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    Yes - read this post Here for more details. Also read this post if you want to switch to plan of your choice before any upcoming plan gets activated automatically. You can also buy ₹399 plan (84 days) and activate it before the expiry or on the last day of your current plan if you wish.
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    Yes you can activate it...People have tried it and it works
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    As mentioned in my previous post - Jio is giving away additional benefit in form of redeemable vouchers (available under my vouchers in MyJio app) to all those who did a 2nd recharge of ₹303 or higher to provide the additional validity free of cost. So if someone recharged ₹303 in March is getting additional voucher with validity of 28 days with same benefits as ₹303 to enjoy 56 days benefit as offered by ₹309 plan currently. Similarly those who have recharged for ₹499 or ₹999 etc. will also receive vouchers to get additional benefit as provided currently. But remember that once you manually activate the voucher it will get activated immediately concurrently with existing plan. So please either wait for your current plan to expire before activating or activate the voucher on the last day of your current plan to fully utilise the benefits of the voucher. Remember that the voucher will remain in My Vouchers until it is utilised so no need to worry.
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    Yes.. This is EXACTLY what happened. I have just now activated Rs399 recharge JDDD NOW and it got activated within minutes. Now the Dashboard shows I am in DDD plan instead of SuSu plan earlier. Another plus is -- This facility will help us to complete many Rs149 prime recharges in same month. Good going Jio. "THE CHOICE" of using the recharges we have done already is a very big plus and NEVER EVER heard in Indian Telecom. Jio will continue to kick as$ for sure...
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    Thank God! Here is some Good News for all. The "Upcoming Plan" option is re-enabled under My Plan in MyJio app. I wonder what is the use of "Activate" button under "Upcoming Plan"? Does it allow the user to activate the upcoming plan before the expiry of current plan at will or select any particular plan of our choice from among the upcoming plans?
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    Is there any issues going on with Jio for MNP? I've been checking multiple Reliance Digital stores and Jio Centers in Bangalore over the last 2-3 days and all of them say MNP is down everywhere in India. They said there is some server issues going on with Jio so during the MNP process, it errors out.
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