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    Guys, Aircel has launched an online portal for generating UPC codes for its existing customers. Those who are still not able to generate UPC code through SMS because of network unavailability can get it done online. Just click on one of the following link(s):- https://ekyc.aircel.com:444/ekyc/genUPC.html After opening the webpage, enter your 10-digit Aircel number, last 5 digits of your SIM number (which is printed on your SIM), select your home circle (if required), and then click on Generate UPC.
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    I think there is some Android app in play store to show sim number as well (link HERE). Will be very useful for customers using very old sim card. Better try that app with only the aircel SIM (preferably on the slot 1) in the phone.
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    It is still a matter of legal controversy in India for other operators as Jio subscruber can use their data pack too for calling. But just like you can call from skype etc. - Jio has the license for making/receiving calls from app to any number using Jio number as ID. Whatsapp etc can call from app to app only using number as ID. Discussed in my post http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/37870-vowifi/?do=findComment&comment=331689
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    Wait and see what happens in future. At present even normal calling is facing issue because of blocking by other operators so how can you expect to call using other network. But the app is designed to work as described by Jio on their website. I have already mentioned about the catch here: http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/37870-vowifi/?do=findComment&comment=331689
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    The termination charges should be fixed at 10p - 15p from the current 20p. We shouldnt pray for anything further as the network will DETERIORATE then. The call rates in India are already among the lowest in the world at less than $0.01 a minute and the Operators are under immense pressure. Such drops will be suicidal for all.