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    Attach screenshot should clear things
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    Updated MyJio app now provides more details of account as well as upcoming plans queued after current plan under "Plan Details" TAB in all generated "My Statements". See the screenshot below :
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    Yes Manish. You are right. Stand corrected. @kanaga. Sorry mate. Bit sleepy yesterday night i suppose.
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    Yes you are right. Since Jio keeps pouring new lucrative offers doing multiple recharges prevents us in availing new offers immediately.
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    Yes ! you are absolutely right. I also didn't got 1GB Extra against my wife's ₹149/- recharge (had done ₹99 + ₹149*3 during March & ₹303 in April for Summer Surprise). After the Summer Surprise got over on 19th July the ₹149 recharge got activated for 28 days (till 16th August) instead of ₹303 as expected and ₹149*2 & ₹303 is showing queued under My Statement. So the recharges are getting activated chronologically as was the order of recharges. I remember that 1GB extra for ₹149 was announced later after 25th March so who ever recharged after that may get it directly whereas other users who ever recharged before that may have to approach customer care to get it added manually (Software glitch as pointed out by you). See my wife's recharge history below and the Plan balance info also - 1GB extra is shown against my third ₹149 recharge which is done after 25th March & not against my earlier recharges. Further Jio did announce to pass on the extra benefit (current validity) for ₹303/₹309 or higher candidates but neglected ₹149 users (could have increased either bonus data or validity). Seems they want to discourage ₹149/- customers. Update (21st July) : Called customer service today morning and was assured that my case is escalated & 1GB extra will be added to my account in 48 hours. Let's see.
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    May be.. But it is NOT showing so in My Statement as well... My first recharge of Rs999 has already started with 60GB for 60 days (NO BOGO benefit). My second recharge of Rs999 also shows just 60GB for 60 days in My Statements. First everything was clear in MyPlans. Later it was messed up and shown in "My Statement" only. Now, even "My Statement" is incomplete (with 60 days for second Rs999 recharge and NO BOGO offer details). That's why I am repeating, "Jio's SW system is TOTALLY MESSED UP". Good that, you have got 5GB additional data as part of BoGo offer. But I didn't get any in all three Jio numbers (2 with Rs999 and one with Rs149). Rs149 recharge was promised to have 1GB extra as BOGO offer and 10GB in case of Rs999 recharges. But all of a sudden, I got 10GB voucher for that 149 recharged number as I started to use it on my Samsung C9 PRO. So this Jio number recharged with Rs149 got 10GB Samsung offer this month and NO 1GB BuyOneGetOne offer as promised. ---------- -------- Another Rs999 recharge summary -------- Both Jio numbers with Rs999 recharges, doesn't have 10GB extra BOGO data as promised. Both numbers have another Rs999 recharge in queue. But that second recharge's validity is shown as 60 days only and NOT 90 days in "My Statement". I am NEITHER saying Jio is cheating NOR am hungry for huge amounts of cheap data... But what I am saying is, "JIO's SOFTWARE SYSTEM IS TOTALLY FLAWED"... EDIT 1:- Added Recharge Summary of all those numbers showing date of recharges... EDIT 2:- The number in which 149 Recharge was done and 10GB booster is active (as per MyJio app), Data stopped working after the 2GB was exhausted. NO, that 10GB is NOT yet activated and even though that is showing in Data balance.. So I am wrong in saying Jio's SW as flawed, IT'S TOTALLY DUCKED UP ACTUALLY (U know what I actually meant)..
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    Thanks for the information. This shows that unlike others Jio is not Rigid but considerate and values its loyal customers. Otherwise people like me who have done multiple recharges of ₹303/- would have been stuck with 28 days validity. The first 303 recharge will give 28 days (28GB) - as it has also provided 90 days Summer Surprise. Whereas 2nd recharge onward ₹303/- or ₹309/- will give 56 days (56GB) validity per recharge now. In short 303*3 will be 28 + 56 + 56 = 140 days (140GB) + 15GB (5GB*3) additional if applicable.There is also additional 5GB data benefit associated with every ₹303/- recharge done before 31st March 2017. So its all win win situation.
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    Yes....initial 303 will have only 28 days validity(it is part or SSO offer, 90 days + 28 days) any subsequent recharges of 303 will give 56 validity this is confirmed with CC also updated in FAQ on website....
