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    You are right. Jio prime offer is just to retain the existing customers who have tasted the flavor of unlimited free and might feel suffocated with Data limitations. After 31st Jio will offer new schemes exclusively for MNP customers to pull them onto Jio Network. So those who are still stuck with other networks need not worry about missing Jio Prime Offer. Mukesh Amani is known for playing cards after cards (way back when Reliance CDMA was launched no one expected him to offer handsets for ₹ 500/-). So just wait and watch, the game is on.
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    It's really a good news for Reliance Family empire and shareholders btw @nitink there is an error Mr M started with DAPO, but upgraded to Reliance Jio
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    It was curtains for one of India’s iconic brands RCom after the cellular operator announced on Wednesday that the market regulator had approved its merger with Aircel. This will be the end of RCom as a consumer brand as the new entity may operate under the Aircel brand. This in effect means that there will be only one Reliance brand in the market offering mobile services — Reliance Jio. Rjio is promoted by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, while younger brother Anil Ambani owns RCom. Before the company founded by Dhirubhai Ambani was split among the brothers, Reliance Infocomm (later renamed as RCom) had shaken up the telecom sector in the country by reducing call costs drastically in the earlier part of this century. Though entering the mobile service space is considered to be the brainchild of Mukesh Ambani, it was Anil Ambani who walked away with the telecom company after the split. Non-compete clause Mukesh Ambani had to wait close to a decade to re-enter the telecom sector as a non-compete clause with Anil kept him away. On Wednesday, RCom said the proposed merger with Aircel also received BSE and NSE approvals. The new entity is slated to create the country’s third-largest telecom operator. RCom announced its plans to merge its wireless business with Aircel and create a new entity. First, RCom will demerge its existing cellular business that has about 88 million subscribers, and then merge it with Aircel. However, other businesses such as tower assets and fixed-line enterprise units will continue to remain with RCom. RCom and Aircel’s Malaysia-based promoters Maxis Communications Berhad will hold 50 per cent each in the venture, with equal representation on the board. RCom had earlier merged with Sistema JSFC’s Indian operations — MTS — under which the Russian company holds a 10 per cent stake in RCom. The merged entity will, however, carry a debt of nearly ₹28,000 crore — RCom and Aircel will each contribute half that amount into the debt pool. RCom shares rose 1.52 per cent to ₹36.80, on the BSE on Wednesday. source http://m.thehindubusinessline.com/info-tech/jio-reliance-sun-sets-on-rcom-as-a-consumer-brand/article9585840.ece
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    That starting with dapo and ending with aircel is my story i still use reliance 4G as my prime number which eventually will become aircel.
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    I want to port out my R-GSM (previously R-CDMA) no to Jio. However sending sms to 1900 from my 933xxxxxxx is not working. Is there any trick for R-GSM to generate port out code?
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    I sincerely feel that, even after April, JIO will come with new offers like Prime, because their aim is not just this 10 cr subscribers. They want to be No.1. That can be achieved only with crazy offers. So we can expect many more offers
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    How can anyone else tell you that? What sort of speed to you get? how is the call connectivity? What other option do you have in similar price? based on above 3 Q you should be able to decide if u need Jio Prime or need to throw the SIM post march 31st
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    I am not happy with my Jio signal strength at home, just one or two bars. So, is it worth joining prime?
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    Now BSNL has launched new plan " BSNL Revises its Unlimited Tariff Plans to Match Private Telcos by Offering "2GB Data Per Day" and Unlimited Calling at Rs 339" can be used on any phone 2G,3G,4G(this needs verification) but with a catch of 25 mins per day of voice calls Source: https://telecomtalk.info/bsnl-unlimited-tariff-plan-2gb-data-rs339/161473/ Looks like its worth to wait for few more days before going on for JIO Prime.
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    Ok i'll try myself as i do have multiple JIO connections. Thank you @LTE4G
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    where can i get this JIO prime voucher for non JIO number, i tried JIO money and other 3rd party wallets and couldn't find it. How can it be used later, has any one tried.
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    This is going to help those also who are stuck due to 90 days MNP restriction. They can ask any of their friend who has Jio to simply buy extra Jio Prime membership voucher and later transfer to them any time before 30th June. Well played Jio....