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  1. MyJio App

    when did this update come? Mine is still not updated
  2. Yes... this is one huge problem with Jio now-a-days. The network once in a while rejects all calls... both incoming as well as outgoing. But data works fine. Then we have to enable airplane mode and then disable or restart the phone again for calls to start working again. This is really a huge issue... we miss lots of important calls... the other person gets a "switched off or out of coverage area" message. I really hope Jio is doing something about it... Is this a universal problem for Volte networks? Are other operators around the world facing such issues??
  3. Jio Mobile

    Exactly... from yesterday there has been an increase in speed and also reduced pings... though speeds are still low compared to the initial trial period. I am now getting 8Mbps ... up from 200kbps-1.5mbps from the last one month
  4. @LTE4G The issue got sorted out from today morning. The welcome offer activation message was received and thereafter data started working.
  5. @LTE4G All incoming and outgoing calls are working normally. The only issue is data. I tried the SIM with a JioFi, but the network symbol is in Red. How is it possible that voice is working but not data. Also contacted the CC; the lady said to get the SIM replaced. But that just doesn't make any sense.
  6. I got a new Jio connection. The connection was activated yesterday and tele-verification was also done after that. I am able to receive and make calls without any problem. But, data is not working. I get the Error "Sign in to network Jio4G" in the notification and gets redirected to "You have exhausted your account balance/credit limit" Why is it so? When I took JPO connection earlier the voice and data was activated immediately. Am I missing something here?
  7. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    You are right... RCOM 4G SIM is working with data in Lyf Handset. I was of the impression that if the phone supports 800MHz, it would also be supporting 850MHz. But it doesn't seem the case.
  8. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    I upgraded one of my RCOM GSM SIM to 4G. The new SIM got activated in about 20 minutes. I recharged with 4G Data Combo voucher of Rs.299. I get the 4G Signal on top however there is no Data transfer happening. APN is rcomnet. Called customer service. As per them everything looks good at their end and it might be handset issue. I'm using Lenovo A7000. Any solution?
  9. This move of intra-circle roaming with BSNL doesn't make any sense. Jio was taking pride in being able to blanket cover the entire population with 4G coverage and now falling back to BSNL 2G will just slow their expansion of 4G coverage to remote parts of the country. And if servicing people with only 2G handsets is their motive why would they choose jio to be on BSNL 2G? They could just grab a BSNL SIM.
  10. Is Jio tv on PC coming ??

    ^ Getting "invalid username or password". is the site still working?
  11. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    @Guru Gopal ji, http://rtn.asia/t-t/20680/reliance-jio-start-open-sale-jiofi-mifi-4g-tomorrow Any truth in this?
  12. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Update from Kerala Circle: CDMA SIM deactivated yesterday evening and 4G SIM activated instantly. All Incoming and Outgoing calls and SMS is working. Balance carried forward. Top up recharges through Freecharge works on selecting Reliance CDMA. Got promo 150 Min valid for one month. Balance getting deducted at 1p/1s from promo bal. Not sure if base tariff which was 50p/min has got changed. At present only 2G data available. Promo Data of 1GB on 2G with validity of one month is credited.
  13. I registered twice for invite on jio site, but didn't receive it yet.