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  1. if the moto E from bestbuy is on 5.1 os, then will data work on reliance? I've heard that there is no way to make the data work.
  2. [Tutorial] Update Boost Moto G to 5.0.2 [lollipop]

    hmmm. but if it was a MIN error then incoming calls would also have stopped working. But calls are working fine. OTA reprovisioning seems to be have been stopped recently - when i try *228, nowadays I get the message that 'the phone has already been activated'. I think I need to check the settings with DFS, but not sure which settings would be the right one to fix :-(
  3. [Tutorial] Update Boost Moto G to 5.0.2 [lollipop]

    hi gurus, need some help with my cdma MotoG that was programmed from Boost and in to Reliance. Everything was working fine, but suddenly all outgoing SMS have stopped. every message i send fails. Would anyone know what setting needs to be fixed please? Any help is highly appreciated :-) Thanks in advance Omi
  4. HTC Droid DNA on Reliance RUIM

    Mydroid DNA does dtect the reliance signal but activation is an issue aince *228 cannot work on a 4g phone. I was told that calls, SMS and data can be made to work by flashing the cinese radio version but havent been able to get my hands on the radio file yet. Also, boot loader unlock a required for flashing and the only tool that works for that is sunshine but its a paid tool. So, no, haven't been able to get Cdma working. GSM works fine though.
  5. HTC Droid DNA on Reliance RUIM

    I figured out the issue, it's with the phone itself and its a common issue with the model. The fix is to put a layer of cellotape on the ruim and then insert it into the phone. It then picks up the signal. Still, it needs to be activated with a Verizon lte sim before reliance can work. So far I have managed to get signal but don't have a Verizon sim. So still not completely working :-(
  6. Hi, any idea where can i get the china radio version please. Have been searching the net for past several days, but no luck :-(
  7. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    hi, where can i get the patched radio please. TIA
  8. Hi gurus, need advice on how to get RUIM working on a HTC droid dna. GSM sims seem to work without any issues, but putting a reliance RUIM show no signal at all :-( PLs suggest what I shoudl do in order to get RUIM workwing for voice, text and SMS please. Thanks Omi
  9. if ur previous phone used a ruim, all u need to do is put that ruim in any android cdma phone and see the MIN number in the settings. to reprogram the phone, dont bother with all the commcenter stuff, just go to www.cdmatool.com, pay $10 and use DFS to reprogram your ip4 - its a much cleaner and hassle free process. but before you program your iphone, make sure that you get EVDO internet stopped on your old phone otherwise you will be stuck with 1x on your iphone. Pester the reliance store ppl to stop your evdo.
  10. Hi, am getting an HTC DNA - seems to be a good set with 2GB RAM. It works on Verizon CDMA and also has unlocked GSM in it. But i want to use it on Reliance CDMA (GSM in delhi is so bad that I prefer cdma). Have looked on the net but I couldnt get a clear answer on whether the set would work on reliance cdma or not. Some people say that the SIM slot does accept RUIM and shows network ars of reliance, but a lot of people say that the set is locked to verizon. Has anyone in the forum tried the device before? ANy idea if it can be unlocked for reliance cdma? and what would it take to unlock it? thanks omi
  11. Tutorial: Generating NV Dump file

    Is nv file method needed if using cdmatool?
  12. The Off Topic Thread

    All TVs are now taxed at 35% of the cost in India (not the cost that you buy from outside) so its usually not a good deal to buy from outside anymore :-(
  13. That won't work at all. The commceter files are made by patching specific bytes in the file such that it skips reading the signature in the carrier bundle files. Each commcenter is specific to the os version - a file from 6.1.2 won't work on 6.1.3, far less 7. IOS 7 has a newer architecture and actually has 2 commcenter files inside :-( in the same damn folder!
  14. Nope, I've been scouring the forums for this but it doesn't seem to be available yet.
  15. Nothing absurd in that - iDFS replaces the PRL and the NAM details in the radio area that the phone uses actively. The 'stock' backups are maintained in a separate area that the phone refers to when you do an upgrade/ restore. It then pulls the data from here. When you program from the cydia method, the idea is to place the PRL in the backup area then trick the phone in to thinking that an update has happened so it picks up the new PRL (that's why the flags have to be made true and the false, and the values have to be incremented). Both methods will work fine and keep your phone operational on reliance even if you upgrade.