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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have some very unusual problem with my SIM or my phone. The problem is that my Jio sim(on roaming) doesn't support volte in my Moto Z but when I insert it in someone else's phone, it shows the volte functionality. The weird thing is that when I insert some other Jio SIM into my Moto Z, I get Volte support. I have tried this with multiple Jio SIM cards as well as multiple mobile phone with all right settings. It appears as if somehow my phone and my jio sim is not compatible. But I don't know how could it be possible. Can someone explain this to me please.
  2. I was looking at International USA roaming pack and it costs 849. I don't need it for calls, only for incoming SMS. So If I do not buy the pack, I understand calls will be 140rs/minute, but what about incoming SMS. Is it charged. Second question? What about missed calls. What if I block all calls, and no call can be made. Will I get charged for missed calls? I called customer care and they said no, missed calls will not be charged. But you know reliance. If I get 100 missed calls in a month, I will have to pay 14000 INR!!! Alternatively, to work around this what if I forward all calls to some local India number with parents before going. This way, if somebody calls, call will be immediately forwarded. Now, will the call even be routed to my phone at all, or it will be done at network end? This way it does not matter where I am. Calls will be forwarded, and if unanswered, there is going to be no charge at all. Any ideas or experience?
  3. Hello I am from Mumbai I have a Bihar Reliance CDMA number . If i put a data pack applicable in Bihar state in my number , can i use it in Mumbai without geting roaming charges ?
  4. Hi all, I'm currently using Uninor for my GSM number in AP circle, got Uninor for the great voice call rates, but growing more and more frustrated with network coverage recently and also there are no roaming plans - so I get huge decrease in balance even for weekend trips. Also, my data seems to be not working in roaming in Tamil Nadu (might be due to non-Uninor circle). Looking seriously to MNP to some other network now: Strictly prepaid - should be present in both AP & TN, presence in KA is a plus Good voice (both local and std, I generally use 3-months 1p/2s STVs on Uninor) and data plans (2G is sufficient) in home network and good STV for Roaming voice and if possible Roaming data Decent network coverage in Hyderabad and Chennai Please suggest network and/or plans/STVs. MNP to CDMA is also an option if the plans are very good. Thanks, Mekkie
  5. After Aircel and couple of players who started offering free incoming while roaming. Videocon has also joined in as per the news no need to recharge with any special STV. i.e they have abolished incoming roaming charges with immediate effects http://www.telecomtiger.com/Corporate_fullstory.aspx?passfrom=corporate&storyid=17139&section=S162 While people still have to wait till October for the roaming fee to be abolished as promised by the government, Videocon Mobile Services has removed charges on incoming calls. Videocon subscribers can avail of this facility with immediate effect. Under one-nation-one-number cleared by the cabinet, the government plans to remove roaming fees, allowing users to retain their numbers even if they move from one circle or zone to another. “We reiterate our commitment towards 'One Nation - Free Roaming'. To extend the benefits of freedom of movement across our network, we have introduced this offering where our subscribers roaming across Videocon Network will stand to benefit from free incoming calls. There are no strings attached to the proposition, no STVs/recharges required”, said Arvind Bali, director and CEO, Videocon Mobile Services. Recently Kapil Sibal said that roaming charges would be abolished in October 2013. National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2012 provides for free roaming. Without giving any precise date, Sibal said that it would be in place by October 2013. In May 21012 the government gave it nod to the new telecom policy which along with relaxing merger and acquisition norms to encourage consolidation and giving more teeth to sector regulator and de-link spectrum from licences also provides for abolition of roaming charges and allows users to retain the same number across the country.
  6. Hello, I have been trying to contact MTS CC as I needed to activate international roaming on my bro's MTS mumbai no, but no responses... So I came to the forum as my final resort, hoping for a quick response. Actually my brother forgot to activate international roaming on his prepaid GSM sim (not CDMA, was not sure where to post ) while leaving for his offical 2 month tour to mediterranean and european countries. So nw I need to activate international roaming on his behalf. If there is a way to activate international roaming after leaving the country , then please let me know asap, so that this issue can be resolved. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks !!!
  7. Hello Guys !! Good to be back at the forum and posting after such long gap ... anyways I have a query for which I only think I can get the answer here ...so here it goes.. I have been RCDMA customer till this April. Although they had many service and data issue, one thing that I liked about RCDMA is that if you have a EvDO postpaid/prepaid plan activated and if you go on national roaming, no additional charges would be needed and you can use EvDO service at roaming area and it will only be deducted from you data plan usage.. However since I switched to Idea GSM, I found this not be the case for GSM provider (atleast for Idea). IF I use 3g data while in roaming, no matter what 3g plan I have activated, the usual rates of 10p/10kb are charged (maybe more I dont remember). In my opinion this is not justified.. I wanted to know if you have experiences with other GSM provided like docomo/vodafone etc where 3g data plan is still usable on roaming ? I have just completed 90 days with Idea and was thinking of MNP to other provider and this is my primary criteria for screening (inclined to go for vodafone or docomo). Thanks !!