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    If Still anyone having or using LG G3 US990 US cellular model then Fulmics ROM is working perfectly with Jio simcard with DATA and calling Through Jio4G voice. Issue of low Signal solved with this ROM Earlier problem of Registering with Jio4G voice is solved with Fulmics ROM. Other features are also working well and no major issue. Follow given XDA link for step by step installation of Fulmics ROM. Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/development/rom-fulmics-rom-3-0-tweaks-hub-ota-v30b-t3304556
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    If you are looking for Dualband (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz) ones, with great reception and don't care about lengthy antenna, go for THIS.. If you want Dualband one, but not with protruding antenna, go for THIS... Even though going for dualband ones will be future proof, it is NOT really needed now. So for an ordinary 2.4GHz (JioFi uses 2.4GHz only) go for THIS..
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    Guys, Aircel has launched an online portal for generating UPC codes for its existing customers. Those who are still not able to generate UPC code through SMS because of network unavailability can get it done online. Just click on one of the following link(s):- https://ekyc.aircel.com:444/ekyc/genUPC.html After opening the webpage, enter your 10-digit Aircel number, last 5 digits of your SIM number (which is printed on your SIM), select your home circle (if required), and then click on Generate UPC.
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    I am NOT saying other operators were NOT looting, before jio days. Yes, they have looted and will continue to do so, if they get the slightest chance, even now. No doubts in that. I do agree that, people are getting huge benefits as well. I am NOT against the benefits for mass. I wholeheartedly welcome this. But why they are NOT caring about high ARPU users??? Do you think, they got profit, just from Jio's operations ALONE and NOT from funds of RIL??? Do you think, they will get returns for the 2.5 Lakh Crores, (this amount is as big as budget of few small countries) by offering to masses only? No, they need to concentrate on high ARPU users as well. I will be more happy, if they offered balanced services like, Rs49 Limited plan for feature phone users and Bulk benefits for high ARPU users. I am NOT losing anything, if Idea or Airtel goes to loss (they already are. Idea for 1 year & Airtel from last qtr for India operations). But lack of competition is a HUGE loss for customers. With NO competition, there will be NO need to ensure quality services. Already CC of Jio is the worst. Guess, the situation, when there is NO or little competition? It is much worse than Rs296/GB, imho. Reg "Revival of Looting Era" -- I don't think it will be as severe as AVoId days of Rs296 per GB for sure. At the max, it can go to Rs303 -- 1GB per day for 28 days. When saying LOSS to customers, it is NOT just about money -- It is loss of quality -- It is the loss of Choice -- It is the loss of peace of mind. With NO competition, your money is valueless. That is the real loss.
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    You may disagree, but the fact is that by giving away dirt cheap offers they can easily surpass Airtel (number of subscribers) by the next year & as far as ARPU is concerned they are already well off (reporting profits) so there is no need to concentrate on improving it, at least at the moment - when they are looking for more subscribers. This can be addressed as "Killing the competition" but just think what was happening before the entry of Jio - all telecom operators were simply LOOTING. Now Jio has emerged as a "Robin Hood" and may be killing the competition, but who is benefited - We the users (remember 80%of Indian population is still poor). This is the reason why they are after masses and not merely after the bunch of high ARPU customers. I would like to say that when the things are beyond our control & we can't do anything about the present situation it is better to enjoy the cheap data till the "Looting Era" revives again if ever (although not expected).
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    what is interesting is that Jio has kept the bench mark 149 ARPU level intact and increased the daily data limits. for all practical purposes, most people will not be able to consume full daily limit for entire validity, even if they manage for some days. psychologically, Indians would prefer to go for 149 (o its variation of long term ones) recharges instead of the 98 one, even if their requirements are more than satisfied by 2 GB monthly data. of course, thanks to whatsapp, a good amount of data gets used up just with the useless good morning/good night pictures/GIFs/Videos. JIO is using VOIP for voice so no extra charge of voice, as long as the call gets terminated within their own network. so they are trying to ensure just that by attracting as many person on board as possible. by giving the facility of queued recharges and bundling with cashbacks from various wallets, they are also ensuring that once a person is onboard, he/she remains with them for a long time. again, Jio will keep on coming out with offers and Indian psyche would induce people to keep queuing up recharges even though they may have a few queued up already. Mukesh bhai (or is it Mukesh Jr) has found a new way of perpetual contract carrier model on prepaid, without actually spelling it upfront. they have learnt from RIM mistakes. so in the end, it would be 149 APRU multiplied by number of users, not a small figure by any measure.
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    Since Jio starting making money, now they are going all out and Jio is aware of the fact that network issue persist for all the operators. These prices are insane and now God bless us as service will further deteriorate.
