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    Good news is that SPR L720 works on OMH very well with data. I received a few phones last week which were shipped on 4.3 OTA. Rooted, flashed phil's recovery and updated to NAE 4.4 modem.tar, flashed rooted stock TW NAE 4.4 flashable ROM.zip from recovery and it reads any RUIM. Have also tested other international CDMA SIM cards on this baked tutorial. Chinese tutorial:- http://www.cdmamod.com/thread-1840-1-1.html the files:- http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqsUCJU Note 1:- that GSM unlocking requires MDC modem, s4 unlocker and such, and that hidden menu may not be operable on 4.3/4.4 so please make sure its done before this procedure. The chinese tutorial states that a stock MK2 odin file is used, and then the 4.4 zip and the NAE modem, but i have not updated to 4.3 bootloader. Note 2:- OMH/GSM/NV mode (3 networks as called in China) also works on MDC base and CM roms. *Please use your favourite CDMA software to make the phone RUIM only/RUIM if avail before proceeding to this topic. *GSM usage by this method is under development. The entire tutorial is experimental and aimed towards achieving stock like performance.
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    Omh sim works on g2 Modded sim are not required Just make phone ruim only from dfs. Data also works tapatalking.....
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    For heavy user yes. But for most users, the daily use is variable. So a plan that gives carry-forward benefit is better than one where the unused portion get expired every day.
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    You are right. Jio prime offer is just to retain the existing customers who have tasted the flavor of unlimited free and might feel suffocated with Data limitations. After 31st Jio will offer new schemes exclusively for MNP customers to pull them onto Jio Network. So those who are still stuck with other networks need not worry about missing Jio Prime Offer. Mukesh Amani is known for playing cards after cards (way back when Reliance CDMA was launched no one expected him to offer handsets for ₹ 500/-). So just wait and watch, the game is on.
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    It's really a good news for Reliance Family empire and shareholders btw @nitink there is an error Mr M started with DAPO, but upgraded to Reliance Jio
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    Recharge with Rs99 PRIME offer anyway. Till now they are using mostly RCom towers with least rent. After commercial launch they are going to switch ON the other company towers incl that of "Bharti Infratel". Hence the coverage may improve after April. Even if the coverage was NOT improved (and you have done PRIME recharge), there are 2 options available for you. [1] Use the Jio SIM in JioFi2 near the window, where you are getting better signal and continue enjoying Data for dirt cheap. [2] Just forget the Rs99 and think it as charge for using Jio services till March end, so that you may NOT have guilt of using some services for FREE. This option is still better than NOT doing Prime recharge and regret later once the coverage was improved.
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    Yes, I have already done Rs999 (60 days -- 60GB) recharge once. May do another 5 times to get 420GB ( [60GB+10GB] x 6 times ) per year. JIO Prime Membership Terms & Conditions HERE. One interesting thing reg PRIME membership TRANSFER as below:- WOW.. Very Nice.. I think this will be very useful for people who (most of us) are using Jio as secondary (or even tertiary) number and are waiting for April to see improvement in network, so that they can PORT their primary number WITH JIO PRIME membership benefits.. Great going JIO...
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    get the new oneplus 3T, iphone is highly over rated.
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    Very informative and useful post Vinod Sir ! As always ready to help and give back to the community ! Thanks for this !
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    LG's G2 is one of the most under-rated super phone, which is much much better than S4 and ONE, even specs wise as good as Note3 (except s-Pen of course). Such a nice treatment for that phone is much needed and thanks a lot Vinod ji for your hard work...
