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  1. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    SoundMagic is also good in thi range...
  2. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Z-623 is 2.1 Havent tried many different options for source but my credible source is Cowon S9 (Pathetic interface awesome sound quality) playing flac. I have couple of songs (Dostana - Desi Girl / ATB - Let You Go / Keane - Everybody changing etc.) which I used over the years to benchmark a system and headphones Audio-Techinca M50 / Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor / Klipsh - Image One , S4 etc. So without going much into technicalities, I would say that I can guess when something is brighter / recessed / missing etc. And if a system is not balanced then you can may be play around with Eq. a Bit to make it to your liking. But there is nothing much you can do when something is totally missing. Kindly checkout reviews and every now and then some music enthusiast will talk about this. Will quote one, you can check more. Source: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/review/speakers/logitech-z623-review-3274579/ All I am saying is this one is not balanced and Eq. settings doesnt help either.
  3. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    After reading rave reviews for Logitech Z-623 I purchased it about a year back. And I think its one of the worst purchases ever. To an amateur ear everything might be wow but if you really understand sound then there is whole spectrum of sound missing from these systems. Specially mid bass is not present at all. Highs are good and both satellite and woofer have phenomenal power, but to me its more or less a similar sounding system like an Auto Rickshaw. If you`ll scan through review you`ll find similar review to what I have mentioned. PS: No offence intended to any person or company.
  4. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Said bye to Rcom long before it could do the same to me ... 2 - 3 testing sims will be wasted but that`s ok ... the have given substantial returns with First time purchases on various sites. After being on rcom for more than 10 years ... the first time I talked with a Vodafone customer care executive... I almost had a tear in my eyes... Efficient customer care was a myth for me earlier.
  5. Wiped my Phone OS using TWRP

    ADB Sideload.
  6. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Long shot but might be able to recover OS If 1: You have a backup of original backup of build.prop or can get it for you phone/os version If 2: The dd commands works on G2 from download mode (Works on G4 / G Flex 2 for sure) If 3 (The biggest If): You are able to mount the /system as read-write from download mode then you replace the original file Ref: https://www.reddit.com/r/lgg4/comments/3ir4zn/guide_how_to_root_all_versions/ [step 9 onwards] Random thought: You are not able to put the phone in Airplane mode when you have startup wizard after reset ? That might stop the the error pop-up loop Otherwise Tot will work and you`ll have a fresh os. All the best.
  7. Roaming between Mumbai and Maharashtra

    Any particular reason for taking RGSM connection ? Reliance GSM coverage is poor in general in MH. Ported my RCDMA number to Vodofone after ****ing to Pune as even RCDMA coverage is not good. I think other carriers also provide free MH-Mumbai-Goa roaming.
  8. ^^^ Post this on their Facebook / Twitter page as mentioned earlier.
  9. I think recently the have flicked more or less all the packages. From this thread and personally I know that these members have been affected: Sreejith (KTD) Keval Anand Mehta Sunny Artwani Faramroze Chyella Snorlax Nishant (Me) There may be more members who might not have posted yet. As KTD mentioned earlier lets group up and complain as a group instead of fighting individually. I dont know if will bring positive result but surely its worth a try. I know email address of couple of you guys, kindly PM me your email address or post in this thread so that we can group together and Fight ! All The Best !
  10. Sunny bhai aapke bure din chal rahe hain it seems ... first you killed you G Flex 2 with ZV5 TOT .. now this Anyway you can try sending mail on sanjay.ghoshal@iccworld.com , May be you`ll get a response then ... And this new phone thing is final nail in coffin for non professionals...
  11. If the goods get stuck in customs then there is no certainty how long it will take to clear. Once my package was stuck for almost 2 weeks without any fancy tricks like you did. If Kapil Sharma was part of this conversation he might have said "Customs ko mat samjho ullu, nahi to milega Baba Jee ka thullu" Having said that, customs main Der hai, Andher nahi.. it will take some time / fine but you should get it eventually.
  12. News Snippets

    Rotfl first !! "You can't compare apples with mango!" .. kuch bhi english ke naam par ?? Why cant I compare apples and mango ?? both are eatables ! both are fruits ! I think apple / mangoes are good comparable, someone might like one and not other etcetera. Now coming back to this Ad thing, you are still not making sense, so i`ll give it one last try. Hypothetically: Audi says we have the fastest Indian car! Ok so that`s it, whats the point of saying the car is running on petrol/diesel or using nitro booster, 6 cylinder / 8 cylinder etc etc ... Bhaiya aapki company main dumm hai toh bana lo better vehicle. Meanwhile they have to fastest car. Jai Bharat.
  13. News Snippets

    Saw the ad today and felt nothing wrong with it. If they have invested in the network then why not boast it ? Scenario: Car manufactures invests in new engine technology which results on faster car. So now if they say we have the fastest cars, there is nothing wrong with that right ? Same story applies here imho.

    Happy Wala Birthday Faramroze!