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    Update: Did some RnD on Engineering Mode (*#546368#*371#) IMS setting and VoLTE Enabled on LG Phoenix 2 At&t. Now i can make voice call using Phone dialer without 4G support.
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    the data card cost 2500rs and 120rs for 3g sim.
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    one of my friends informs that, "there is no point in Rooting Lyf handsets to uninstall LyfCare app - the buyer of the handset can always install the LyfCare app from playstore & the profile is revealed!" instead, he suggested to edit the profile as: Address: xxxxxx [for all fields] E-mail: xxxxxx@lyf.com Phone number: "rarely" used No. [for OTP from LyfCare]. However, Regd. Name can't be edited!
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    Offer for Phonepe app users Only!! Now you can get ₹399 recharge for ₹299 only. i.e. ₹100 per month (28 Days). This offer is valid till 21st September 2018, so please hurry if you have not availed it yet. Remember it is only for the FIRST recharge during the offer period using Phonepe payment option & DO NOT PAY USING PHONEPE WALLET BALANCE - you will not get cashback (Use any other mode from within Phonepe viz. UPI, Debit or Credit Card). You need to pay at least ₹300 using any payment mode in Phonepe and pay the balance through Wallet Balance to be able to avail ₹50 cashback. Only proceed further when you see the Green label/tag at the bottom of the final Phonepe payment screen mentioning ₹50 cashback applied. ₹50 Jio Voucher gets applied only while recharging through Jio app and not through Jio website so be careful. You need to pay ₹349 and will get ₹50 cashback in Phonepe after successful transaction. For Phonepe terms go to https://tnc.phonepe.com/tncstore/18/09/10/OF1809101606514421075583/en.html
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    That's 2GB per day for 4 days in September as well as October as per Jio announcement / faq section. All my Jio prepaid numbers have this 4 days pack activated already. This will repeat again in October as well. Sent from my Samsung C9 pro using Tapatalk
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    Update from USA Airtel latches to AT&T in USA. AT&T has discontinued 2G w.e.f. January 2017 - only 3G & 4G available Airtel IR Pack 2,999 works fine in USA [10 days validity; unlimited incoming calls/SMS; 250min local/India calling; 100 SMS per day] T-mobile 2G/3G/4G is available. Airtel also latches to T-mobile 2G [when AT&T isn't available], but service is patchy! Moto G5 Plus [India model] doesn't seem to support WiFi calling. however, it is compatible to AT&T 3G & 4G
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    5GB add on you got must have been under Xiaomi offer & is associated with particular handset and cannot be used with any other device. It seems they are giving on lot basis - so keep checking, you may get the 10GB on the other sim within next few days. Good luck!
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    after RCom fiasco, who would trust Anil baba for 5 years
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    I have changed one of my sim from mobile handset to newly purchased (26th January 2018) iBall Tab and got 10GB on that device too. The particular sim was lying without any plan from 8th Nov to 26th January when I inserted it into iBall and restored the services by redeeming one of my ₹399 stored voucher on that sim. I don't know what exactly is the eligibility criteria for getting 10GB but I got it on all my connections - Lava X11, Redmi Note 3 Pro and iBall Tab too (purchased in January 2018).
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    Back to topic! Jio has now modified the add on packs - screenshot below.
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    did a recharge of Rs 49x13 for the Rs 1500 jio phone which my daughter uses so now voice will be free @ Rs 637 for a year (364 days) without any headache of paying / recharging. I dont see any other operator offering unlimited calling for both roaming as well as local in 637 bucks also dont see rates bottoming from Rs 49 / 28 days so this is a win win for heavy voice users or cases like mine where i dont want my child to have whatsapp access but only access to a phone.
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    Yes... Jio is making money in books only for now, I guess.. Rs154 ARPU from 16 crore customers?? I really doubt that... Or one reason, I can guess is the QUEUED recharges has brought the revenue to Jio. For eg: I have done recharges for 2 years and hence Jio has got few thousand rupees in last quarter from me. But the problem is "I will NOT recharge for 2 years", but Jio has to serve me for 2 years without getting new revenue from me. From comments around web, I can see that so many people have done advanced recharges and hence good revenue for Jio last qtr. But in coming years, we have to wait and see. The problem with such blood bath competition is, NO NETWORK will be in usable condition, till the end of tariff war in most places.