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    Well, it is a lesson learnt, that we should NOT do excess recharges to be in Queue. I have done Rs149x13 for one Jio number (later in first week of April done Rs999 to get SuSu offer as well). Forget the current better offer, I am NOT even getting the BOGO offer (which gives 1GB booster extra for those 13 recharges). The long term recharge is NOT as fruitful as I thought. So do recharges only when the need arises to NOT miss a better offer in the pipeline. In other 2 numbers, I have done Rs999x2 in each no. There also I didn't get 10GB voucher as BoGo offer. That BOGO offer is looking like a bogus offer for me. Jio's s/w system is seriously flawed, imho...
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    NO.. It doesn't looks like Jio's website. EDIT:- After some research, I found its FAKE.. Look here..
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    New JioFi Offer !! for those who are planning to buy JioFi Hotspot Dongle. Get Unlimited Voice + Data Worth Rs. 1999 To avail the Offer, the Customer needs to purchase a Product and follow below given steps: a. Subscribe to Jio services by obtaining a Jio SIM card by visiting any of the Jio Store/ Modern Trade/ General Trade / any other partner stores or registering request through online channels. Jio SIM will be issued to Customer subject to Customer completing necessary CAF/ eKYC formalities; b. Customer to get Jio SIM activated with Jio Prime plan and benefits equivalent Rs. 1999/-. Customer to choose from one of the below 4 options. i. Option 1: unlimited voice + 2GB data + 300 SMS every 28 days for 12 recharge cycles. ii. Option 2: unlimited voice + 1GB data/day +100 SMS/day every 28 days for 6 recharge cycles. iii. Option 3: unlimited voice + 2GB data/day +100 SMS/day every 28 days for 4 recharge cycles. iv. Option 4: unlimited voice + 60 GB data +100 SMS/day every 60 days for 2 recharge cycles c. Customer is required to insert the newly activated SIM inside the newly purchased Product to start enjoying the Offer Benefits. d. The Customer will get the Offer Benefits as per option selected by the Customer amongst Option 1, 2, 3 and 4. e. To know more about the offer, T&Cs, Please click here.
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    It is a well known thing, that ChoRCom blocks the SMS from 1901 (the response SMS with UPC or Unique Port Code after sending SMS to 1900). But once we call the CC, they will tell the code verbally, at least.. If they are still NOT giving you the code, then its better to complain them on pgportal, saying "RCom blocking PORT sms".. There is a reason they are called as ChoRCom. They have the cheapest tariff plans in industry (even cheaper than Jio), shares the JIO 4G network, but still, they are the NUMBERO UNO in losing customers every month via MNP (that is even after blocking port SMS). Because they are Chor.
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    validity is 30th sept. 2017 for me as well.
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    Thanks to Jio for extending the validity of my ₹50/- Cashback voucher no 5 for further 3 months till 30th September 2017. Today I was planning to redeem when suddenly I noticed that the validity has become 30th September now (was valid till 30th June earlier). Those who have vouchers lying in their JioMoney can check.
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    They are shown jointly (not marked separately) as data/data/sms/mobile voice balances for 28 days listed one after another multiple times, so it is difficult to understand. Download the Pdf statement of that particular period when you have done the recharge and check "Your Spend" (number of transactions & total amount) as well as recharge transactions listed properly under "Your Plan Balance". I am sure that your recharges will be listed there.
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    Did you receive confirmation sms for your recharges? If so, recharges were successful. While generating statement ensure that the date on which the recharge was done is included within the statement date for it to reflect in the statement. Further under Your Spend the amount should be ₹99 + ₹499 + ₹499 + ₹499 = ₹1596 if all recharging dates fall within the statement date. Select the radio button beside ₹499 to view all your 3 recharges which are listed below under "Your Plan Balance" or download the statement for more clarity.
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    ensure that the "From" & "To" dates are 30 or less days apart! if your Recharges do not appear in full - generate multiple statements.
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    quick heal is the best.. very good product + there support is very very good, using it for over three years...
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    ^^^ The setup file is their in post number 18 of this thread my dear Sourabh. Regards.
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    Type in Lesser WOrds but appropriate ones and with the exact spellings This searching trick applies to all search algo's.
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    ^^^ Thanks my dear Arun for replying. As "Custom Member Title" is enabled now. I want to suggest that if "Custom Member Title" display above the group icon (as it displayed in old version) then it will look much nice. As, by now, it is looking mix-up with other details of the member below the group icon. Or, if the colour of the text in "Custom Member Title" is different, then it will be OK below the group icon also. Its only a suggestion my dear friend. Regards.