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    Subscriber base of Jio has increased drastically without similar increase in infrastructure and that has resulted in pathetic speed. Actually we all should fight for good speed and voice calls rather than low cost.
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    FRC was necessary for Vada. Before FRC, all of the online portals returned transaction failure for Etopup. After I did FRC, online Etopup was possible immediately.
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    [1] The Logic is FREEDOM to use data at our will. One can use 20GB or more data on 90th day using 999 plan, but NOT in 499 plan. [2] In 999, the chance of getting data wasted in almost nil. Suppose someone use less data during weekdays and use lots of data on weekends. For them daily 1GB plans have heavy wastage during weekdays and have to use COSTLY boosters (Rs301 = 10GB) during weekends. For them 999 plan makes sense. [3] Further daily 1GB plans are the main reasons for daily data addiction. Almost everyone wants full paisa vasool and hence feels bad when most part of their 1GB data goes waste and so use youtube or others even though when there is no need. [4] The speed (128kbps earlier) after daily FUP sux, which is further reduced to 64kbps by Jio now. [5] Jio is badly in need of 999 plan users to beef up their ARPU. The ARPU of 999 with 90 days validity is Rs333 (it was Rs499.50 during 60 days validity times), whereas for Rs499, ARPU is less than Rs165. If there is NO takers for Rs999 type plans, then even Mota Bhai will become Chota Bhai, if you know what I mean... I am NOT saying daily 1GB plans are pointless. It is suitable for almost 95% of the mobile data users. But still there is a niche for bulk data and / or data with NO daily limits. For example, after using around 500MB of data (for Google Play Music, Dropbox, Google Photos Sync, video song download using TubeMate), I got notification on my Samsung C9 PRO that an update of size 1408MB is waiting (Android 7.1.1). If I was using daily 1GB data, then I have to look for WiFi or recharge booster or plan during midnight (to use today's 500MB and tomorrow's 1GB). Since I am using 999 plan, I need NOT worry about anything and straight away started downloading. Simply put, different people, different needs and hence different plans.
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    I dont think its about handsets,operators themselves have dual spectrum and are neglecting cdma business.
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    my reliance gsm no was deactivated even after submiting my documents afer fed up by response of mobile store guys complained on pgp port. No got activated in the evening and recied sorry call from chairmen desk of reliance
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    RIM unveils five new BlackBerry 7 handsets, launching with 225 partners worldwide Canadian mobile giant RIM has announced its latest line of BlackBerry Bold and Torch smartphones, introducing a total of five devices that will all be powered by the company’s latest BlackBerry 7 OS. The smartphone vendor will roll out two new BlackBerry Bold models – the 9900 and 9930 – each sporting a large keyboard and touch display. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be RIM’s thinnest BlackBerry yet, with a thickness of just 10.5mm, and will be the flagship device to combine a keyboard with a touchscreen display inside BlackBerry’s Bold unique design. The Bold 9900 and 9930 will launch with full support for Near Field Communications (NFC), which will allow smartphone owners to pair their accessories, read tags and make payments in the near future. Both will combine a keyboard and touch display, with the 9900 including a brushed stainless steel frame. RIM also unveiled and three BlackBerry Torch models – the 9810, 9850 and the 9860. The Torch 9810 sports a 3.2-inch high-resolution display, a slide-out keyboard and launches as a small upgrade to the Torch line. However, the new BlackBerry Torch 9850 and 9860 smartphones will include the biggest screens ever on a BlackBerry device, shipping with a 3.7-inch touch display. The devices are optimised for web use and social interaction, as well as delivering powerful gaming experiences. They will also supports HD recording at 720p, including A 5-megapixel, zero-shutter lag photo camera. All devices will be powered by a 1.2GHz processor paired with 768MB of RAM. Of course with the five new smartphones comes the release of BlackBerry 7 OS. The platform has been upgraded to deliver faster web browsing, deliver Liquid GraphicsTM technology with each smartphone coupling a dedicated graphics CPU and processor to deliver smooth graphics. BlacBerry Messenger gets an upgrade, incorporating BBM within third-party applications, updated social feeds and a new Facebook client to allow smartphone owners to keep up with their friends in real time. RIM adds: BlackBerry 7 OS also includes a number of other pre-loaded applications and integrated functionality for increased productivity and collaboration right out of the box. The Premium version of Documents To Go is now included free of charge, offering users powerful document editing features as well as a native PDF document viewer. BlackBerry® Protect is also pre-loaded**, offering customers the peace of mind that personal data can be backed up and secured in the cloud. BlackBerry® Balance (announced May 2, 2011) is now integrated in BlackBerry 7, allowing users to enjoy the full BlackBerry smartphone experience for both work and personal purposes without compromising the IT department’s need for advanced security and IT controls. And further, the popular universal search capability has been enhanced with support for voice-activated search, so users can now simply speak to begin searching their device and the web for information. Each device is expected to become available later this month, helped by 225 carriers worldwide.