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    Is this the way they plan to offer competition to Jio or retain their subscribers from switching or lure new customers? It is really sad to see that such a big Telcom is not even capable of designing a good plan for its subscribers. This proves how much they care for their customers. Still dictating terms - (habit is something which is always difficult to change). It is high time for all operators in the field to come out with pure & simple plans without imposing much restrictions / confusing terms, instead should concentrate in maintaining the service quality so as to force the user to stay on their network. Because sincere customers are looking for good service and moderate prices (rock bottom or cheap pricing with odd restrictions is not required). Jio has left everyone behind in planning as it also has host of bundled apps along with data offering and since Jio has turned into profit (as reported in last quarter) now they may concentrate on strengthening their network wherever users are facing issues.
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    What does airtel want to prove here. They have a pathetic 4g coverage and giving such offers. For eg if your 3g data pack has expired & u r left only with 4g only data , and u move to non 4g area u will be charged for using their 3g network
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    These are the handsets, I have tested with Lte-A. 1. Lyf f1s (used by me) 2. Lyf f1 (using my brother) 3. Samsung A9 pro(bought today, great speed) 4. Samsung c9 pro( CA confirmed by KanagaDeepan sir)
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    Idea Cellular slashed the rates of its 4G, 3G BIG Internet packs by upto 67%, providing more value to heavy internet users who consume data packs of 2GB to 10 GB. Last week, Idea had announced the price reduction by 45% in its sachet data packs. Idea is now offering 10 GB 4G, 3G data pack for just Rs. 990. Idea’s 2 GB data is now priced at just Rs 349, as against the earlier price of Rs 449. Idea users will now get 5 GB of 4G and 3G data at Rs 649 – a 67% more value than 3GB data earlier. Idea’s new BIG Internet packs will give both postpaid and prepaid data users the convenience to download movies, stream songs and play online games without worrying about data balance. Commenting on the recent rate revision, Mr. Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular, said, “While the price reduction in our sachet data packs was aimed at inducting more users into the world of internet; the reduction in rates of BIG Recharge packs now, is aimed at delivering significantly higher Value for Money to our regular internet users. Our consumer research studies have indicated a growing demand for affordable high volume internet packs which we are aiming to fulfil with the new offers.” http://rtn.asia/t-t/20323/following-airtel-idea-cellular-also-slashes-4g-rates-ahead-reliance-jio-launch Airtel has today slashed data tariffs for its 2G, 3G and 4G prepaid users. In essence, the company has increased the amount of data one gets on each plan by up to 67 percent. Airtel’s announcement comes days after Idea Cellular too slashed prepaid data tariffs by up to 45 percent. The moves come after reports of Reliance Jio planning to launch its services next month. Even if it doesn’t launch commercially, Reliance Jio is expanding its free Preview Offer from just LYF smartphones to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and even Apple iPhones. Under the revised plans, a user opting for Rs 655 monthly pack will now get 5GB of 4G data as opposed to 3GB earlier. In other words, the user gets 67 percent data benefit. Similarly, users opting for Rs 989 or Rs 455 plans will get 10GB (up from 6.5GB) and 3GB (up from 2GB) data respectively. http://www.bgr.in/news/reliance-jio-effect-airtel-slashes-data-tariffs-for-prepaid-plans-by-up-to-67-percent/ Now RJio 4G plans are costlier than Airtel and Idea. Expecting Vodafone to also match the Airtel and Idea rates.
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    I reside in Malakpet, and mostly go around old city daily. I do not face any problems. My handset is 5s.
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    DoT refuses to extend licences of Vodafone, Airtel; asks telcos to participate in spectrum auctions Source NEW DELHI: In a major setback to Vodafone India, the telecom department has denied its request for extension of licences in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata that are coming up for renewal in late 2014. A top communications ministry official said a similar request from BhartiAirtel has been rejected as well. In a communication to Vodafone, accessed by ET, the telecom department (DoT) has said under the new policy on spectrum allocation, airwaves have been delinked from licence. Therefore, the firm must participate in the auctions to be held later this year to access airwaves at market price. "Unless you participate in auctions and get your bid confirmed, you would not be entitled to wireless licence, which is a requisite," DoT said. It added that Vodafone was given a chance to participate in auctions, concluded early this month, but it stayed away. "In the circumstances, we find no reason to grant you an extension contemplated by Clause 4.1. It is also not expedient to do so as there is no inclination shown by you to come to settle new terms and conditions in pursuance of and in conformities of the extant policies...Consequently, your request for an extension for 10 years on the same terms and conditions stands rejected," the DoT notice said. DoT's Refusal to Prolong Legal Battle The department went on to add that government held the sole right to allocate spectrum and that Vodafone cannot claim any right, "much less preemptive right" with regard to extension of its permits under Clause 4.1 of the licence. A Vodafone spokesperson said the company was 'deeply disappointed' with the rejection of its request. "Vodafone is deeply disappointed with the summary rejection of its request for extension of its licences in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata service areas by DoT. This decision is against the interests of our several million customers in these cities/circles. In addition, there appears to be no acknowledgment by DoT of the full and faithful operation of the licence (by Vodafone) for 18 years...Vodafone has also been consistently contributing several crores in revenues to the national exchequer. Clearly, in DoT's opinion, these aspects are not important for determining expe-diency," the spokesperson said. A senior telecom department official added that similar notices would go out to Bharti Airtel by Monday or early next week. DoT's decision will prolong the legal battle between telecom operators and the government and will in all likelihood cast a shadow on the government's plan to refarm, or redistribute, airwaves in the 900 Mhz band.
