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    I would say Airtel & Vodafone are "Fishing in troubled waters" since, now they are just trying to improve their ARPU figures by shredding low ARPU users or forcing recharge upon them. I totally agree with you regarding the burden of maintaining such huge network but it is not going to help them by taking this step as by the way of loosing customers they cannot reduce their maintenance expenses but instead more calls will terminate to other networks. Though it is going to fetch them some quick revenue but is surely going to affect their future business, since many lifetime validity users were suppose to recharge a minimum of ₹200 every 6 months to continue their services and now forced recharging for them will only yield ₹55 extra ( since ₹35X13 = ₹455 i.e. ₹55 extra for 13X28 days= 364 days). No customer will ever want to live with the fear of losing outgoing after 28 days without any grace period if he forgets to recharge on the last day. IMHO it is a short term revenue collection policy and TRAI is equally involved since this violates the TRAI's 90 days disconnection policy. I am just concerned about the majority of lower income people using mobile - as they are going to be affected badly by this move.
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    Yes. It supports 2 CA, with band 3 + Band 40 only. So no Band 5 + Band 40 and even no Band 40 + Band 40 support as well. Still Useful for Airtel and Jio. From my personal experience Poco F1 works better with Airtel than Jio.
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    Airtel VoLTE is available along with Jio VoLTE on our Redmi 6A, since last evening [30-Jan-2019, 4.00PM]. The device is currently on MiUi Global Stable version
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    After public outcry, TRAI has intervened. Now, the minimum validity recharge has been reduced to 23 by Airtel and 24 by Voda. To recharge from main balance, for airtel dial *121*51# and choose 23. it can also be put on auto renew mode. for voda dial *444*24#. no auto renew option. for idea dial *369*24#. no auto renew option.
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    those who use only for incoming would wait till 28+15 (43) days to do validity recharge. so they would be paying about 300 now instead of the earlier 400. And yes TRAI regulations are violated as the to the Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation (Sixth Amendment) Rules specify that connection can not be discontinued as long as the main balance is more than Rs.20, but Rs20/30 days can be deducted for inactive numbers.
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    BSNL Prepaid Karnataka Circle Plan voucher: Rs.36/- Tariff: Local - Rs.0.02/- Per sec; STD - Rs.0.024/- Per sec Plan Validity: 180 days [6 months] After Plan validity Expiry Grace Period GP1: 15 days [Outgoing Calls & SMS barred except Toll Free & Emergency Nos. - if recharged, Talktime balance carry forward] Grace period GP2: 165 days [Outgoing Calls & SMS barred except Toll Free & Emergency Nos. - if Recharged, Number is retained] Note: Once recharged with Rs.36/-, BSNL customer gets Incoming calls & SMS free for 180+15+165=360 days
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    This was bound to happen. There are millions of customers who do not recharge for months but enjoy incoming facility and telcos are burden with maintaining service to them without single paisa coming in. Due to extremely low plans, nad eroded margins, they can't afford such connections. The problem will be for those in lower income groups as only one connection is generaly used for outgoing and rest for incoming. It will be hard for them to maintain all connections.
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    one of my friends informs that, "there is no point in Rooting Lyf handsets to uninstall LyfCare app - the buyer of the handset can always install the LyfCare app from playstore & the profile is revealed!" instead, he suggested to edit the profile as: Address: xxxxxx [for all fields] E-mail: xxxxxx@lyf.com Phone number: "rarely" used No. [for OTP from LyfCare]. However, Regd. Name can't be edited!
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    for those who have jio Rs.50 vouchers unused in their account open Myjio. Go to vouchers and select option to buy voucher. select 149 recharge + 11 data voucher proceed to pay you will get option to use 50 credit voucher, select that pay 110 by any method and get one 149 recharge voucher and one 11 data voucher in your account these vouchers are not tied to your account and can be transferred to any user.
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    With reference to the Circular issued by RBI regarding "Storage of Payment System Data" Phonepe has published a detailed/comprehensive article regarding Data Localization. The government is framing another Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 (Draft) to keep all consumer related data of Indians within India (Data Servers within India). This is a good move IMHO.
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    Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestion. I filed a grievance on the Pgportal and got a quick response (within a week) from those concerned. I received an email from a rep of Reliance ADA, who asked me to provide my general bank details in order to process my refund. He also said it might take a month for the refund to be transferred. A month passed by and nothing happened. After sending them reminder emails at least twice over a period of 2 weeks, did I finally receive my deposit refund at the end of July. Once again, thank you for all the help.
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    This is very important. Unless they implement VoLTE, it doesn't really make sense for people with 4g handsets to stick with RCOM. At least in states like kerala where they don't have 3G network at all. Moreover, the voice clarity is below average in my place at least. One thing I heard from one of the old employees of RCOM is that they are currently concentrating on the Aircel merger not on any network expansion. In fact he also told me that though it is projected as a merger, it's more like selling RCOMs wireless business to Aircel and most of the key positions in the company would be taken up by Aircel employees. Not sure how far this is true. But I believe it to some extend with my experience of sending a mail to RCOM appelette authority and I am yet to get an acknowledgement or response of some sort even after 3 weeks. It seems that RCOM doesn't really care about their current customers. They are busy selling their company to Aircel.