - press digit 3 and dial it. This should join the call for you. I know these are very first world problems and most people won't even think they are problems to begin with but this helped me, so I thought I'd share. Hope this helps.
  2. I have noticed a peculiar problem with a few Verizon CDMA phone on RCDMA network. The problem is we cannot send international sms from those phones. I have tried with both 00 and + as prefix e.g: 00441234567890 and +441234567890 I am getting an error message like "Message not sent" At the same time I am able to send national messages (i.e. within India) with both 00 and + prefixes as well as without prefixes. The phones on which I have tried this are: 1. Motorola Droid Razr M 2. Motorola Luge 3. Motorola Droid Maxx Can somebody throw some light on what could be the problem and/or any solution for the same.
  3. Hi, I am using a Lenovo A600E and ZTE C600 handset on Reliance CDMA 1x network. The SIM card I am using is a standard Reliance CDMA SIM card, which works on ZTE phone, but partially works on Lenovo phone. The main problem I am facing is that Lenovo handset doesn't read SMS stored on SIM card. I have contacted reliance tech support, lenovo tech suport, and ZTE tech support, but all of them seem to be clueless about this issue. I feel it may be because of Lenovo not fully supporting CDMA 1x sim card. Lenovo probably needs OMH handset to read sms from sim card. I have about about 100 SMS stored on ZTE phone, which I need to transfer on Lenovo handset. I have tried to copy SMS from ZTE phone onto SIM card, but lenovo set can't read them. I also can't route those SMS thru' another number back to my handset, as this way I will loose the SMS headers too (incoming timestamp of network). So, I am looking for a CDMA (or preferably CDMA+GSM dual sim handset, if possible) which is capable of reading SMS from Sim card, and then copy them onto external memory card, or using a PC software, onto PC for backup. Budget is not a problem, I am only searching a right handset which can solve this problem. Please feel free to suggest any handset, if you are aware of any such set.
  4. Friends, here is a full fledged Dashboard for the ZTE modems from MTS (both ordinary MBlaze and MBlaze_Premium--FoldingType)... 1) Can send/Receive SMS 2) Make and Receive calls 3) Even has setting for 3Way con-call 4) Call and Data Log 5) Edit APN and DNS settings (like OG MTS dashboard) 6) Phonebook (both PC and RUIM) settings 7) Network mode selection (like OG MTS dashboard) 8) Activate / Deactivate services like call wait, call forward, etc 9) Set / change ringing tone for calls and SMS If you have already installed MTS dashboard, it may be removed before installing this dashboard... This may applicable to any other custom dashboard installed... Credit:- Thanks to Saket ji, who provided me the download link and all I am doing is just sharing it from my DropBox... All your wishes goes to Saket ji... P.S. :- I have thoroughly checked the features, especially I have checked voice calls of my Tata CDMA number TEN times before posting here... Download from HERE
  5. Hi, I bought the first ever Android phone of Coolpad, D530. Since the time I bought this phone, I have been facing some or other problem with this phone. For the first 2 days, the phone worked fine, but since then I have not been able to send or receive SMS's. On visiting Relicen WW, I was asked to change the SIM card to EVDO, did that, but still no luck. Then gave the phone for servicing, the service center claimed that they have upgraded the firmware, but now I can only receive SMS but not send any SMS. Is there any solution to this problem? Please help. Thanks.
  6. No blackout day tomorow for Tata Docomo GSM and CDMA users.. but reliance has declared Black out day tomorow....
  7. Hi, Is there a way to recharge airtel (prepaid) without going to dealer. For example, if I want to take sms pack of 52, can i do it online or through any menu (like tata docomo *141# to deduct from main balance) I find it irritating to go to dealer every month ! wish to do it like docomo does
  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL RIMWEBIANS Dear Gurus I am facing a peculiar problem on my Tataindicom actiavted HTC Incredible, all sms which are arriving does not have phone numbers displayed properly, i.e. if the message is from phone number 9233340015, it would display as D923334DD15, this renders in not able to identify the sender from the phonebook. Got this phone from Tushar Khoobchandani and he said this issue is with Tataindicom. Can I get any solution for the same ??????????? Thanks in advance.