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    AirHELL increasing base tariff in India is good for Africa... They shamelessly calls themselves as India's network... I too agree that TRAI will intervene for sure, if the suitcases given to them are NOT enough... Their MoU (Minutes of Usage) will get a severe beat in coming months (happened earlier)...
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    Why sending DND request on 1909 is showing error msg 'wrong keyword'??
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    Very good initiative by TRAI. Operators loot public during the blackout days.
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    Understand the meaning of LTE = Long Term Evolution Rarely does one come across a name which signifies the meaning so effectively.
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    I hope they implement the 'One India' idea which has been on the cards soon. The basic benefit will be your number will be there for good. I do expect a small upward revision of the tariff. I agree with rajanmehta that a lot of it is likely to be just gas. This govt has been big on talk and poor on delivery. I expect the same here. However, since this is a discussion paper let us wait and see. Mr Sibal has been one of the worst in being big on talk and poor on delivery. See the latest - he wants 100 new IITs. The existing ones are already facing a massive shortage of faculty. So where will he get the teachers - in trees (we know who lives there!). Also, brand dilution will be phenomenal. Now they are willing to provide a very lucrative deal for people from Old IITs to go to the newer ones for up to two years. He also wants an AIIMS & IIM in every state. Apparently, no roaming etc. will lead to a revenue loss for all. I saw on the box that RCom may be the least sufferer, with the loss expected to be about 10 crores (not clear whether it is monthly or annual).
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    RIM launches BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone in India at Rs. 32,490 Source. RIM launched the BlackBerry Bold 9900, also known as the Bold Touch 9900, at a conference in New Delhi today. Priced rather extravagantly at Rs. 32,490, the Bold Touch 9900 is the first of the three new BlackBerry smartphones we saw last week, all featuring RIM’s latest operating system – BlackBerry 7 OS, as well as a speedy single-core 1.2GHz processor, and 768MB of RAM. At that price, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 competes with other top-end phones in the market, from the Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation to the iPhone 4. We wonder if all the new features will sway Android and iOS fans the BlackBerry way. The phone’s touchscreen plus QWERTY form factor gets the best of both worlds, featuring RIM’s famous BlackBerry keypad, and a 2.8-inch transmissive display that is touted as a 24-bit high res display, with a resolution of 640x480 pixels – working out to a super dense 287 ppi. The Bold Touch 9900 comes with a 5MP camera onboard capable of 720p HD video recording, 3G/Wi-Fi/GPS/Bluetooth/microUSB/NFC connectivity, an optical trackpad, a document editor, 8GB of built-in storage space, and a 1230 mAh battery capable of delivering nearly 13 days of standby time, and 6.5 hours of talk time. At a glance, the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 is quite similar to the Nokia E6, with an identical form factor, and a high-resolution display. While the price difference is quite massive, it will not be fair to compare the Bold Touch 9900 and E6 in terms of cost, with the former in a different league of hardware configurations. But has RIM still made a mistake pricing the Bold 9900 so high?
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    Karbonn releases 3G-enabled low-cost Android phone at Rs. 6,999 - Karbonn A1 Source. Karbonn has launched its first Android-based handset in India, the Karbonn A1. Priced at Rs. 6,999, it joins the ranks of low-cost Android handsets from companies like Micromax, Spice, and Huawei. Like the Huawei Ideos U8150 and the new Micromax Andro A70, the Karbonn A1 comes with a capacitive touchscreen. The Karbonn A1’s most remarkable features are its connectivity options, which include 3G (7.2Mbps HSDPA) and GPS, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, apart from Bluetooth. Running Android 2.2 Froyo, the Karbonn A1 has a 2.8-inch display (resolution unknown), a 600MHz processor, a 3.2MP camera, a 3.5mm audio jack, and expandable microSD storage up to 32GB. Also onboard is SWYPE text input functionality, as well as various bundled apps, such as Bollywoodji, Saavn Music, and Tune Wiki. Karbonn is looking to get behind the popular Android platform in a big way in India, and apart from strongly promoting the A1, it intends to launch three other Android phones shortly. Let us hope it manages to deliver usable and well-built devices at prices that trigger even greater adoption of Android in India, providing choice in a still rather empty low-cost market.
