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  1. Nokia 6275 Format Code Needed

    Don't worry.. this is a kinda virus that's what I was told from the customer care when I got it in my Nokia 6265. Just switch off the phone, remove your RIM once and then insert it again and switch on. That message will go off. Worked for me...
  2. New Members Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi Atul, Welcome to RIMWeb.. This is a wonderful world for all RIMWebians... You can get help for any of the stuff regarding RIM, CDMA.. n others... --Mohu
  3. Nokia 6265 Battery Discharge problem

    Dude!!! It is good you have it atleast till 9 hrs. Mine, the same model (6265) drains very quickly not even 6 hrs and if constantly on web / call then drains within 2 hrs. I am very happy atleast you get backup till 9 hours.
  4. Hi, Why don't you visit a Nokia care center for it? I have replaced my Nokia 6265's slider strip in one of the Nokia care center in Trichy (TamilNadu) which I was just charged around 600 - 800 Rs. Then I have got replaced my camera also. But, If you are in Bangalore, you need to visit the Malleshwaram branch only. There the service is very poor, coz, in entire Bangalore, CDMA service is being done only in Malleshwaram branch. Please be careful, coz, when I went for my above mentioned problem, they told initially that it has to be sent to Chennai, which will take around 10 days time after that, they told me that repairing the same will cost 70% of the mobile cost!!! which is a worst answer I ever get from.
  5. RIMweb.in 6th Anniversary!

    It is great to see such a useful forum. Best wishes for all the members and support people, without whom, this forum, wouldn't have achieved its current status and pride. Good place to share our experiences, views, thoughts anything about RIM. Once again, warm wishes to everyone!!! :clap:
  6. New Members Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi!!! Welcome to RIMweb. You will find a lot resources, analysis and interesting stories regarding RIM. Your ride starts here with us. Come n get along with us. We would like your views also to share.
  7. Please suggest a Good Cdma Phone In 8000 Bucks

    Hi Amit, Instead of trying out 309, pls check 569 in Samsung / Nokia 6275. But, I got a good review about 569 from one of my friend, but I have not used / checked it. Am using 6265 for the past 4 years...If needed, you can check yourself in the link, but review you have to get it from other members as well. http://www.rcom.co.in/webapp/Communications/Handset/mobile.jsp Regards, Mohu
  8. I have tried using the TATA's Indicom SIM card (CDMA) in my 6265 without any further changes.. it went fine. You can try with that, but I didnt had time to check the R-World like in TATA's.
  9. But one more thing... This CDMA Carriers in India Reliance and TATA are slowly and gradually migrating to GSM services, I think, Nokia is going to sell its remaining CDMA handsets and wind up their CDMA Handset business in India. But, after their settlement with Qualcomm, we may not sure, what is going to happen to the CDMA Handsets from Nokia. Now itself, I can say, apart from Nokia, very few handsets are reliable and good like Motorola and Blackberry. http://in.reuters.com/article/technologyNe...-38059520090217 Even now, from Nokia, I can say the top end mobile available is Nokia 6265 --Mohu
  10. My Nokia6275 Don't Play Videos

    I think there is a problem in your phone software. Please get it reinstalled to your mobile by going to your nearest Nokia care center. Else you can try one more option. Please change the file name as 3g2 instead of 3gp ie., filename.3g2 instead of filename.3gp and they try playing videos again. Also, probably if you have any doubt in Nokia PC Suite, please download youtube downloader from google and then try converting your videos with youtube downloader and play it in your mobile. Note that, you must set appropriate video options before converting, as setting higher resolution for conversion also causes this problem. --Mohu
  11. Upcoming Nokia Handset In Cdma

    Better to wait for sometime, since Reliance has rolled out GSM Services, the marketing people are trying to sell off existing CDMA handsets both high end and low end ASAP. If they are going to roll out 3G services along with Mobile number portability, it will be better to switch to GSM services since GSM services and future of 3G Services are good. --Mohu
  12. Nokia India - Cheating Case

    Even I had a very bad experience in Malleshwaram Branch of Nokia Care (Huh.. there is only one service center for CDMA handsets in Bangalore as far, all the other Nokia care ppl informed). The most irritating part was, I went for my camera problem, they told that it is a problem in Motherboard!!! I need to replace my mother board, later they told it will cost me 70% of the mobile where I am using Nokia 6265 16000Rs. It was a horrible experience. The manager and the supervisor both started treating me like an illetrate. The same dialog they have used with other guys too. I was even ready to pay for the defect if any. But, they told it is irrepairable and to repair it, it will cost 70% of my mobile cost. I felt very anguish, went to my place (Trichy) and given for servicing there. They behaved very nicely, told that the phone connector strip (which is in between the movable slider) is damaged and the camera is also, gone, which they can replace if I am ready to pay them. I have paid 1350 Rs. for that and job is done. I have mailed Nokia care and decided not to visit Nokia Care in Bangalore anymore and the reply asusual, they will inform and take care of such probs if any not to take place again in future. Also, I will definitely switch to a better phone like HTC / Blackberry sooner or later, since such high end phones in CDMA market is very less. Enough of probs with Nokia --Mohu
  13. 5th Anniversary For Rimweb! (23-12-2008)

    Wishing every member and RIMWEBians a very happy and heartful birthday! Hope we continue this for RIM's other services too! --Mohu
  14. New Members Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi All newbies, Welcome to this forum. You will get all sort of reviews, news and updates regarding RIM Handsets and RIM. Please do share your ideas and suggestions. Once again, a warm welcome to everyone!!! ---Mohu
  15. Nokia 6265 Video Player Problem

    Please reinstall your phone application software on your mobile phone. You can get it done in any Nokia Care Centre.