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  1. I have old Jiophone handset and need to change. But there are important messages in whatsapp. How to take backup of whatsapp messages in Jiophone? Please guide me. It's Urgent
  2. I am asking for prepaid plans for 7-15 days and 3G I think will be too costly. Can anyone suggest Prepaid 2G/ GPRS plans with good speed or 3G with low cost ... for 7-10 days usage only I am yet to receive any suggestion about GSM based GPRS - which network and plan to choose? Please let me know ASAP ... which one having good speed and network coverage in Haryana/ Punjab. It would be great if you can post some speedtest result
  3. In that case, I am basically looking for GPRS/EDGE internet plan (GSM) for 7 or 15 days. Also I need to know which one will be best as per speed and network coverage. I am going to visit Haryana/ Punjab so can tell me specific to that region or in general
  4. I have one Vodafone Datacard K3570Z which is unlocked so I can use any SIM. Now I am a frequent traveller so need to use internet when I go outstation through this data card. Please suggest which GPRS network/ plan will be best to choose. I am going to Haryana/ Punjab and need to buy a SIM to use GPRS there for 7 days. Let me know speed and network coverage wise best company/ plan ... I think these are the choices in front of me - vodafone airtel idea aircel bsnl videocon tata docomo reliance Please suggest which one will be good in Haryana/ Punjab and mention speed, network coverage and plan for usage of 7 days. Waiting for your urgent help and thanks in advance I have one Vodafone Datacard K3570Z which is unlocked so I can use any SIM. Can I use Tata Photon Plus or Relieance Netconnect with this data card without using their own data card and opt for the prepaid plans offered by them? Any suggestions? Please help! Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks ani_rocks. is it a trial offer for 3G or we will get 3G @98 regularly? Anyone having any idea about Vodafone or Aircel or other operators - about 3G offers in GPRS - limited or unlimited ... please share
  6. Dear Forum Members, I am looking for one info from Kolkata circle members - Vodafone, Aircel and few more operators having limited and unlimited 2G data plans for 30 days use. They are allowing 3G usage at no extra cost on those plans ... as per I came to know. Experienced users from Kolkata region, kindly share their experience about GPRS plans available in Kolkata for 30 days use ... which allows 3G usage I have few queries as well - 1) How is the speed for 3G on those plans? 2) Can those plans be used in USB modem? 3) How long I can go on using 3G? (if any time deadline) I am surely expecting some great info from experienced members which will help us all. Thanks in advance Regards,
  7. Looking for some feedback about Aircel pocket internet or Docomo 3G SIM ... whether can be used in USB modem .. or not. Please reply
  8. Yes, I am sure. My friend said he got sms from vodafone and opted for it. When I asked customer care they said "yes" once .... later said "no" ... so I am confused and asking here! I hope someone would be able to provide some clear answer
  9. It's really surprising that Voda (dumbo in Bengali) - such a big company ... giving wrong info, no info or confusing info about their 3G plan charges. Few of my friends are using 499+tax unlimited 3G plan (postpaid) in Kolkata. But there is no mention at their website and also customer care .. saying "Yes" and "No" periodically!! Anyone having any idea about unlimited 3G plan of Voda? Also if you can write what unlimited (or reasonable) 3G plan you like most in Kolkata. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for all your response. I am 80% confident that I can unlock it ... else will ask for help from PRO like you in this forum My question was bit different - Aircel is offering pocket internet which can be used from mobile. I am not sure whether same Aircel pocket internet SIM can also be used through USB modem. As you said you are doing it ... please confirm and also let me know what plan is best from unlimited 3G internet
  11. It is Vodafone 3G USB modem. I hope I can unlock it ... many are doing .. saw some posts
  12. I have USB modem device (HSDPA). I want to use 3G SIM like Aircel pocket internet or Docomo ... etc with that USB device. Is that possible? How - please explain the steps Also will there be any speed difference?
  13. I am having one GFive X33+ handset I can run both CDMA & GSM and now many offering 3G services Can I run 3G in GFive ... using it as modem? does it support HSDPA? How much speed I can get? I am in Kolkata and getting 2.4 mbps speed with vodafone 3G usb modem Please let me know if anyone tried it
  14. Show Your Love!

    Yes, it is the oldest and most stable set of R* Let me answer - 1: How much it costed you? >> Nothing as we had R* share 2: How much spent on it?( change of battery etc) >> Nearly 1K...for extra battery, charger and LCD change 3: From how many years u are owning it? >> 3 years ...from that 501* offer 4: Problems faced with it till now? >> Though it is very good and stable...two main problems are ...(1) Charger is not good (2) Bettery drain out very quick 5: Best thing about it. >> Hardy, stable and great VFM (value for money!) So that's it...cheers!! A Ganguly
  15. Lg Rd 2030 Emergency Charger

    Thanks. I would like to have that. you can also post me in arnab_g@email.com if that's big to post here. I will wait. Thanks again. Arnab