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    I am opening this Topic because, let me tell u mates, this is one phone to LOVE. It may not be a windows mobile phone but the PALM Platform just rocks for persons needing a reliable, lightening fast and never freezing phone. Important Posts - 823, 832 Some Pointers for newbies:- This is the topic which will answer all of your questions - http://www.rimweb.in...w...c=16215&hl= 1. Yes, you should immediately upgrade to 1.07 or even 1.08 (now available-post 899); always better to upgrade, 5 minutes job; process and links given in the above topic...Link - http://www.palm.com/...ate/sprint.html 2. Download latest Nokia PC Suite; then create a new profile in Outlook; then sync your 6265 via PC Suite to that profile in Outlook; then HotSync your Treo to that Outlook profile and voila all your Noikia 6265 contacts are into your Treo... 3. Read Post no. 68, 149, 188, 217 & 273 for setting up your internet connection properly from the above topic... 4. Yes, you can put any name instead of Reliance. Read Post 154 and 155 to change name, but it is recommended for advanced users only as it involves editing the NVBackup file in a hex editor and you may mess up something important... 5. Switch/Upgrade to new international prl immediately.... Post 798 Read the following posts in this topic- Post no. 28 - for some of my favorite softwares Post no. 34 - to download Sprint Connection Manager Post no. 68, 139, 188, 217 & 273 for setting up internet connection Post. no. 98 & 114 to setup Java and Opera Post no. 154 & 155 - change name Post no. 257 - upgrade to 1.07 Post no. 899 - upgrade to 1.08 Post no. 261 - copy contacts Post no. 268 & 269 - setup mail Post no. 287 Post no. 300 - for opening up Treo Hardware Post no. 355 - for setting up your favourite image on Screen Post no. 356 - Bluetooth setup Post no. 832 - ES* repair/change; prl update Post no. 939 - Touchscreen repairs
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    DAY 3 REVIEW OK mates, so here's my day 3 review of this phone in comparison to my HTC 6800 Mogul - 1. Super Quick & Fast phone (unlike My Mogul 6800) Rings on 1st Ring (not 2nd or 3rd as in My Mogul) 2. I have been able to set MP3 as My Alarm Tones (which was not possible/very difficult/big memory hog/had to convert to wav in WM Mogul). No Headaches here, very simple and very fast. MP3 Ringtones were of course no problems, but unlike Mogul - No Memory Hog 3. Screen Quality and Depth is far better than Mogul, at even 50% it is brighter than Mogul at 100% brightness. 4. Switching between applications is just a button press away. 5. Have Installed 4GB Mini SD, works like a charm without any hiccups. All files easily read and written in Windows Explorer 6. Very Fast Email download - I have downloaded through My gmail account - no problems- was setup in seconds 7. EVDO (3G ready) whenever Reliance launches it i.e. 8. Key Pad is just Superb - Better than BlackBerry (which I have used) - 10 times better than Mogul 9. Camera (though 1.3MP) is very good for both Stills and Camcorder is also Just Great 10. Music Player is Superb - Clarity equivalent to Mogul on My Seinheissers (through 2.5mm to 3.5 mm adaptor) 11. It is even charging by MY RELIANCE LG PHONE CHARGER (by the supplied Charger Adapter Cable) Hence the Car Charger of LG (Thin Long Pin one) will work seamlessly with this phone - Great Cost Cutting Gift 12. Video Playback is just Superb - It is playing all my mpg and avi files through 3rd party Core Player. Other formats to test. 13. Bluetooth is simple and superb - Was connected to My Laptop and Motorola Headset in a jiffy. Also transferred files seamlessly. 14. I connected to Rworld without any problems (Just tested it, as I dont use Rworld) 15. Connected to Rconnect as a Modem without any problems and somehow got speeds better than my Mogul 16. Thousands of Softwares available on the net 17. Just Love the way it handles SMS's, Missed Calls, Outlook Calendar etc. 18. Seamlessly synced with My Outlook Contacts in seconds 19. 1600 mAh battery (better than the 1500 mAh on Mogul) and Talktime is much superior to Mogul 20. I just love the overall fit and finish (much better than the plasticky Mogul) and the Full Rubberised Body in blue, and the Chrome knobs and tactile keys - seems like BUILT TO LAST. Downers: 1. No Wi-Fi (But then the cost is 5-6K less than Mogul - U can get one additional phone for that) One solution I have got from Kshah is to install a software Softiqppp and share the Internet Connection of my PC through Bluetooth (if somebody really needs that) 2. Browser is slightly weak. No Opera Mobile version (which I am just loving on my Mogul) for Palm yet - But wait - will come surely. My advise : Get this phone from Sadikk at 11-12K before it runs out. MUCH MUCH BETTER than any Nokias going around. It is just superb VALUE FOR MONEY PACKAGE.