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    indeed G2 is a lovely handset I've came across... AND... Waah... Great effort vinod ji... I would say this person is a gem always ready to help... THANK YOU SO MUCH... Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk
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    It was curtains for one of India’s iconic brands RCom after the cellular operator announced on Wednesday that the market regulator had approved its merger with Aircel. This will be the end of RCom as a consumer brand as the new entity may operate under the Aircel brand. This in effect means that there will be only one Reliance brand in the market offering mobile services — Reliance Jio. Rjio is promoted by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, while younger brother Anil Ambani owns RCom. Before the company founded by Dhirubhai Ambani was split among the brothers, Reliance Infocomm (later renamed as RCom) had shaken up the telecom sector in the country by reducing call costs drastically in the earlier part of this century. Though entering the mobile service space is considered to be the brainchild of Mukesh Ambani, it was Anil Ambani who walked away with the telecom company after the split. Non-compete clause Mukesh Ambani had to wait close to a decade to re-enter the telecom sector as a non-compete clause with Anil kept him away. On Wednesday, RCom said the proposed merger with Aircel also received BSE and NSE approvals. The new entity is slated to create the country’s third-largest telecom operator. RCom announced its plans to merge its wireless business with Aircel and create a new entity. First, RCom will demerge its existing cellular business that has about 88 million subscribers, and then merge it with Aircel. However, other businesses such as tower assets and fixed-line enterprise units will continue to remain with RCom. RCom and Aircel’s Malaysia-based promoters Maxis Communications Berhad will hold 50 per cent each in the venture, with equal representation on the board. RCom had earlier merged with Sistema JSFC’s Indian operations — MTS — under which the Russian company holds a 10 per cent stake in RCom. The merged entity will, however, carry a debt of nearly ₹28,000 crore — RCom and Aircel will each contribute half that amount into the debt pool. RCom shares rose 1.52 per cent to ₹36.80, on the BSE on Wednesday. source http://m.thehindubusinessline.com/info-tech/jio-reliance-sun-sets-on-rcom-as-a-consumer-brand/article9585840.ece
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    That starting with dapo and ending with aircel is my story i still use reliance 4G as my prime number which eventually will become aircel.
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    I want to port out my R-GSM (previously R-CDMA) no to Jio. However sending sms to 1900 from my 933xxxxxxx is not working. Is there any trick for R-GSM to generate port out code?
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    I sincerely feel that, even after April, JIO will come with new offers like Prime, because their aim is not just this 10 cr subscribers. They want to be No.1. That can be achieved only with crazy offers. So we can expect many more offers
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    How can anyone else tell you that? What sort of speed to you get? how is the call connectivity? What other option do you have in similar price? based on above 3 Q you should be able to decide if u need Jio Prime or need to throw the SIM post march 31st
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    I am not happy with my Jio signal strength at home, just one or two bars. So, is it worth joining prime?
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    Now BSNL has launched new plan " BSNL Revises its Unlimited Tariff Plans to Match Private Telcos by Offering "2GB Data Per Day" and Unlimited Calling at Rs 339" can be used on any phone 2G,3G,4G(this needs verification) but with a catch of 25 mins per day of voice calls Source: https://telecomtalk.info/bsnl-unlimited-tariff-plan-2gb-data-rs339/161473/ Looks like its worth to wait for few more days before going on for JIO Prime.
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    I just saw there is an option for directly gifting Jio Prime membership from MyJio app to any number - Do check that. Seems Jio Prime membership can be directly given/gifted to any number (either Jio or non-Jio Number). (Not sure) N.B. - I think one Jio user can only buy one Jio Prime Membership at a time, since those who paid twice by mistake or error got refund of the extra amount. It seems that the Prime membership will get activated after 1st April only if another Prepaid Voucher of ₹ 149/- or ₹ 303/- etc. is recharged otherwise it will remain inactive and will be available for transfer. Another option is if anyone Gifts/Transfers his first ₹ 99/- (Jio Prime) recharge to any other number and then again recharges with ₹ 99/- for himself. The recipient can then port his number to Jio and can avail the Jio Prime before 30th June. Its still confusing so please find out with Jio Store.
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    Ok i'll try myself as i do have multiple JIO connections. Thank you @LTE4G
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    You can ask anyone in your friend circle who already has a Jio Sim to buy an extra Jio Prime membership. His own Jio Prime membership will get activated on 1st April and the extra Jio Prime membership will remain inactive for gift/transfer. That inactive Jio Prime membership can be transfered to your number when you get a Jio Sim after MNP. There after you can also enjoy Jio Prime. But it can be done only until 30th June. After this unused Jio Prime membership voucher will get expired.
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    where can i get this JIO prime voucher for non JIO number, i tried JIO money and other 3rd party wallets and couldn't find it. How can it be used later, has any one tried.
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    This is going to help those also who are stuck due to 90 days MNP restriction. They can ask any of their friend who has Jio to simply buy extra Jio Prime membership voucher and later transfer to them any time before 30th June. Well played Jio....