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    Seems like the deal (Number of suitcases to DoT from RIM) got finalized after a very very long bargaining...
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    She should think positively and use the time to compose more poetry... with the condition that she does not inflict it on other hapless inmates.
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    2G scam: Journalist offers bribe to ED official; scribe, Radia deny links source :: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/telecom/2g-scam-journalist-offers-bribe-to-ed-official-scribe-radia-deny-links/articleshow/8148785.cms As we've seen from the start, the journalists like Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi were burning midnight oil to fix A.Raja as telecom minister during government formation. It can never be possible that they've worked without any financial favor from corporates. Let us hope these shoddy journalists are brought to justice to clean up our muddy media.
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    HTC DROID Incredible 2 Spec Sheet - YES It's A Global Phone... CDMA + GSM.. Launching on April 28th
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    @Renuka Prasad: Glad to hear you have been able to sort out your net connectivity issues. I was just about to write a long winded procedure o try and get the net access working for you, but I'm glad I didnt need to, since you've already sorted it all out. Please feel free to browse the other Android based threads in the forum for useful information on how to get the best possible experience from your Android handset. Cheers!
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    I get messages telling me I am on DND so the companies cannot call me. What is the point of DND if it only applies to calls and messages still come.
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    Tele-marketing companies and operators uses DoT as an instrument to delay further..... source :: http://businesstoday.intoday.in/bt/story/trai-and-dot-tiff-to-delay-ban-on-unwanted-calls-again/1/13726.html It's utter non-sense to quote manual switching as a reason for delaying. Rather DoT must use this as an opportunity to move to automatic switching for all exchanges. Another reason quoted is also not futuristic. When TRAI is working hard on Number Portability in landline, the use of STD code to identify the exchange location is certainly not the future. Identifying exchange based on STD code is also irrelevant due to upcoming fixed-mobile convergence on which TRAI is formulating regulations. In nutshell, futuristic numbering system will not have any signature to identify whether the number belongs to landline or mobile. It'll also not have any signature to identify the exchange or the circle to which the number belongs to. With future in focus, DoT can use this "140" as an opportunity to force operators to upgrade their system in anticipation of landline number portability, inter-circle MNP and fixed-mobile convergence, the services on which TRAI is highly focussed to bring to live at the earliest.
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    No Need to De-register for Receiving Messages from School :: TRAI http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/trai/upload/PressReleases/802/pressR-clarification_School.pdf
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    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: karunanidhi wants to win election and this way he is trying to get sympathy votes.. wht will happen to our netas?? Supreme Court shoould also stop this using him till the verdict is out... i thought it was Pramod Mahajan who made telecom affordable. remember, he favor RCOM and after which rates dropped like anything... sorry n tnhx amit... edited
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    Still Sibal's claim of "NIL" loss actually holds good. CAG's hypothetical figures remain notional till date. Raja's arrest is purely for procedural irregularity of changing 'first come first serve' to 'first pay first serve' thus helping some companies to jump the rest in the queue.
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    It will be really helpful for subscribers whose operator doesn't have the 3g spectrum in there respective areas.
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    AFAIK, if a operator uses another operator's network to offer 3G services in a circle where they do not have 3G licence, then how will they bill for voice services or can they use the other operator's network only for 3G data? Will it not be roaming for the subscriber? Maybe all operators will remove roaming totally pan India - only then, this is possible. I had asked RCOM about Chennai since they do not have licence here - how they will offer 3G services here? This was the reply I got from them. But anything is possible in India. Though they did not divulge any details, they did hint at tie-ups with other operators, but then voice roaming will apply. Lets wait and watch as things unfold.... And IMHO, competition will not allow 3G pricing to be very ultra premium. Maybe for the first few months, operators may want to make merry, but even then people will start comparing BSNL's pricing for 3G services.
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    Yeah, much needed for the operators, else many will switch to the 3G provider once MNP starts. I wonder if the subscriber will have to pay anything extra when using a different provider for 3G services though.
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    This is really too much stupidity. I am not getting payee confirmation SMS from ICICI and I need to transfer money urgently. Always used to get it instantly. But not getting it now even after 5 tries of adding/deleting the payee.
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    I still have doubts whether these telcos will verify address proof throughly or not , may be the initial spirit will be for a month or two... After then, I doubt thorough verification may NOT be possible with any telco, imho...