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    After recharge it shows 84 days validity for the 2nd upcoming plan also as experienced by some users, but has anyone confirmed that once the 2nd plan gets activated does the expiry date is after 84 days? Update : Ok ! finally I got the details from the PDF from Jio website wherein the following is mentioned under terms. So only existing customers who recharged with ₹399 before 14th September 2017 will get 84 days on second recharge too. Read below: i. For all new subscribers opting this plan on or after 14thSeptember 2017, tariff benefits will be available for 84 days on first recharge with this plan thereafter customer has to recharge with Rs. 399 every 28 days. ii. All existing subscribers of this plan voucher, who recharged with this PV before 14thSeptember 2017 will continue to get committed tariff benefits of 84 days and on one more recharge with this plan will get tariff benefits for 84 days. Thereafter customer has to recharge with Rs. 399 every 28 days. iii. All existing subscribers, enrolled with Jio under any other plan Voucher and migrating to this PV or after 14th September 2017 will also get 84 days on recharge with this plan. Thereafter customer has to recharge with Rs. 399 every 28 days.
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    The cashback is applicable on recharge of Rs. 399 done between 12th Oct. to 18th Oct. from all available recharge channels viz Jio stores, MyJio, Jio.com, Reliance Digital, Partner Retail stores, JioMoney, Paytm, AmazonPay, PhonePe and Mobikwik. You can redeem the cashback vouchers of Rs. 50 each after 15th Nov. 2017 from MyJio app. These vouchers can be redeemed, one at a time, against recharges of Rs 309 & above plans and against Rs 91 & above data add-ons. When will I get the 100% cashback? You will get 8 vouchers of Rs. 50 as cashback on recharge of Rs. 399 immediately. These vouchers will be credited in your account and visible in MyJio app under My Vouchers. In case you have purchased Rs. 399 as a voucher during the offer period, then the cashback will only be credited once this voucher of Rs.399 is redeemed. How can I gift 100% cashback offer? You can buy Rs. 399 voucher using MyJio by going to My Voucher section. This voucher of Rs. 399 can then be transferred to your dear ones. The cashback vouchers will be credited to the MyJio account of person redeeming the recharge voucher of 399.
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    Idea is king in Maharashtra, but joker in Mumbai.
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    Ghaziabad is part of Delhi circle. Please check if you can get network in Delhi. I got a Delhi SIM presently on roaming at Kolkata. Went to a main RCom Store in Kolkata for adhaar linking snd bio-metric verification today. The store guy without even asking for any further details point black refused saying that RCom is closing down and not doing any bio-metric verification. After what we faced during CDMA to LTE conversion, this brings fear.
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    Jio is just creating more confusion and nothing else. Also the early adopters have been left in a lurch. I still recall they had given a similar Rs 50 discount offer during May when summer surprise we ending and lot of people like me did multiple recharges of Rs 303 . Today all those recharges are a loss as we are getting only 1 month plan under the 303 plan and only 1 GB data for 28 days. While now by just paying Rs 100 more, folks are getting 84 days 1 GB data. So i would not jump and do too many recharges and blindly follow jio offers as they are misleading and may come up with something better post 19th.
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    In today's DNA (mumbia edition) it says that new tariffs to be launched on 18th November, may see increase in price or discontinuation of 399/84 plan. I agree with @KanagaDeepan that such plans are adversely affecting the quality and none of the telcos are not willing to invest in network.
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    Very well agree with you, quality is more important.
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    Wow.. Confusing as usual.. I beg Mr. Ambani to NOT bring Rs399/84 days type plans again. Here network has become very unreliable, especially voice. Not only for Jio, even Airtel / Voda / BSNL and all others' network is like sh!t due to intense competition. Airtel also has brought stupid plans like 30GB + last month unused data for Rs649 and as expected now their network is also horrible. The default plan of Rs309 for 28 days is NOT bad, even Rs449 for 56 days is OK, but not worse than that please, pretty please... I am sure, I will be in minority here, but quality is important than quantity, in my humble opinion.