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    Airtel, Vodafone and Idea launched plans ranging from Rs.340-350 a month offering between 500 MB to 1GB of data per day to its subscribers to prevent them from porting out to Jio. Before this they were selling 1 GB for Rs.250 so usage was low and their last century network was able to run smoothly with that load. But from 1st April when the usage increases over 10 fold, their towers which lack the fiber backhaul like Jio towers, will start to choke and people who once thought of them as premium networks will change their opinion based on lower performance. But even they know their network isn’t ready for this kind of load, so instead of launching these as open market offers they are selectively giving it out to their high revenue subscribers whom they feel are more vulnerable to switch over. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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    Reliance Jio introduces 'Buy One Get One Free' recharge offer for Prime users Source
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    Not just Rs303 plan.. There is Rs149 plan, which gives 2GB data instead of usual 300MB one. Even better plan is Rs499/- where 2GB data is FREE per day. I am going for Rs999/- with 60GB data for 60 days. It is same as 499 * 2 months, but here is chance for using all of 60GB (no data lapse if we use less data some day) and useful for heavy downloads (eg > 2GB) as well...
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    @Joshm Few days back purchased the below one. Quite happy with it as a TV. Now again ordered the same one for using it as a Monitor. It is out for delivery now (both are from the same seller) SONY BRAVIA 40" 40R352D / 40R35D / 40R350D LED TV WITH 1 YEAR DEALER'S WARRANTY Link: https://m.ebay.in/itm/272071706962?ul_ref=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F0%2Fe11400.m1842.l3160%2F7%3Feuid%3D26fbd1beadd6499193136b273c3f1c00%26loc%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fcgi.ebay.in%252Fws%252FeBayISAPI.dll%253FViewItem%2526item%253D272071706962%2526ssPageName%253DADME%253AL%253AOC%253AIN%253A3160%26srcrot%3De11400.m1842.l3160%26rvr_id%3D0&_mwBanner=1 Triggered from rn3
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    You have not given your budget. If you are OK with 6" screen and price NOT an issue, go for Samsung Galaxy A9 PRO (with 5000mAh battery) for Rs32000/-. I am using it and its great. It supports LTE-A (upto 3 carrier aggregation) an its 4G LTE speed is much better ordinary LYF handsets (without LTE-A)...
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    I have a sprint s4 triband Samsung Will this method work on triband version? Sent from my E39 using Tapatalk
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    You can export bb contacts to CSV, and upload it to gmail contact . Then sync same gmail account to your android device and you are done here ! Posted using Moto G on Reliance CDMA
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    Hi, L720 on NAE 4.4.2 not working with OMH sim card. Says "Invalid Sim". Any settings needs to be adjusted? Thanks
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    Hello Experts, need your help regarding my HTC Droid DNA, it has started to reboot/restart all by itself, i tried holding the power+volume down key but by the time it reaches that stage it restarts again, i have lots of data, pictures and important numbers in it, please assist. IF anything cannot be done online where in Delhi can i get the phone repaired ? Thanks
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    Didn't work for me on latest ND1 rom on USC S4. Any trick or settings, please share.
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    There's is already a thread in this forum U have to downgrade your modem to mdc and run the tool.
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    please follow the steps to download the files:- 1. In that folder, go to the folder where you can see the files and two folders listed. Choose the files you want to download, except first two folder which contains the update and the full firmware. now click download icon in the top. it should give you second option which is normal download for a zip file contains all of your chosen file. 2. for downloading the 4.4 update file in the first folder, click on the folder and click the link for the file( make sure you choose that file only), now you can download that file. 3. for the full firmware, use the download link : www.mediafire.com/download/uzlq1g9oizof7x2/SPR-L720VPUEMK2-20131212171424.zip
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    Dr ji rocks…. Sent from Droid MAXX using Tapatalk
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    Please provide the method to make the phone ruim only from dfs. I am planning to use it with Tata cdma omh Sim. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
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    No you dont, on G2 every reliance OMH sim is "Special" Screenshot: Image1755760661.jpg Yup.. I too am using normal Tata omh sim card without any mods and it is working completely fine.. i tried tata which worked for voice calls and sms... was not able to try data... but tried about 2-3 normal sims (RELIANCE) data didnt worked untill used moded sim... good people sharing all experiance... but wondering why such difference... only senior members can put a light on this...
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    I personally have not tried it, but many have confirmed RUIM to work, some have claimed data does not work on Sprint. tried and tested works like a charm in nv mode... and for sim card need special moded sim for reliance... tested with the reliance modded sim also working perfectly as it should...
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    I personally have not tried it, but many have confirmed RUIM to work, some have claimed data does not work on Sprint.
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    you need special moded reliance sim for that...