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  1. check out dell monitor in Flipkart http://www.flipkart.com/dell-e1914h-18-5-inch-led-backlit-lcd-monitor/p/itmdpzngsczzpg5n?pid=MONDPZNGESZTAQGP it's 40 Rs costlier then Nehru Place Delhi Price
  2. quite good deal. but description on site with image is bit misleading. product is just laser printer. it's not a multifunction
  3. Thanks for great deal. but coupon is not working. it says coupon is not applicable on this device
  4. i faced similar problem with Airtel. finally issue found was in Airtel Box. Connection was loose and there was a short circuit too.
  5. a good data card that i can suggest is Huawei E3121 few days back i purchased it for 1299 from shopclues.com card performance is quite good. I have used with Reliance GSM delhi, Idea Delhi, Aircel Delhi. however there is some heating problem
  6. http://www.infibeam.com/Mouse_Keyboard/i-Logitech-Wireless-Touch-Keyboard/P-CA-KM-Logitech-K400r.html?id=Black search for Logitech MK220 or MK240 I purchased logitech k400r for 2,300/- in local market. it works amazing samsung smart tv. if you would have applied AMEXONLINE (http://www.infibeam.com/Mouse_Keyboard/i-Logitech-Wireless-Touch-Keyboard/P-CA-KM-Logitech-K400r.html?id=Black) you would have managed to get it for 1951 after 15% discount
  7. http://www.infibeam.com/Mouse_Keyboard/i-Logitech-Wireless-Combo-MK-24/P-CA-KM-Logitech-MK240.html?id=Black use coupon code AMEXONLINE. You can also select any other combo as well and apply coupon code AMEXONLINE. you will get 15% additional discount MAX Rs 500
  8. The Fujitsu Laptop listed above seems like a very good deal for the hardware included!! Don't know why more people are not excited by that deal. BTW how's the purchase experience from Homeshop18 as I do not have any prior experience with them? I have placed few of the orders from homeshop18 and till the date didn't face any problem. products recieved were properly packed and in case of shipment delay they called me actively. there mode of operation is that products gets shipped directly from the distributor/vendor and seems like they have good system in place to track the delays
  9. if Laser is not a necessaity i'll recommend Epson 210 Model for around 9200 in Nehru Place Market This model is color printer and ink tank can be refilled very easily. I am using it in my office. abd most important factor it's refilling is that it officially allows refilling
  10. Samsung Guru E1200 for 875 at shop clues http://www.shopclues.com/samsung-e1200-guru-en.html apply coupon code SCKGTNF480I
  11. for amex CARD Holders Nokia X2-02 for Rs 2818 at http://www.infibeam.com/ just apply amex coupon code AMEXONLINE. 3315-497 = 2818
  12. TV Tuner card remote problem

    from where can we get the Conductive ink ???
  13. NetBook Getting Restarted Automatically

    restart my be taking place because of heating problem.
  14. I have purchased copule of items from shopclues and i found price and products are good and delivery is prompt(Delivered with in 2-3 days) except one order Jaipan 81 pc Dinner set which took 12 days to reach me
  15. i'll suggest Dell Monitor they are VFM and they provide onsite replacement warranty for 3 years so no more excuse from service team that part is not available