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    Mobile internet is a vague term as it is applicable to any data connection which is receivable by the cell phone. To clarify For CDMA connections there is firstly 1x which is the existing voice/sms connectivity being used for data. This speed can range from 30Kbps to around 130Kbps on good signal areas in my experience. Exclusive data connectivity of a higher speed is through activation of EVDO which works parallel to the voice signal. EVDO coverage is independent of voice signal coverage & is mostly limited to high density areas such as towns & cities. An activated EVDO handset/SIM card in this coverage zone is likely to get average speeds of 400Kbps to 1.5Mbps in RevA and higher if RevB is available (both on tower & device). Reliance Netconnect + is the branding for data card connections which use the same EVDO signals as above. There is fundamentally no difference in the SIM card itself used for data & phone connections. At least the newer SIMs available now. Beyond that it depends on the device which is using the SIM such as handset or data dongle. Please specify what your queries pertain to for further clarifications.
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    Data on 949 recharge works perfectly while roaming.. but got info sometimes back that o/g voice calls are chargable while roaming.. [emoji49] tap'n frm HTC desire 816d on R-CDMA / R-GSM
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    May 03, 2015 is the new date. Also, I think it implies the end of Roaming as we know it. True ONE INDIA! On good thing that Sibal did.