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    +10 for you.... Thanks for such neat and elaborate post with proper chronology. :clap: Please don't forget to send an appreciation mail to DoT indicating that your complaint number XXXXX is solved to your satisfaction. I always had faith in our system in spite of so much cynicism in the air. My request to fellow members is to make a try and then say it doesn't work. Just don't pass comments due to seize mentality. I also request members to appreciate small good things which happens in our system now and then. It's the only we can elevate the system to do more....
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    Go to MyJio app and select recharge of 309 or above - move to pay - on the final payment page while selecting mode of payment, you will see that - 50/- is applied automatically and amount to be paid is reduced. It will also display the number of vouchers remaining. Jio vouchers are redeemable since 15 November 20 November (updated) whereas e-commerce vouchers are redeemable from 20 November.
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    This is very important message - this confirms that your number is ported properly and you will not face any issue regarding incoming sms or calls. I received the same message when I ported one of my Rcom numbers to Jio. Since recently Jio has been allotted most of the 93 (MSC code) which was surrendered by Rcom - so only the numbers retained by Rcom will remain in the ownership of Rcom in future and rest of all the ported numbers will go to Jio once the number is ported to Jio (since Rcom is not providing voice services anymore). Read here http://www.dot.gov.in/access-services/allotment-msc-codes http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/MNP.pdf?download=1 http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/RJIL_1.pdf?download=1 http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/MSC_1.pdf?download=1 http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/RJIL Airtel MSC_0.pdf?download=1
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    As I mentioned before that I was not able to receive calls from Rcom on my Airtel (Rcom to Airtel ported - Mumbai circle) number - I complained twice but nothing happened. But today I realised that I was not receiving SMS alerts from my Bank too (from RM-XXXXXB - seems they were using Reliance for bulk SMS). I called again at 1800-103-1111 (Airtel MNP no.) and insisted to talk to some senior executive. I was literally shocked, when after explaining the issue he told me that there is no such complain lodged against my number and the complain number given to me is a call record number for information regarding open network. Finally he took my fresh complain and told me that it will get resolved in 24 hours. Few hours later I received delayed SMS alert from my Bank but the number was IM-XXXXXB (seems they have also switched to Idea). Viola ! I was surprised when by evening I started receiving calls from Rcom numbers too. So all my issues after porting my number to Airtel finally ended. Update on 15 November : Today at 7:01 AM I received the final SMS from AZ-AIRFTA saying "Your PORT IN request is successfully activated."
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    If you have UID of Delhi then it will be a hassle free process but if the UID is of UP, then you need to specify a local address in the EKYC app. Rest assured, you can port your number inter circle with an exception of J&K, NE and Assam.
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    It's probably sent by Tata DoCoMo itself. Check whether sender code starts with 'TD'. I have already got such SMSs from RJio and Aircel too.
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    The speed for V-Fiber depends on distance between your premise and exchange. I had received an offer from Airtel long back. But the filed technician informed that since my office far from their exchange, I will get max. 8Mbps. While one of my friends in different area is getting aroung 40Mbps speed as he is closer to the exchange.
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    You can take either prepaid or postpaid as per your choice with the new operator.
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    That switch account button is new, but the feature was available for long time. I have linked 7 jio numbers in a single account. Earlier there will a drop down list box style button near the number to switch to other numbers or to see the details of other numbers' validity / data usage etc, to be precise. Now they have straight away given the button. The most useful new addition is the detail of "LAST device used", immediately under the button. Wow, now I need not check what number is in which device by making a call. I appreciate Jio's efforts in improving UI of MyJio app.
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    Rimweb was smart enough to 'port' its forum to Jio in time.
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    Porting status is available from this website http://mnpindia.in/
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    Very very thanks to "KanagaDeepan" and "Commonman" for a valuable reply. I created porting code on both numbers. I am planning to port one number to AirTel and other to Jio. I will apply for porting tomorrow morning.
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    So RIMweb seen full jouney of rcom From no 1 CDMA (WLL to full mobility) operator to closure/shut down of CDMA and then GSM/3G.