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    It is not yet clear - Jio has not confirmed for second recharge yet. May be this is why they are giving 100% cashback as it will be then totally free even if for 28 days. It is better to buy ₹399 as Voucher under My Vouchers so that it can be used with any other number in future to avail 84 days validity (& 100% refund too as ₹50 *8 cashback vouchers) in case benefit is not provided for 2nd recharge. No The cashback cannot be gifted in isolation. It is not transferable so it may not be available for redemption while recharging other numbers. But the cashback will automatically get gifted when you gift the Rs 399 voucher to someone as the cashback will only be credited once this voucher of Rs.399 is redeemed and will be credited to the MyJio account of person redeeming the recharge voucher of 399.
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    As per experience of some users, 1st & 2nd 399 recharge gives 84 days validity. Also, if you are Amazon user, Amazon is offering 101 cashback on Jio 399 recharge via Amazon Pay for first time recharge transaction. Same offer is also available through Phonepe. So you effectively pay 299 and get 8 discount vouchers of 50 each. Recharged via Amazon and got 8 vouchers in My Jio immediately. The Recharge is queued in My plans. Vouchers are not transferable. But It is possible to recharge any number from My Jio so should be possible to use with any number as long as recharged from your own My Jio app.
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    New offers will be announced on 19th October 2017. Further there is a new offer (₹50 Cashback) for those who are planning to buy ₹399. The offer is available from 12th to 18th October. Under the new Diwali Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, Jio Prime customers who purchase the Rs. 399 recharge pack between October 12 and October 18 will get eight vouchers of Rs. 50, totalling Rs. 400. The vouchers can be redeemed against future recharges of Rs. 309 or above for plans, and Rs. 91 or above data add-ons. Only one voucher can be redeemed at a time, and customers can redeem the vouchers after November 15 only. So, for example, after you get a Rs. 50 voucher, you can use it to buy a recharge of Rs. 309, and you will only need to pay Rs. 259 via debit card, credit card, netbanking, or other payment means.
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    They have already challenged the earlier reduction of IUC to 14p (from 20p), which is already pending in the court. But they are bound to lose the case. AVoId guys are pure hypocrites. Airtel is giving Unlimited FREE calls on their LL connections where IUC was made zero for as little as Rs49 addon pack. Everyone knows that making a call from LandLine / WireLine to other network will cost more than wireless. So their crying for 30p is minimum expense for making a call on Wireless is A BIG FAT LIE. They have already recovered their 2G network expenses years ago and IUC reduction to ZERO was already a late decision by TRAI (according to Telecom Policy 2012). Actually TRAI has done more good to AVoId than Jio by reducing IUC. IUC reduction just reduces the FREE calls expenses for JIO, who will be still paying 6p per min for every offnet call. But for AVoId, its a good opportunity to match the Jio's Rs149 plan, which is NOT at all possible with 14p IUC charges. Let us all wait and see. I would love to see UL free calls on Rs199 by all players (mostly by BSNL and Airtel) in market after this IUC reduction.
