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  1. Help for selecting best HD DVR DTH service

    @nitin if u wall mount in vertical mode, then remote sensor will not wotk properly, and no DTH is offering verical aligment of stb. u have create seperate glass platform of 10inch by 6inch
  2. it's sure that rs5 is still working . just now activated, and surfing from same.
  3. Rs 800 Recharge Is For Unlimited Or Not?

    dont know about reliance, but MTS has certently put restriction on even unlimited recharge of mblaze. like for RCV999 HSD data 10GB 1x data 5GB. so finally, mts giving only 15gb and saying it's unlimited.
  4. Freebies are for 12 month u get 150 min+150 sms+150mb per month free. Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  5. Go for samsung corby tv. i have one for sale. Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  6. Does any one tried checking balance from rcom website having link in ecare section "netconnect prepaid balance" Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  7. Mts store in my city. it's official price, with sim , activation and freebies. Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  8. but parin it says dongle cost of rs8000. ----------------------------------------------- for maharashtra best plan by mts rs 999 for 10gb. best coverage idea, rs850 for 6gb best speed docomo rs1000 for 5gb best reliance option is photo+ rs 700 for 1GB unlimited. super cheap plans BSNL 3G Rs 300 for 1GB. best for download, BSNL EVDO, RS825 for unlimited at speed of 50-100KB/s
  9. Check out detail here Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  10. new rate for livewire are Rs2999 Mtag rs4999
  11. here are news plan from MTS, which are avialable on EVDO enabled RUIM STV (rs) Data(MB) validity(days) 6 8 1 13 20 3 41 80 15 116 225 30 193 600 30 402 1500 30 996 4000UNLTD 30 1499 7000UNLTD 30 source is latest brocher taken from mts outlet in nagpur maharashtra. but these plans may be only for smartphone user like livewire and mtag or those whose sim is running with "smartphone plan"
  12. Tata Indicom EVDO Prepaid Plans

    also try this UN : meid@pda.ttsl.in PS : internet or UN : meid@omh.ttsl.in PS : internet
  13. i am reguraly using RCV94/12 fore 1x data on pc via modem.
  14. Which data pack u r using? Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  15. R u using omh ruim in dinc2? Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  16. Username and password is "internet " plan is of rs 94 if u opted for recharge from retailer or +f 95 if u pay from ur current main balance. it's unofficial, but tata stop activating evdo on sim card of prepaid/ postpaid. so u can get only 1x data. Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  17. Google Starts Selling Phones From Google Play Store

    is it only selling in US or extended to other counties like frnace, uk, and japan?
  18. @amit.saphii which plan u had subscibered?
  19. does reliance celebrated AKSHAY TRITIYA and launched the plan on occasion of it? it seems some relief for cdma android handset user.. same plan as of postpaid. thats why now Rs 5 plan is discontinued from rcom, as said by my friend.
  20. Recording TV Programmes

    @city02 the device posted above by guru gopal might be nearly perfect match for ur need.
  21. Recording TV Programmes

    @guru gopal wow, this device comes with remote, thats great, then it's really convenient for watch movies. but as u said input is only YRW, that means u cant record HD conent?, but if u copy hd video on hdd then u can easily watch with real experiance. also doubt does it allow to set reminder for recording program that would be telecasted in next hour/day? does it allow recording of two program simultaneously running on two different channel like cricket match on max 8-11 and filmare award on zee from 7-10pm? it wont support pause,rewind, and forward feature of LIVE TV. bcoz all feature are provided in tata sky/airtel/reliance dvr. it's good that we can view images from above device. but i think this device is mostly suitable for movie lover, who watch/record most of movies, and make big collection, as 1TB can be easliy replaced, when full. if it comes with just 6-7k, then it's paisa wasool deal with considering current HDD prices. for normal go with DTH DH DVR only. @setu shah, contact tata sky helpline, they will resove ur issue., btw this feature was added just 2-3 month before.
  22. agree with rajan, also no company can bend and twik policies and change it as per their need, what reliance can do it with just one hand.
  23. Recording TV Programmes

    wow good one. how do u edit ? does system have inbuilt feature or u have to access it via pc and do it via some video cutting tools? btw what's price including hdd? --------------------------------------------------------------------- atlest in tata sky, u can see recording EVEN AFTER UNSUBSCIBING channel or service. dont know about other, but u cant pull out and watch in other TV/DVR/PC.
  24. tata indicom also stopped activating EVDO on OMH RUIM from last 2 months. and activating EVDO on reliance is big challenge.
  25. Yes it"s applicable to all 3g circle. it's compulsory to choose 3g smartlife plan before activating above 3g add on pack. Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk