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    You can go for ₹999 as it is giving promotional 90Gb with 90 days validity.
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    Yes my 3rd recharge of ₹303 also has 28 days validity only. No bonus voucher. ₹399 will give 84 days (go for it). ₹309 will give 56 days. More offers are expected during Diwali.
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    For the first recharge of ₹303 = you already got "Summer Surprise" - So no extra voucher. For the second recharge of ₹303 = you are eligible to get 28 days extra - So you got 1 Free voucher. For the third recharge of ₹303 = Still it is not clear since Jio only promised additional data for the 2nd recharge and default validity for ₹303 & ₹309 is 28 days only for subsequent recharges unless Jio makes any further announcements.
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    Don't recharge ₹399 more than once as it will provide 84 days for the first recharge only. Instead recharging with ₹309 will provide 56 days for the first recharge. Customer care told me not to do multiple or additional recharges at the moment as more lucrative festival offers are on the way. If anyone has multiple ₹149 or ₹303 or ₹309 - after recharging with ₹399 you may override and switch to ₹399 anytime by using "Activate" button. I have further found that the higher value of queued recharges gets activated first irrespective of the order of recharge. Did anyone else also experienced similar behavior?
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    Using it for 5 months now. There is provision for IP phone in future. But for now it's not present. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Reliance Jio, the latest telecom company to enter the market, has started its fiber to home operations in Chennai — making the southern city only the third telecom zone to experience the service, after Mumbai and Gujarat. The address of JioFiber has been given as 2nd Floor, Prestige Palladium Bayan, Greems Road, Chennai 2. The offer promises a speed of 100 Mbps, and states that a 5 GB true-HD movie will download in less than seven minutes on the connection. source
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    I guess it was a temporary issue around that time period (August 7 - August 15), I was able to initiate the porting process yesterday ie August 21st without issues.
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    As mentioned in my previous post - Jio is giving away additional benefit in form of redeemable vouchers (available under my vouchers in MyJio app) to all those who did a 2nd recharge of ₹303 or higher to provide the additional validity free of cost. So if someone recharged ₹303 in March is getting additional voucher with validity of 28 days with same benefits as ₹303 to enjoy 56 days benefit as offered by ₹309 plan currently. Similarly those who have recharged for ₹499 or ₹999 etc. will also receive vouchers to get additional benefit as provided currently. But remember that once you manually activate the voucher it will get activated immediately concurrently with existing plan. So please either wait for your current plan to expire before activating or activate the voucher on the last day of your current plan to fully utilise the benefits of the voucher. Remember that the voucher will remain in My Vouchers until it is utilised so no need to worry.
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    Reliance Jio to launch JioFibre broadband by Diwali this year. http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/reliance-jio-jiofiber-home-broadband-launch-diwali-100gb-data-at-rs-500-report-4680340/lite/
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    Good News!! New option "My Vouchers" is now available in MyJio app (version 3.2.38). Purchased vouchers can be used/utilised at will & even transfered to other numbers. See below : But recharge history is still not available - so my vouchers are not listed there too. Expecting Jio will fix it soon.
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    it would be killer if it also packs hotspot facility.
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    Rcom in my area not working on Lte 3 or 40. only on LTE 5. Though the spec page of this modem is silent about Band 5, still it is working with Band 5. i.e. RCom 4g
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    Done done that, one vodafone mobile is only on 2g mode, airtel was inserted in a basic phone with no 3g, but to no avail. same problem.
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    Further reduction in the mobile tariff by 1st Jan 2011 source :: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/telecom/TDSAT-directs-TRAI-to-rework-telecom-interconnect-charges/articleshow/6653732.cms TRAI can use this oppurtunity to further reduce the termination charges and convert IUC & MTC into per second basis instead of current per minute basis.
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    You may choose any of different plans to each member. No need of same plans to everyone. Normal minimum rental is Rs 99. And there is a chance to get zero rental also but call charges were high.
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    ^^^^ Oh sir, you are asking about ordinary Cug? I was talking about the minimum number of connections needed to get that mega saver plan. sent from my rooted Droid MAXX using Tapatalk
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    Aircel : Plan varies circle by circle. So many plans for Chennai. For Maharashtra - Rs. 153 - 45 MB with 45 min of Aircel-to-Aircel minutes !
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    Everything is good except the reactivation of same number after fifteen days from disconnection of the number . It should be again ninety days, imho. It is good for people who has gone abroad as all they need to do is keeping a good balance. Recharging with 200+ Rs the day before they leave is enough for one year. (default 90 days and nine months x Rs20 = Rs180 for a full year) Sent from my Razr MAXX using Tapatalk2
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    Just now saw news and Kapil Sibbal announcing that no more roaming charges will be applicable Pan-India. Effective Date: Didnt see as it was in the highlights. If someone could let know more about it!
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    Why sending DND request on 1909 is showing error msg 'wrong keyword'??
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    becoz the profit they saw from 800mhz auction they will gain nothing
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    For cdma+gsm there are very good phone such htc incredible 2, moto photon, htc ozone, evo design etc.and many more models are available with reputed sellers of this forum
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    BWA = 4G = LTE / WiMax In June, 2010 the government auctioned two slots of BWA spectrum, which Infotel, Aircel, Qualcomm, etc won. Now some more spectrum have been freed up and it will be going under the hammer by the end of this year.
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    Can any new company bid for 2G now say Moserbaer, Tulip, Oswal who also participated in 2008 give away?
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    It's still part of the proposal of the New DRAFT Telecom policy. Not implemented yet. Final implementation date after revisions / modifications if any is expected to be around December 2011.
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    I was about to post the news flash, Sumit was faster. It's the best news my ears could listen. I'm so happy. Feel like dancing. Now the after-effect should be porting to pan-India.......
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    She should think positively and use the time to compose more poetry... with the condition that she does not inflict it on other hapless inmates.
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    Sony Ericsson launches first Android Walkman phone W8 Source As we reported earlier, Sony Ericsson today made first Android powered Walkman series phone official on its Website. Dubbed as W8, it looks like an extended version of Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, and bears similar specifications. Sony Ericsson W8 features a three inch display with 320 x 480 pixels resolution, 600 MHz processor, 128 MB internal memory with microSD card support upto 16GB and 3.2 MP camera. Features and pretty basic as per the industry standard nowadays, so we would expect an aggressive pricing from the company. This phone is targeted towards music lovers, so company hasn't bothered it with the latest version of Android and it comes with Android 2.1. W8 will be available in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam from Q2 2011.
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    This was always going to happen. Really we need to learn lessons from these government agencies how to waste time.
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    Blackberry Bold Touch Dakota - GSM BB combining Bold and Touch, coming end May The BlackBerry Dakota is rumoured to be launched in late May. It holds basically the same form factor as the Bold series, but mixes a full QWERTY keyboard with a touchscreen. Besides using a touchscreen, an optical keypad will be available to navigate the screen. This phone, which is said to be internally known as R005, and nicknamed "Bold Touch" is expected to offer a 2.8-inch capacitive screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 a 5MP camera, equipped with flash, will capture video in 720p, and BlackBerry OS 6.1. Also available are 4GB of internal storage and 768MB of RAM. A great addition is the 3G mobile hotspot that has been added, not to mention the NFC connectivity. The Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth and MicroUSB port come as no surprise. In addition, the Dakota is going to ship with the new BlackBerry 6.1. The new version of the BlackBerry platform now supports Magnetometer and Digital compass APIs, OpenGL-ES 2.0, event-base geo-fencing location APIs and much more. Specifications Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE Tri-band UMTS 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording, flash, and image stabilization 4GB of built in storage, 768MB of RAM 2.8-inch VGA 640 x 480 capacitive screen WiFi b,g,n on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies 3G mobile hotspot! MicroUSB port Bluetooth NFC Magnetometer Accelerometer Proximity sensor 10.5mm thin Launches with BlackBerry OS 6.1 A leaked spec sheet for the BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota reveals that the phone will be humming with a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor on board. With a 2.8 inch LCD VGA display and a 35-key QWERTY keyboard, the handset will be another attempt by RIM to compete with the Apple iPhone and Android handsets. One thing to note is it lists the Dakota’s processor as ‘QC 8655′, which looks to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8655. It is great to see that the Dakota will be running on a solid processor for 2011. The Dakota will run on 5GHz WiFi and have 8GB eMMC, which means you may be able to use all the internal memory for app installs. Sources: phonearena.com, crackberry.com, phonedog.com and BGR.com
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    Samsung to launch bada 2.0 operating system in July, with India first in line Looks like India is going to be the first to receive Samsung’s updated bada 2.0 operating system, in July, according to a report. Speaking to the Financial Express, Samsung India executive Dipesh Shah stated that Samsung intends to hit 30% of the smartphone market share in India by 2011, more than twice their 2010’s closing figures. ZeuS Trojan now affecting BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile phones This is precuationary information. The ZeuS Trojan attack is now affecting BlackBerry devices and has infected many worldwide, according to Trend Micro, a security research firm. Vanishing after being installed, the Trojan, specifically known as BBOS_ZITMO.B, primarily hijacks the SMS ability of the BlackBerry device, after sending an “App Installed OK” message to a botnet administrator in the United Kingdom. According to Trend Micro, Symbian and Windows Mobile phones are also being affected by their own versions of the trojan, namely SYMBOS_ZBOT.B and WINCE_ZBOT.B.
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    'Raja made 3,000cr in bribes' The Times of India l 11 Feb l New Delhi The CBI and Enforcement Directorate investigations have estimated that former telecom minister A Raja could have got bribes to the tune of Rs 3,000 crore, and have put the loss to the exchequer due to selling of spectrum at undervalued rates at Rs 40,000-50,000 crore. The two agencies have linked bribes Raja allegedly got to his order on January 2008 bringing forward the cut-off date for applications for spectrum from the initial October 21, 2007 to September 25, 2007. The deadline switch eliminated many applications, enabling Raja to favour a few with spectrum. In the process, he allegedly became richer by some Rs 3,000 crore. These are initial estimates of Raja's alleged new-found wealth as well as the loss to the exchequer and are not part of the progress report submitted by the CBI and ED to the Supreme Court on Thursday. In their report, the two agencies said some companies who got the licences had got drafts for licence fees ready even before the revised cut-off date of September 25, 2007, implying they were aware of the plan to change the deadline. The companies that have been accused of collusion with Raja include Swan, Unitech, Videocon, S-Tel and Aircel. The new licencees got huge foreign investments. One of them brought in share capital worth S$625 million. CBI counsel K K Venugopal told the court the licencees attracted investments in US, Japanese, and Mauritian currency.
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    Rightly said. These politicians work only keeping elections in mind. With TN elections around the corner, we will see more drama.
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    Why is it that facebook is sending sms that it will not send sms unless we de register ourself from DND list This thing is too bad Now I will have to de register from DND to receive the sms I want as well as the SMS I dont want then what is the use of DND tomorrow bank will also do the same thing Service providers should have a DD(Do Disturb) list also so that we are not put to any inconvenince
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    Yeah, much needed for the operators, else many will switch to the 3G provider once MNP starts. I wonder if the subscriber will have to pay anything extra when using a different provider for 3G services though.
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    Even after registering for NDNC register i keep on getting SMS messages, even from my service provider Airtel. I have complained in the past to customer care. They are patient enough to take complaint but no follow up (in fining the guilty party). But it is definitely much better than before signing up for NDNC. i might have helped like 20 people sign up for NDNC. A lot of people don't know about NDNC although the procedure to sign up is really simple. I feel the National DO call registry is the way to go forward.
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    At least in this respect I feel that Reliance is very transparent unlike the others. After signing up for DND i have not even recieved a single marketing call from anyone. ALso no smses. At the same time my dad who has a BSNL connection keeps getting these irritating marketing calls even after more than a yeear after signing up for BSNL. And complaining to BSNL is something impossible, considering their pathetic network.
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    Aaya re aaya... Mukesh aaya.. RIL sabki gaa** marne wala hain.. just wait and watch...
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    ah! here come the real deal Reliance Industries in talks to buy Infotel Broadband Source
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    Do not use the " " (quotes) and just enter the words alone. Like neerajayshree pointed out, enter the most appropriate words only. Using the keywords: buy sell , the topic was listed in the first page itself (it is a pinned topic too, so it will appear on top). If you do not have any luck with the IPB Search tool, then try the "Google Search for RIMweb" link that you find on the top of every page (currently in the Default skin only), which can generate more results.
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    whether the building has any mobile tower installed on top of it? it has been reported that in such case, the signals of other operators are affected upto two or three floors below the tower.
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    Yesterday TRAI issued revised guideline for activation and de-activation of VAS. Full Document Link >> http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/WhatsNew/Documents/PR--VAS%20(1)10july13.pdf Now customer consent for VAS activation will be needed to be taken twice, once by telecom operator & second through third party operated consent gateway! VAS activation procedure to include all forms of activations and scenarios –OBD, IVRS, WAP, Mobile Internet, USSD, SMS, Tele-calling and any other mode of activation. The service provider has to provide a system which takes a second consent from the customer before providing a value added service through any means- OBD, IVRS, WAP, Mobile Internet, USSD, SMS, Tele-calling or any other mode of activation. The first offer of a service is on the service providers’ platform and a second confirmation from the customer is through a dedicated consent gateway which is owned by a third party and not by the service provider. It is only after receiving a second confirmation from the customer, that the service provider shall activate the value added service. Common de-activation procedure using toll Free Common Short Code 155223. (all requests for de-activation to be completed in 4 hours) The deactivation procedure to be publicized through advertisements in newspapers, updation in the website and SMS blasts. 24hrs before auto renewals of the VAS services, information about renewals to be provided to the customers, through SMS and Outbound Dialing (OBD). In case of wrong activation, the amount shall be refunded within 24 hours of the customer's request. Such customer requests should be within 24 hours for value added services with validity of more than one day and within 6 hours for value added services with validity of one day. In case of USSD and SMS mode of activation, no activation response time should be greater than 10 seconds and 60 minutes respectively and in case of non-response, the same should be treated as ‘no activation required’. Upon activation of VAS service, the de-activation number, the validity of the VAS service and charges for renewal should be explicitly informed. Monthly report on activations, de-activations and complaints received and their redressal to be submitted to TRAI.
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    Raja's arrest too little too late: BJP The Economic Times l 2 Feb l New Delhi BJP today dubbed the arrest of former Telecom Minister A Raja as "too little too late" and demanded that others involved in the 2G spectrum scam should also be brought to book. "The arrest is too little too late. It is very unfair to say that Raja alone had gulped Rs 1.76 lakh crore. Who are the rest of the people? BJP categorically wants to know that," BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy said. He said Raja's arrest was just beginning of an exercise. "Please don't give credit to the government for the arrest. Government has to answer many questions before this finally comes to an end," he said.
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    People are getting odd marketting SMS and calls once in a while even after registering in DND (and of course waiting 45 days) and they give up complaining, accepting it as a way of life. Telecos will run bankrupt overnight if the penalties are imposed. Let us hope this one works well.