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Found 4 results

  1. I have old Jiophone handset and need to change. But there are important messages in whatsapp. How to take backup of whatsapp messages in Jiophone? Please guide me. It's Urgent
  2. Dear Friends, I am facing a hardware problem, & a software solution can solve the problem temporary, so looking for one. In my HTC Rhyme, I have damanged SD Card slot. There was some spring problem in slot & sd card was keep coming out after inserting. So, in order to solve the problem, I decided to remove spring (in sd card slot), so that sd card won't come out & then apply tape so that it will get fixed. As such, we don't require SD card removal day in & day out. However, while using uneducated method to remove spring by inserting a paper cutter etc, I have damagned sd card pins on the phone, so now SD Card slot itself is damagned & can't read SD Card. As such, I can live without SD Card memory space, (as phone works perfectly for data, sms, voice), but only problem is camera & whatsapp. Camera is not concern, but Whatsapp is. Whatsapp downloads images / media on a folder on SD card & since it is not ther, it doesn't display photo / video etc. So, is there a solution, (software) , which can make this What'sapp images / video store on internal memory of phone ? I do have home network & phone can read/write on my laptop through ES explorer. So, if whatsapp can store photos/video there, then also it is fine. I am planning for hardware repair, but parts are difficult to get, hence so far none of the repair shop, I have visited, called me back saying that part can be arranged & problem can be fixed. Hope, I can get some solution for this..Thanks in advance..
  3. Hi! Frns, off lately i have seen wahtsapp creating a lot of issues with various mobile os. I can confirm that its not working properly on Nokia and Android phones. Have witnessed battery drain and also the phone takes forever to respond to a single button which is pressed. I was of opinion that it is caused by whatsapp on the accounts which dont pay after one year of free usage but i know lot of frns who have been running it since years and no issues. M wondering what it has got to do with the issue? Its probably one of the best app to chat and create groups which is a lot more interactive. I havent found ppl using custom whatsapp (available on xda) creating any such issues, as i personally use it. But with stock its giving lot of issues on nokia and android phones. Anyone knows y? can anyone help to solve this issue?
  4. Can we use WhatsApp without BIS PLAN ? on normal data plan? i am using internet on BB with simple data plan..so can i enable whatsapp on it?