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    I wonder why some people are still complaining regarding Jio' pricing & also frowning against the withdrawal of unlimited night (2 AM - 5 AM). Those who have recharged with ₹499/- & above got 100GB Flat for 90 days & those stuck with ₹303/- Summer Surprise 1GB/day can always recharge with Booster-pack if needed. I think they are the one who never complained while 1GB 3G data used to cost ₹251/- for 28 days. How can we be so GREEDY? Why can't we be rational?
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    Govt is planning 4G spectrum auction by end of this year. This is really ridiculous as users have still not embrace 3G due to high cost. Even telcos are worried about their investment. Telcos are in big trouble if this happens. If they dont bid, then new cos will get it and will offer 4G at almost same price. IF they bid, then they need to invest again billions. This makes no business sense. Govt should also think how they are going to support industry with such policies.
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    Was wondering why this phone is not available for sell on Ribweb. Boost version is for sale for 109$, Should be a good Phone around 10K in India
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    Interesting concept and "might" work on Reliance RUIM, let me know if someone can confirm same.
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    One peculiar thing I have noted in this Android One phones is, both the SIM slots accept 3G (from specs written in Box) SIMs.. But only one 3G network at a time...
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    ^^^ Great info Guru Gopal Ji....It will be very helpful to those who are planning to go for Char Dham Yatra. +1
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    i also get 'invalid keyword' from rgsm, has anyone used the free android app: india against spam it properly formats your spam sms before sending directly to 1909 so it saves a lot of time / effort
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    Press Trust of India March 16, 2013 The department of telecom has asked Bharti Airtel to stop offering third generation (3G) services in seven circles where the company does not hold spectrum. "Airtel has been asked to stop 3G services and file a compliance report by 3pm on March 18," sources said. The DoT has also asked Airtel to pay a penalty of Rs 350 crore for offering 3G services beyond permitted zones. The company sources said Airtel has already approached the Delhi High Court against the order. Telecom minister Kapil Sibal had approved the recommendation of a DoT committee to impose Rs 50 crore penalty each on seven licences of Bharti Airtel that entered into 3G roaming agreements with other operators to offer services beyond permitted zones. Airtel won 3G spectrum in 13 out of 22 telecom circles in 2010 through auction and entered into a quid pro quo agreement with other players who won the spectrum in other service area where it did not have spectrum to offer 3G services. DoT has held that it is illegal to offer 3G data services beyond a company's licensed zone or circle. On December 23, 2011, the DoT had issued a letter instructing various telecom service providers including the Bharti Airtel to immediately stop providing the intra circle roaming service in all service area. The operators, however, had moved the tribunal (TDSAT) challenging the DoT order, saying it would harm customers and investment in the sector. In July 2012, the tribunal had delivered a split verdict. While one member of the two-member bench favoured the DoT's claim that roaming agreements were illegal, the other supported the operators who had challenged it.
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    Will CDMA suffer from this hike too? I thought this whole 2G scam was related to GSM cause CDMA works on different frequency. I thought 2G scam was about the 850MHz/900MHz(whichever works in India) band.
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    Just now saw news and Kapil Sibbal announcing that no more roaming charges will be applicable Pan-India. Effective Date: Didnt see as it was in the highlights. If someone could let know more about it!
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    i tried this from my vodafone and just got an error as reply about wrong keyword or something and from my cdma i got: no default configured when i fwd the spam sms. has this fwd worked for anyone else?
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    in 2010 they auction 2.3 Ghz for TDD-LTE or WIMAX (Wimax already being abandoned by Telecom gear Maker) 2.3 will be exclusively used for TDD-LTE (Time Division Duplex means Upload and Download Frequency is same 20 mhz in Sequence but Upload and download will be used as per Micro Second Time slot) in 2012 end 700 mhz Frequency will be auctioned but 700 mhz International allocation is FDD (Frequency Duplex) means out of 20 Half will be for Upload and Half will be for download. 700mhz have 3 time more Coverage area then 2.3 ghz so 700mhz will definitely attract more operators with higher price. Both FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE are supported by same Chip sets, Handsets and Modem so Compatibility will be there in future.
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    There is some hope for using my Photon ... even it will cost a bomb Why is the telecom industry moving at such a slow pace ?
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    Don't know what will be the aftermath once this policy is implemented. Truly One-India.
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    They are returning money IN doubles; First I received back that previous 222/- TWICE back into my account; They again made an unauthorised deduction of Rs. 19/= for sms1p pack which I had discontinued. raised another complaint. They returned back that 19/- also TWICE plus also received a phone from their Mumbai Head office apologizing. Now I gave the lady a piece of my mind as to why Reliance has nowadays started these fraudulent practices which never happened before. They are trying to raise revenues by all illegal means. She said she will pass my suggestion to main corporate care. Now, I feel they are basically trying to shut OUR mouth's by giving us double refunds and they would like to keep on fleecing the 99.9% other majority using reliance.
