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  1. No, when i go there, even people with codes were waiting there for their turn, some sitting outside in steps. security calling them one by one for signing up
  2. MNP is done by JIO direct offices in city NOT Reliance Digital OR Reliance Digital Mini I decided not to port, the services are highly unreliable now
  3. Here they have started giving Blue sims (Blank) for all prepaid and postpaid (retail and corporate) via Jio Centres. Also MNP is active.
  4. True, my JioFi, as well as all our corporate connections got converted to Welcome Offer today. I guess, When they place order, they select a plan of preview offer, and system converts it into welcome offer in couple of days.
  5. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    old apk no more works. I uninstalled and installed jiojoin apk and it forced me to upgrade
  6. They have started porting here @ August 2016 itself for corporate connections (NON JIO)
  7. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    they did have video + voice support UNTIL the app became jio4gvoice. and now it says Jio4GVoice (SMS&Chat) Online in status. No more voice/video call. There is no way we can communicate this to the developer, the support email in playstore is care@jio.com
  8. No video call support on iphone -- JIO network No Jio4GVoice app for iPhone too
  9. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    Moto G3 doesnt support native video calling. JIO4GVoice (after update from JioJoin), doesnt enable voice/video call in this handset. However if i am connecting to JioFi Hotspot, it enables voice/video call for the hotspot number. They disabled app based calling for handsets that supports VoLTE, good move! BUT, what about handsets that support VoLTE and dont have video calling support ?
  10. I dont deny that, all i said is, things can change to postpaid/prepaid & plan (corporate/retail) depending on the order they place, and irrespective of blue/orange/red or any color
  11. Please see the pic below. The number was not converted back/forth. The order for activation (the order details you see in myjio portal) mentioned as for Postpaid Enterprise Plan and it was activated as postpaid.
  12. I dunno why it is printed so. As i said, here we all received postpaid corporate connection eventhough it had a preallotted prepaid pack orange color. Number would be same, but they would place order marking it as postpaid enterprise.
  13. I guess its incorrect, Blue/Orange doesn't really technically bind anything. When they place order, they can mark it for prepaid OR postpaid, that too retail or corporate(IOIP/COCP) 2 weeks back, I got a orange prepaid pack, even though it was a postpaid corporate connection, I too was doubtful about the authenticity, today 1 of the connections got activated, and it shows Postpaid and also IOIP Enterprise plan online. So that confirms it all depends on the order placed by the store. Again 3 days back, my friend was offered JIO Prepaid on blue pouch. With this, I feel they are using all sim cards they have, and also that this has been happening right before launch date.