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  1. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    ooh... sumit! the BMW 7 series!!!! and yet people say, whats in a name!!! somebody ask me! :-)
  2. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    Just got myself the Galaxy Note N8000.. 10.1" of pure bliss!!! what more, flipcart has also given me a 1000 rs voucher free along with it !!!!
  3. samsung galaxy Tab 2 P5100 (10.1") is available at saholic as well as indiaplaza for just 25900/- now (reduction of 20% in mrp by sammy due to release of ipad mini !!!) http://www.saholic.c...b-p5100-1004675 http://www.indiaplaz...amsung01-10.htm This tablet is really worth its salt, moreover the jellybean update has been released for it !!! (also, Guru's, is there any coupon that I can use to reduce the price further???) For india plaza you can further reduce it around Rs 1200+by using MASTCASH if you buy with master card. check in ebay also for prices. ( for hdfc, icici,ingvysya,kotak) debit and credit cards ebay offers upto 7% discount on quoted prices. Check this link for ebay discount codes http://www.dealsupto...d-offers-latest i have already tried that.. teh coupon code MASTCASH is not valid.. the reason it says is "PC" (whatever that means!!)
  4. samsung galaxy Tab 2 P5100 (10.1") is available at saholic as well as indiaplaza for just 25900/- now (reduction of 20% in mrp by sammy due to release of ipad mini !!!) http://www.saholic.com/tablets/samsung-galaxy-tab-2-%2810.1%29-16gb-p5100-1004675 http://www.indiaplaza.com/samsung-tab2-510-model-p5100-pc-pc14072012samsung01-10.htm This tablet is really worth its salt, moreover the jellybean update has been released for it !!! (also, Guru's, is there any coupon that I can use to reduce the price further???)
  5. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    The moment my train crossed Kerala, and entered Karnataka, the internet started working once again. And it's been working in Maharashtra as well as MP. So I guess this problem also does have something to do with the network area.. Sent from my EVO 3D using Tapatalk 2
  6. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    @digitalnirvana: my issue is similar to yours... there's no network conenctivity at all. But I'm getting the 3G symbol in my notification bar...
  7. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    oh, it feels so nice to know that I'm not the only one who is having this problem!!! anyways same issues, 24th evening onwards internet not working on my evo 3D. had bought the handset from parin bhai, and there has been no issues at all till date, except this new one... plz help in solving this issue... (I had already posted the same case earlier on one of the threads, but this seems to be the most appropriate thread!)
  8. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    and yes, the call and text are working totally fine. there's no problem with that.. Its only the data connection which is having problem..
  9. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    Dear Rimweb Gurus, I had bought an HTC EVO 3D last year through this forum (Parin Bhai) and all has been working fine till now. I'm on 1499 unlimted plan of Reliance. All of a sudden, last saturday (ie 24th nov), in evening, the internet became intermittent.. the 3G symbol showed, but data transfer used to stop.. I had to restart the mobile connection every time. Since the morning of 25th, the data has stopped completely. When i click "Mobile Network", the buton colour changes to green, and the 3G symbol with arrows starts showing in the notification bar. The arrows even keep turning white in between showing data transfer, but in reality there's no data coming at all! I have tried dolphin browser, play store, speed test and numerous other apps, but its not connecting at all. I mostly use the mobile network for "USB tethering", but there also on my laptop, the network window shows connected to Evo3D, but no internet connection between the mobile and the network... What could have gone wrong??? I havent changed any settings.. nor have I installed any new app (except 2 games which I had installed on saturday..) Plz help.. Thanks in advance
  10. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    thanks a lot ankit, that's exactly what I wanted!!!!! applock is amazingly useful, and I can now freely installed any app i want, without any worries, and then lock them with applock !!!
  11. I need to buy a 32 gb class 10 micro sd card, for use with my DSLR... any deals dear gurus??? Sent from my EVO3D using Tapatalk 2
  12. @kmc251: very true sir! swype takes the whole typing experience on android to a completely new level... once I've started using swype, I doubt if I'll ever use something else again, except for when the "thought-based-typing-input" comes in market !!!
  13. dear friends, the inability to automatically type hindi words with swype was always a crib I had... Finally, the GOD listened to me! and Swype has now provided the HINGLISH option. Installed it just today, and find it wonderfully useful! The detailed method of installation is given below:- 1. Open the Swype Beta keyboard and long-press on the Swype key. 2. Select "Language Options". 3. Select "Download languages". 4. Scroll down and select "Hinglish". 5. If you have not downloaded a language before, Swype will prompt you to "Accept" our Terms of Service. 6. After you click "Accept", the download of Hinglish will begin... 7. Tap the 'back' button and confirm that Hinglish is now enabled. 8. Return to the Swype keyboard and long-press on the Space bar to select "Hinglish" as your input language. You are now ready to Swype in Hinglish - enjoy! If you are not a Swype Beta user, you can sign up at http://beta.swype.com! Happy Swyping!
  14. HTC EVO 3D- Signal Fluctuation / Battery Back Up Issues

    thanks Arun sir.. I'll do that right away and check what could be wrong...
  15. I just now got my E3O from parin bhai.. he's been extremely helpful and the phone is working perfectly now.. But I have realized that there's this peculiar "signal fluctuation" happening with this set. the signal keeps shifting between full bars-to-Zero bar and so on consistently... Even if it is in the same position.. I have been using Samsung fascinate before this, and that set never had this problem (of course, in the same exact place, in the same exact room, till 2 days ago!). also, in my office, i always get full signal.. But there also, the set has been having same problem. I also noticed that the battery is getting drained out super-fast! I had done full charge today morning, and right now it has come down to 60% (no 3G, no GPS usage, just 5-6 mins of calls in all!).. this might be because of the signal-issue... Fascinate used to run comfortably for 2 days here... I know that these are not the same sets.. still, the difference in the two sets with respect to signal/battery backup is too much.. can any provide me any idea with what could be wrong... or if there's any way to improve upon this??