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    Even I have posted on PGP for Rcom... As mentioned above i didnt got proper response from cc, had sent email to nodal officer but no reply..... after tht i have posted in PGP..... lets see what happens...
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    Sebi to message Trai on banning mass stock tips via cells New Delhi : The capital market watchdog may soon approach the telecom regulator to curb unsolicited stock tips on mobile phones. The objective of the Securities Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is to protect investors from being misled by such information, which could be erroneous or a ploy to manipulate stock prices. "Such messages can mislead small investors... we are contemplating some action," a senior Sebi official told ET, adding that the market regulator may take up the issue with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( Trai )). Sebi has already come down heavily on internet blogs, chat fora , emails and social networking sites that offer advice on stocks. The telecom watchdog, which is chalking out a policy on bulk messages, has proposed a system of identifying senders of unsolicited messages. The guidelines are yet to get a nod from the government. Apart from bulk messages pushing products, some market intermediaries have been using this platform to promote stocks. The issue largely relates to unsolicited text messages (SMSes) sent to people who are not clients of an intermediary. In March, Sebi had alerted investors in this regard. "Where the advice is rendered or sought to be rendered by any person, by means of advertisements through SMSes, or the electronic or print media, whether pursuant to or in the absence of any contract or arrangement, it might be an attempt to influence market price and lure investors. Investors are therefore advised to take adequate care and carry out necessary due diligence before acting on the basis of such advice/communication," the Sebi communique had said. The Sebi code of conduct for all intermediaries, including portfolio managers, provides that an intermediary or any of its employees cannot, directly or indirectly, give investment advice about any security in the publicly accessible media, unless it has disclosed its long or short position in the said security. The regulator had recently announced a new code of conduct for staff of broking houses and other market intermediaries to check propagation of unsubstantiated news, which could have implications for stock price movements. "The staff of broking houses and other intermediaries should be discouraged from circulating information obtained from clients or others without proper verification," a recent Sebi circular said. The market regulator will also start a software-based monitoring of discussions on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. - Economic Times
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    It is different from XPeria Arc which is available at letsbuy.com at 28199 and officially priced at 32K.
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    Will the money taken be returned else this is also scam arrest with no value.
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    Nokia Siemens Networks readies TD-LTE for India source:: http://telecomtiger.com/Technology_fullstory.aspx?storyid=10139&flag=1&passfrom=topstory&section=S210 As per the news, it looks like Aircel is more or less decided on TD-LTE against WiMAX.
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    The termination charges for SMS was fixed at 10 paisa but TRAI never monitored the transactions in SMS charges which resulted in operators sending messages without paying any termination charges to each other. The business logic for operators was that SMS constitutes a major chunk of their traffic thus non-charging would negate any payment towards termination charges. This resulted in operators offering free SMS packs with mutual understanding. This started choking the networks as new entrants also started the same practice of offering free or lower SMS rates pack. Older telecos are not comfortable with new entrants utilizing similar strategy as majority of old customers reside on their network. Thus Bharti Airtel recently started charging 10 paisa as termination charges without dolling out any favors to other networks Currently a voice call is charged less than a SMS. The SMS charges ranges from 50 paisa - Rs.1 without considering any value added package plans. Thus the levying of termination charges will bring transparency to the whole messaging system at the same time see irrational telecom packages going out of market and SMS charges falling inline with calling charges. This move will hardly increase SMS charges but if TRAI interferes to bring down the SMS prices as majority of this revenues goes into operators kitty it could start a downfall in SMS charges.The operators currently earn a hefty profit through messaging as network cost is minimal in terminating messages thus they needs to bring rationality in their chtarges to benefit the subscribers
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    The termination charges should be fixed at 10p - 15p from the current 20p. We shouldnt pray for anything further as the network will DETERIORATE then. The call rates in India are already among the lowest in the world at less than $0.01 a minute and the Operators are under immense pressure. Such drops will be suicidal for all.
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    Aaya re aaya... Mukesh aaya.. RIL sabki gaa** marne wala hain.. just wait and watch...
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    It is not . We are a proper mobile development company. http://minkle.in/About tells you more about us. I am Ashish (Pocha).
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    Still it is cheaper than TATA and Reliance.
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    As per TRAI regulation, a subscriber cannot be forced to move to higher rental unless the subscriber has completed 6 months in the current plan.
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    The rental was increased but on November 7 the rate hike was withdrawn due to the pressure from the old users.
