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    After googling a bit, i found two prl files which are attached in this post. Test and see if it works...also after writing prl file plz change Country code, that is MCC = 405 & MNC = 89 MTS PRL.zip
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    its an OMH category handset... supports 7 indian regional languages + english.. however, the price is yet to be disclosed.. some more features are - phonebook capacity : 1000 contacts ( 3 numbers each contact ) message capacity : 500 messages 3 games : cricket, sudoku & carrom 2.5 MB memory capacity shared with BREW downloads, FM recording or voice recording 7 customizable profiles PC sync : phonebook syncing using PC studio software
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    Good if your phone is SIM enabled, but you have to go to some repair shop only, they will upload all the missing files to the phone.