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    Starting a new thread to get and make the information available on different 3G plans. I feel the requirement because now I feel that I would switch from RCDMA to some other GSM provider which provides competitive rates for 3G services. For last 2 years of so, I am using Idea and RCDMA with Motorola XT800. The voice requirement is served with idea and EVDO is from RCDMA. On RCDMA, I am on Zero Rental plan and pay only for data when I use. I dont have any add-on pack for it. At the max I get 20 Rs. of the bill per month. Because I also have 100 MB of data free on Idea. I keep the data always ON on my phone. For calling on viber, Kakao, skype I use EVDO. For other surfing purposes, EDGE is sufficient. But now, purely from the reason of having better and affordable handset, I want to move to GSM+GSM. So even though having the best association with RCDMA, unavailability of good and affordable CDMA+GSM handset, I would make a move. It would be sad to leave RCDMA's association which is now almost 9/10 yrs old. I would like this thread to provide information on different data plans (Only 3G - GSM). I got this info so far - RGSM - Rs. 123 - 1GB Airtel - Rs. 252 - 1GB Aircel - Rs. 198 - 1GB BSNL - Rs. 250 - 1GB Idea - Rs. 250 - 1GB Docomo - Rs. 93 - 600 MB + 500 mins. Vodafone - Rs. 250 - 1GB I would search for pay-as-you go rates and update here shortly. Edit: Updated with direct links
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    Telecom Companies to hike call tariffs by almost 100% In a blow to consumers, both Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular have increased their call tariff rates by nearly 100 per cent.While Bharti Airtel has doubled the call rates from Re 1 per minute to Rs 2 per minute, Idea has also gone for a steep hike from 1.2 paise per second to 2 paise per second. According to ET Now, the substantial increase in rates indicates that pricing power has returned to the telecom sector, with incumbents likely to have more flexibility going forward. In a written reply to ET Now, Bharti Airtel said that the hike was inevitable and revision in rates is in line with increasing costs. "We have been reiterating that increase in prices is inevitable, which is reflected from the fact that despite rising costs, tariffs have been falling over the past 12 quarters," Bharti Airtel said in a statement. A source with direct knowledge separately told Reuters that Bharti Airtel is reducing free minutes by up to a quarter and has increased prices of some call vouchers for prepaid customers by Rs 5-15.The call price increase will be extended to all of 22 telecommunications zones in a phased manner, the source said, declining to be named.The plan to up call rates has been submitted with the telecom regulator TRAI. ET Now did not rule out the possibility of an intervention from TRAI on the same. With an aim to protect consumer interests, TRAI may intervene in the call rate hike decision, ET Now said. Earlier this month, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone hiked tariffs for 2G data services. Airtel revised its 1GB 2G data plan from Rs 100 to Rs 125. "This nominal price revision is subject to rate elasticity, customer demand and supporting cost structures. Our recent revision...is an increase of only 2-3 paise per MB. It continues to be an excellent value proposition for our customers," an Airtel spokesperson had said. Vodafone too has made similar changes in the monthly plans and has reduced data limits available under various prepaid plans. While the Rs 95 plan (28 days validity) is now available for Rs 124, others plans allowing 250 MB data usage and 150 MB usage have been reduced to 150 MB and 100MB, respectively Source http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/telecom/Bharti-Airtel-and-Idea-hike-call-tariffs-by-almost-100/articleshow/18144804.cms
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    HTC sensation launched today in UAE for Dhs 2599 and available in retails stores. Approx Rs 31,800. Should expect it vey soon in India. HTC sensation Specs http://www.htc.com/w...n/overview.html Galaxy S II has some competition.
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    Reminds me of an unforgettable dialogue by Tom Hanks in "Forest Gump", My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." My Sincere Request To Remaining All... TRY Before You CRY... Don't go by precedents... past failures... Things might have changed & improved.... And a Different Size Chocolate may be waiting for you...
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    The termination charges should be fixed at 10p - 15p from the current 20p. We shouldnt pray for anything further as the network will DETERIORATE then. The call rates in India are already among the lowest in the world at less than $0.01 a minute and the Operators are under immense pressure. Such drops will be suicidal for all.
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    nice job man thanks for this fantastic themes
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    Its good move. But then AVOId (Airtel/Vodafone/Idea) will oppose it. Really good move for the consumers.
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    Rcom has today cut 3G tariff. Now 1 GB@123 only. http://m.ibnlive.com/news/reliance-communications-halves-3g-data-price/407556-7.html From another news source, RComm making 3G/2G data at same price is interesting!
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    BWA licence holders viz. will now be allowed to offer voice after paying Rs. 1658 crores pan-India link: http://m.economictimes.com/news/news-by-industry/telecom/telcos-with-4g-spectrum-can-offer-voice-calls-by-paying-1658-crore-more-move-to-benefit-ril/articleshow/18565617.cms
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    My vote goes to Kaspersky. Using it for years now...
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    Can any body suggest antivirus for Mac. Is it necessary for Mac, i.e. OSX
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