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    Sunil Jain: Second thoughts on 3G Business Standard Sunil Jain / New Delhi - October 09, 2006 This is the ultimate irony. The country’s cellular mobile operators who’re arguing that 3G licences are not a new service, and therefore cannot be auctioned, are essentially relying upon a change in their licence conditions made at the time when Reliance and the Tatas gained a backdoor entry into the mobile telephony market in 2003. Something they objected to at that point of time! Under the original licence, the only mobile telephony that could be provided was a 2G one. It was only when the government decided to allow the fixed-line telecom providers to provide full-blown mobility using CDMA technology that the Unified Access Services Licence (UASL) dropped the term 2G and the scope got broadened to “provision of all types of access services”, which, you could argue, includes 3G services as well. Which is probably why when the Prime Minister’s Office asked the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for its view in December 2004, the DoT said that under the UASL, 3G services were part of 2G licences, and that the only issues that needed to be addressed related to the allocation of this 3G spectrum and the criterion for this. In other words, had the GSM cellular players (Hutch/Airtel, etc) got their way and stopped the CDMA-based Reliance/Tatas’ back-door entry in full-blown mobility, they wouldn’t have had a case for opposing the telecom regulator’s (Trai’s) recommendation that 3G services be considered a new service! But whether you agree that 3G spectrum needs to be bid for or that it should be given free like the 2G one, what’s troubling is that in a sector where most agree the regulatory system is the best, the regulator should do a complete U-turn on 3G policy. In May last year, the regulator was very clear that 3G was simply an extension of 2G and that it could not be priced. Today, the same regulator, with a new chief though, has no hesitation in saying 3G is a separate service, that while 2G is essentially about voice traffic, 3G is really about data. Trai has tried to justify this by saying there was a serious spectrum crunch in 2005 and, since it didn’t look as if any more 2G spectrum would be available soon, the 2005 recommendation on 3G was a response to this. That’s a feeble excuse since there has been little change in the spectrum position since May 2005. The proposal to get the defence forces to vacate an additional 25 MHz of 2G spectrum—this is enough to service around 50-60 mn new subscribers—in the 1,800 MHz frequency band, which is going to happen now, was first agreed to by a Group of Ministers in September 2003. And, in May 2005, Trai reiterated that this was to be made available by December of that year. It is equally unclear how Trai justifies its changed view on 2G spectrum. In May 2005, it said spectrum vacated by the defence should be given to the GSM firms; the current view is that GSM firms should vacate some spectrum in the 900 MHz band and this be given to the CDMA lot! Though this loss is to be made up in the 1,800 MHz spectrum, this will cut into the GSM lot’s fresh allocation since only 25 MHz is available. In other words, it will take a while before a genuinely robust regulatory mechanism that’s independent of personalities develops. That’s good or bad news, depending upon where you stand. Though sensible on the whole, Trai’s latest 3G recommendations still have some inconsistencies. First, the rollout obligations specified is a bad idea since the DoT has rolled these back in the past in other services like fixed-line and long-distance telephony. Second, the suggestion that CDMA players who want spectrum in the 800 MHz frequency match the bid of the second-bidder in the 2,100 MHz is unfair. If Reliance/Tata, the CDMA lot, want to offer 3G services in the 800MHz band why should they pay less than what Airtel/Hutch (the GSM lot) pay when they bid for spectrum in the 2,100 MHz band? The argument given is that, to do 3G services in the 800 MHz band, the CDMA lot will have to dedicate 1.25 MHz (called a “carrier” in jargon) to only data communication and so, if there aren’t enough 3G customers, this is a dead loss—the GSM lot, in contrast, can use their 3G spectrum to provide voice services to existing 2G subscribers as well. True, but the CDMA lot needs to buy less spectrum than the GSM lot, so they save there. While Trai has chosen not to disturb the existing practice of giving 2G spectrum free, it will have to apply its mind here eventually, since this prevents its proper utilisation. An example will make this clear. If Reliance or the Tatas want to do 3G CDMA services in the 800 MHz band, they have to buy one more “carrier” (by matching the second-bid in the 2,100 MHz band). They can, however, do this even today by releasing one of their existing “carriers” in this frequency band, but under the new 3G policy, they have to buy a new “carrier”. But if they buy a new “carrier” here, they cannot do 3G GSM (like Reliance is supposed to be inclined to do) in the 2,100 MHz band. This is illogical, but the reason for it is obvious—if the GSM firms have to pay for their 3G spectrum, why should the CDMA chaps get it for free? A fair enough point, but it ensures the economy’s making sub-optimal choices. The sooner the pricing of 2G spectrum is discussed, the better.