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    Hi all. There is a good news for xiaomi mi5 user. Now after latest update mi5 is supporting carrier aggregation(3ca). Speed is really awesome, equal to samsung s7. Screen shot is attached.
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    Here is some GOOD NEWS !!! Now you can watch Jio Cinema & Jio TV on your Desktop or Laptop using any browser. Jio has silently launched the web version of both the apps. Go to following links : Jio Cinema https://www.jiocinema.com/ Jio TV https://www.jiotv.com/ Details will be updated later. Updates: Login using your Jio ID to watch (I was able to login with email ID as well as Unique ID but Jio number & password combination didn't work). Jio Cinema has an additional option of login using Jio number with OTP. I was able to play HD stuff smoothly in Edge browser whereas it didn't play in my Firefox browser (may be because I have not installed Flash in my Firefox). Latest Update : for the time being Jio has disabled & put Under Construction page - wait for it to get removed then try. Will Update.
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    The list will be too big, imho.. Here is a Wikipedia link, showing 4G+ Handsets and level of CA supported...
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    Hello Everyone, I just heard that JIO is launching DTH services in the month of April. http://www.bgr.in/news/reliance-jio-set-top-box-leaked-in-images-heres-everything-we-know-so-far/ Any info on getting details, please do reply.
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    Hello I am from Nagpur I had bought 3g modem of Vodafone about a year ago I recently used Docomo Sim in it was working connected on 3g but speed was not good Bought a BSNL SIM card yesterday am able to browse on mobile and from laptop thru mobile using the settings apn "bsnlnet" and UN ppp with password ppp123 but when I put the SIM in data card it does not work Can anybody help me in this matter The data card is not locked since I have used docomo card in it
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    A raja has been arrested finally. its all over the net...
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    Does any one tried BSNL 3G Data card. user experiences and reviews are appreciated.
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    It is problem of Maharashtra bsnl 3g circle. No 3g data card other than their own 3g data card work in Maharashtra circle. I have unlocked Huawei E1750 7.2 Mbps 3g modem. I try every setting for bsnl 3g ,upgraded firmware and dashboard but bsnl 3g not working. gives the error code 619 OR 628 randomly. It is problem of Maharashtra circle only it work in other state with no problem using same hardware.
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    Hi All, I am from Bangalore and stay near Majestic area. I too bought a BSNL 3G with a data card after Diwali. The signal strength in my area is almost 98-100%. Considering this, I get an average speed of 1.5 - 2 Mbps. The maximum file download speed which I observed while downloading a file form Oracle website was 575 KBps. Remember its KBps and not Kbps, so its a caps 'B'. So that was truly amazing. Therefore the maximum download speed I noticed was 4.5 Mbps and an average of 2 Mbps most of the time. The least speed observed in the same site was 120-140 KBps with a slight fluctuation. Torrent downloads with 4 file simultaneously, the total bandwith for download nearly reached 390-400 KBps, and upload was 1-1.5 Mbps. This is truly amazing provided u have sufficient signal in ur respective areas. The only doubt I have here is whether the 4200 Rs, plan for 6 months is really unlimited or is there any cap on the usage which they call as "Fair Usage Policy". One more question please. Am using Huawei data card, model no e1752, which I purchased for Rs 3800/= Is this the correct price? Or have I paid more for this ? Any body who knows about this or who want to know anything about BSNL's 3G experience can drop me a mail to mohammedbit@gmail.com Thanks, Mohammed P.
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    the data card cost 2500rs and 120rs for 3g sim.
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    3G GSM?? If looking for only data please do not go for GSM. Go for CDMA in any ways. Even CDMA EVDO performance is not as satisfactory so expecting it from GSM is really too much. Even in US 3G of AT & T is no where closer to VERIZON and SPRINT Read this too http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=190221
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    my bro bought it from pune but it was single grade not the 3g for 2500 The lw273 come for 3000 + 120rs recharge will give you 12gb [one time new buyer offer <<correct me if m wrong] but that what the dealer told my brother